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Last month we outlined how to profit from publishing at and announced our new course “Self Fulfilled 202 .

We have completed lesson one and are about to send this to our self fulfilled subscribers.

Here is an excerpt from that course that can help you learn how to earn extra profits in any type of business:

“Self Publishing 202… Tidbits on Kindle”

Lesson One: Using Google to create Kindle sales.

A major part of marketing success comes from having a well focused message delivered to a list of people who have an interest in the focus.

A major part of publishing is marketing.  There are many ways to describe a publisher… but one of the best is “a publisher is someone who sells books”.

There are many other aspects to publishing but the ability to get books into the hands of readers is required for sustainability in the publishing field.  A publication… filled with wisdom… laughter… insights… positive… valuable data and information can help readers and be a great book… report, article or whatever.   Still if it is not sold, the publisher has not done his job.

Publishing great books and articles… wise… humorous… insightful… positive… valuable is a excellent way to sell books via the most powerful marketing tool… word of mouth.

Still… word of mouth does not work IF some lists of readers does not kick off the buying process by reading the publication in the first place.

Marketing is important to publishing. Having a good list to market to counts.

This course, “Self Publishing 202… Tidbits on Kindle” is the second course in a “Self – Fulfilled, How to be A Self Publisher” series.

This course will review and use as a case study, Merri’s and my first efforts to publish books at

Publishing is going though huge shifts… favoring tech savvy, small publishers. The shift punishes big publishers and book stores. One of the most destructive forces to large publishers and book sellers is and the Kindle.

Let’s begin by looking at why Amazon plays such a vital role… then see what Kindle is and what it is not and how Merri and I plan to approach selling publications for the Kindle at’s story is well told.  This is a business built on the Long Tail.   Chris Anderson editor of Wired magazine wrote in his book The Long Tail:  “We define our age by our celebrities and mass-market products-they are the connective tissue of our common experience. I came of age in the peak of the mass-culture era-the seventies and eighties. The average teenager had access to half a dozen TV channels and virtually everyone watched a few or more of the same handful of TV shows. There were three or four rock radio stations in town that really dictated what music people listened to.”

Then the author wrote how today’s teenagers have a computer, fully stocked iPod and virtual friends and contacts all over the world. The teenagers today do not distinguish between mainstream hits and underground niches. They watch only a couple of hours of TV and do peer to peer file sharing with friends globally. They study foreign languages so they can enjoy information from other countries. The main difference kids have now over kids in the 60s, 70s and 80s is choice and unlimited connectivity.

In other words, the internet creates more of a borderless world. Lots of young people now have friends based on common interests rather than common locale. “Coolness” extends way past community lines.

In the 60s-70s-80s and back, broadcast allowed big business and big government to define what was reasonable. This allowed special interests in every nation to control a local definition of reasonable.

This goes on today. Almost every country has its own culture definition of reasonable. There is a concept of reasonable occupations, reasonable lifestyles, reasonable religions and reasonable diets. Reasonable way to raise a family, etc. The list goes on.

The internet allows our youth today to learn from “others beyond broadcast” what is reasonable.

The movie “Wag the Dog” with Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro was a parody with historical overtones truer than many care to admit. This caricature examines the blurred lines between politics and the media. The story lampooned the amazing power of broadcast.

No more. “The Long Tail” points out that in music: “the top fifty best sellers were all recorded in the seventies and eighties. None have been recorded in the past five years.

The ratings of top TV shows have been falling for decades and the number one show today would not have made the top ten in 1970.”

What we can see is mass media, spin, hidden agendas and commercialization and politicalization of reasonableness are on the wane. Great global understanding, wider boundaries, authenticity, truth and broader horizons are on the rise. This is good.

This concept of a long tail, means that there is a huge market in many types of products that is normally ignored, but makes up a good chunk of market activity if enough variety can be offered at a low cost. Companies like NetFlix, eBay, iTunes, and Amazon… even Wal Mart show that this success applies to many types of business. The long tail provides customization without a premium. In fact the internet can allow customization at a discount. Jeff Bezos, the founder of, realized this when he selected books as his original product. He realized that he could give us all a much larger library at a lower cost than any book store.
Amazon in other words created a huge book store that offers the largest variety of books at a lower price than in any bricks and mortar book store can offer. dramatically reduced the cost of getting the books to the book store and the cost of storing the books and running the store.
Then the Kindle dramatically reduced the cost of shipping, printing and storing publications even further.

However this is all that a Kindle is… technology that reduces price and increases convenience.  The Kindle in its own right does not sell anything. This is an important understanding so we do not confuse its great benefits and think that the Kindle sells books.

The Kindle is like a manufacturing tool, like a smart phone or TV hooked to the internet.  These tools let you get the publications you desire faster and for less.  The Kindle expands one’s market because they are so easy to use.

Kindles are a cuddly interface.  Originally the internet gained most of its acceptance via computers. Far sighted futurists have long predicted that direct use of the computer would not remain the prime force of the internet.  Computers are too hard to use.  The telephone and television would become the two main cuddly interfaces between the consumer and computer.

The smart phone is certainly proving this true… as are TVs connected to the internet.

Electronic readers led by the Kindle are another form of cuddly interface that make reading especially simple and easy.

There is one unique way that smart publishers are using electronic readers to keep sales flowing once they start, but electronic readers DO NOT at this time start the selling process of a publication.

Amazon is now experimenting with placing advertising on its screen.  You can now buy a Kindle for less if you accept a model that has ads.  Next (I am guessing) ads will show up in text… but not yet.

Before this course is complete, we may well test advertising on Kindle… but for the purpose of this lesson we are not there yet.

We’ll leave our marketing to the power of search engines to start the initial sale.

Electronic readers offer three marketing benefits at this time.

#1: Ease of sale… no credit card input for each order, etc.

#2: Larger audience.  Many who cannot use a computer can use an electronic reader.

#3: The larger audience allows volume from smaller per sale pricing which encourages the return of the serial publication.

A publisher does not have to sell an entire book all at one time. The publisher can sell a book by chapters at very low prices!

Here is our Kindle Plan at this time. Use search engine maximization to attract readers to our publications.  Use Kindle to make our publications easier to read and available to a larger audience at lower per sale pricing.

For example I have sold my novel, “The 65th Octave at $19.95.  We will be offering this on the Kindle at a $1.99 for a bundle of chapters.  Readers can give the book a try and if they don’t like it, they don’t need to buy more.  That novel is a real page turner so I am expecting readers to keep ordering chapters!

This feature also allows publishers to start selling the beginning of a book before the end is complete.  This creates interactive books where the end is created by the readers of the beginning!

Our marketing plan is to initially use a system very similar to our existing marketing plan for providing information via computers by building lists of focused readers through Google.  We may well alter this plan as we work through the learning curve. That is what this course is about… to share what we try, do and learn in our attempt to provide interesting, usable, valuable information to our readers.

How to build a list using Google.

Since we have just posted our first book at, we have not marketed using Google yet.  We do not have much to share about that and will use a different long tail product we market at our and websites instead… Ecuador flowers.

To start the learning curve, we plan to copy the Google process we use to create flower sales to also sell publications on the Kindle. Then we’ll adjust (if necessary as we progress).  More on the relation between flowers and Kindle in a moment.

Here are the Google tactics we use… as a small business competing with giants. These tactics remain the same whether we are offering books, reports, courses or flowers.

Google Tactic #1: Be focused. We know what our focus is…to help our readers fight inflation in one of five ways.  Invest in multi currency equities… real estate… commodities…. with a micro business and living in lower cost places.

Broadcast consumers were bunched into groups who made common purchases and had common desires. The dynamics of broadcast then dictated when and where the consumer could see and or buy his or her products.

Broadband technology has changed so consumers have more freedom and choice. The internet has opened a huge diverse range that we can each explore when we want based on our own unique needs, wants and desires.

Compare watching the internet to watching television. On TV you have to view what is available when it is available.  Video recorders provide a great increase in flexibility, but the Internet lets each individual most easily pick and choose what they want when they want. Unlike television’s limited set of options, the Internet offers more choice and customization for each person.

Long tail technology gives us an efficient, less costly, and time-saving way to pick and choose activities and/or products that bring us satisfaction. Chris Anderson states that “increasingly, the mass market is turning into a mass niches“.

The focus of our business is aimed at the niches we have chosen.

Google Tactic #2: Remember that we are small and avoid heavy direct competition… especially with the giants. We never forget our goal…to be the smallestmost profitable publisher who greatly helps a unique core niche of readers.  Small is the important word here.  We never forget that we are just three, Merri, David Cross, our webmaster and I, are sitting in our kitchens or bedrooms competing with the likes of  the New York Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Time, Business Week, Barron’s, Forbes, USA Today, Newsweek, etc.

We do not try to compete with them.  Instead we let them work for us.  They have thousands on their payroll and these huge global systems…not to mention those huge overheads.

We let them set the leads… cultivate the fields of awareness. Then we reap the small niches that they miss…those do not want or care about.  If they make the public aware of inflation… we write about the shifts that cause inflation and how to live like a king for much less in Ecuador.  If they make the public aware of the health risks of fast food… we wrote about obscure shamanic nutritional wisdom.  If they make the public aware of unemployment… we write about how to have your own micro business.

Small in this era of rapid change is good. Small is fleet of foot, flexible and small means REALLY LOW OVERHEADS.

Take for example our focus on fighting inflation.  We do not try to rank well at Google for the “phrase inflation” or “fight inflation”?

We look for niches that may be looked at by readers but are overlooked by my very good and really big competition.

For example I asked myself, “What is causing inflation now?” and “What do my readers need to do about the cause of this inflation?”  The answer is rapid technological shifts are causing inflation and my readers need to survive the shifts.  So I selected “surviving shifts” as a target phrase.

You’ll see below Google Tactic #5 that takes advantage of three word phrases.  Three word phrases dramatically reduce the number of readers likely to seek a phrase… just as it is easier to get three numbers on the Power Ball instead of all six.  However there are a lot of readers out there… tens of millions and our business is small.   A fraction of those readers coming to our small low overhead business creates big profits.

Let’s see how we did this with inflation.

We started with articles about surviving economic shifts within our areas of focus… investing, micro business, economics. Right now with the phrase “survive micro business shifts”, at Google, we rank  #2 and #3. 


“Survive investing shifts” we do better… #1, #2 and #3.


#1 for “survive inflation shifts”.


Which eventually gets us a good ranking, #1 for a more powerful two word phrase… “survive shifts”.


Google Tactic #3: Don’t use tricks. Just do not do this. At times some clever lad or lassie figures out some aspect of an algorithm that search engines use to rank phrases.  They’ll bolster up their site with a trick that uses this aspect (like hiding a phrase word a hundred times).  Pretty soon the word spreads.  Soon everyone is using the tricks and just as you catch on and spend a great deal of time and effort installing the trick, the search engines figure out what is going on and change.  Your rankings then collapse.

The duty of search engines is to help readers find what they are interested in.  Help them do their job. Choose phrases clearly and honestly related to your focus and stick to them.  Go for quality readers not quantity.

Google Tactic #4: Be regular. Those of you who are on our list know… we publish at least one article every day.  These articles are usually well focused.

Not everyone has to publish everyday.

The daily pace can be grinding.  If your postings are well focused, in a niche where there is not huge competition… you do not need to be this regular.  However the more regular you are, the better your changes of good rankings at Google will be.

Google Tactic #5: Go after three word phrases to begin and build. As you saw above the three and four word phrases led us to a good ranking for a two word phrase.

Here is how we did this with Ecuador roses.  Ecuador flowers is  a long tail product for our publishing business, if I ever saw one, and this addition to our web based business began without any business intent.

Here is how this long tail product began.

Several years ago a friend who lives in Ecuador and had an Ecuador flower business sent Merri and me 50 Christmas roses as a gift.  We were impressed… with the roses and with the kindness of the gift.   The roses were really beautiful and we were grateful.

“How nice.. what these people have done.  What can we do to return the favor?”, we thought.

At the time our foundation was busy helping renovate a school in Ecuador so we decided to offer our friend’s roses and add $20 bucks to the cost of each sale. We wanted to donate the proceeds to help this school renovation and hoped to raise an extra few hundred bucks for the poor kids.

Weren’t we surprised!   We sold over 20,000 roses and raised $8,000.  That money was used to provide university scholarships for gifted indigenous children, to buy a  InFocus projector used for free English classes for Ecuadorian children, as well as repairing the Ecuadorian school and redoing the water system of the village where the school was situated.

There and then we decided to continually offer Ecuador roses.  This has since led into offering Ecuador lilies as well.  This business has done well enough to become a small commercial addition to our business.   So we used our publishing skills and Google to sell flowers… just as we hope to use Google to sell books via Kindle.

We learned that most Ecuador flowers are sold on four days… Christmas, (the biggest season), Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

Our first goal was to rank for these phrases.  We began with the phrase “Ecuador Christmas roses”.


We have done fairly well with this phrase taking the rankings for #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6.

We have focused on the word “fresh” also to feature one of the great benefits of the roses our readers can obtain.


We rank #3 for the phrase “fresh Ecuador Christmas roses”.

We also feature the fact that the courses we offer are delivered by Fedex direct to the buyer’s door.

This has created a great ranking for the broader phrase “Fedex Christmas roses” where we rank #1, #2, #4, #6.

“Fedex Ecuador roses” ranks #1, #2, #3, #5, #6 and #7.

We even rank first page #6 for the much more powerful phrase “Fedex roses”.

In other words, if anyone wants to buy Ecuador roses in the busiest season and if they Google a phrase that has Ecuador, rose, Christmas and or Fedex … we’ll probably get a chance to offer our goods.

The next busiest season for Ecuador roses is Valentine’s Day.


All the top rankings are us. Our rankings dominate the first page at Google.

We even have a first page ranking for “Fresh Valentine’s roses”.


The third busiest day for Ecuador flowers is Mother’s Day where the first five rankings are ours.


and “fresh roses on Mother’s Day”.


Finally, the fourth busiest day for Ecuador flowers is “Easter” and we focus on lilies.

Our sites rank #1 through #6 for the phrase Ecuador Easter lilies and… 


we have reached a first page ranking for the phrase fresh Easter lilies.

We also use photos in our pages about Ecuador roses and lilies to help us get good Google rankings. 


These three word rankings and images have helped us even rank well for the phrase “Ecuador roses”.  The fifth image on the right is from our website.  Anyone searching Ecuador flowers who clicks on that photo gets to our website and flower offer.

In fact, images give us such a boost that we have a first page image ranking for the even broader phrase… “Ecuador flowers”.   The fourth image on the right is from and linked to our site.

ecuador flowers

These high Google rankings means that our flower business grows even when we do not try. The rankings attract readers to our sites which creates new flower orders and we hope even new regular readers due to our sixth Google tactic.

See how to learn Google Tactics #6 & 7 plus the rest of the lesson in this $499 course here.


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Prosper From Forces of Inflation

Join Merri and me as we look at ways to prosper from the forces of inflation.

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Inflation is here and the US dollar will fall. This fact is conformed in an April 12, 2011 Wall Street Journal article by Cynthia Lin “Inflation Concerns Weigh on Treasurys”. Here is an excerpt:  Worries that the central bank may be falling behind the curve on inflation weighed on U.S. Treasurys on Monday, even after a senior Federal Reserve official signaled that interest rates could stay low for longer.

The prospect of $66 billion of note and bond auctions also dragged prices lower, strategists said.

“The bottom line is that the current perception has subtly shifted toward the view that global central banks are in monetary tightening mode,” said Andrew Wilkinson, senior market analyst at Interactive Brokers. “Even though the Fed appears to be nowhere near that point, U.S. yields have been dragged higher by surrounding fears of inflation.”

Highlighting those fears, the 10-year breakeven rate—which measures the difference between 10-year Treasurys Inflation Protected Securities, or TIPs, and nominal rates—hit 2.655% on Monday, the highest since May 2006. That signals the market’s annual inflation expectation over the next decade.

As other central banks begin to tighten—including the European Central Bank, which raised rates by 0.25 percentage point Thursday—the fear that U.S. officials may be lowering their guard against global inflation has been a headache for bondholders. It has been especially  troubling for investors holding 30-year bonds, those most vulnerable to inflation eroding their value.

Government bonds were also under pressure from the prospect of supply.

The Treasury is scheduled to sell $66 billion in notes and bonds this week, comprising $32 billion in three-year notes, $21 billion in 10-year notes and $13 billion in 30-year bonds.

With a government shutdown averted, “the focus is back on how well these auctions will go and who will participate in the face of what appears to be future inflation,” said Kevin Giddis, president of fixed-income capital markets at Morgan Keegan.

Still, the policy debate underscores an increasing focus on inflation.

This means that while the US government continues to borrow to spend, other governments are cutting back… a sure sign of US inflation and a weakening greenback.

We consider this risk so high that we have taken the unusual step (the first time in our 43 years of business) of setting our 2012 Spring schedule.Then we created a new option so you can participate in all these seminars and course into 2012.

There are five ways to combat the destructive inflationary forces that will raise havoc with your purchasing power.

#1: Multi Currency Investing through US brokers and bankers abroad.

#2: Commodities.

#3:  Real estate.

#4:  Living in lower cost zones.

#5: Having your own micro business for extra earnings, freedom fulfillment and fun.

We have specialized for over four decades in helping our readers excel in these five inflation beating opportunities.

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The International Club offers this benefit… as a gift in Ecuador from the organizers of  Ecuador Discovery Tours.

The International Club fee is normally $1,799 yet during this Spring offer which ends May 7,  I have reduce membership to $1,499.  You save $300 more.

Take for example if you plan to attend our Super Thinking + Spanish, $999 for a couple and one International Investing and Business program, the normal cost would be $1,998.   International Club members attending just these two programs would already save… plus could attend all the other  Florida and North Carolina seminars plus receive $897 worth of emailed courses.

Our seminars and the Ecuador tour schedule is shown above.  You can attend all the Florida and North Carolina seminars and choose to accept an Ecuador’s savings.  Morya Ecuador Discovery SA has agreed to let International Club members attend one Ecuador tour in the schedule above for just $40 per person per day internal transportation cost.

This is a savings of up to $599.

I invite you to be a member of the International Club which allows you and your guest of your choice to attend all of these courses and tours.

Savings #6:  YOU SAVE EVEN MORE if you take a Galapagos Cruise.

We work closely with Haugan Travel which have expanded their fleet so club members can enjoy a Galapagos cruise for as little as $509 per person.


Haugan Cruises has added three new vessels so they have a  broader range of cruises to suit all budgets. They now have 5 vessels and are offering several special introductory tours.  This creates special savings up to $1,000 for all our readers and provides club members an extra savings of up to $554 more…. a total of $1,554 saved.

Savings #7: Membership is normally $1,799 – save $300 more. International Club 2011-12  Membership $1,499 until May 7.

Add all the savings together!

You can calculate the savings as our schedule of all 2011 courses.

Florida & North Carolina seminars you can attend or receive in an MP3 file worth $9,189.

emailed courses sent to you worth $897.

Ecuador Tour Savings up to $599.

$300 membership discount until May 7, 2011.

Total Savings from your $1,499 club membership fee.

You Gain $10,985 of benefit for just $1,499.

Plus more if you take a Galapagos Cruise.

Lock in savings!

Here is one final benefit. When you enroll… we automatically lock in this low fee for next year so your savings are automatically renewed in 2012 and 2013 at $1,499. Of course if you choose not to renew, just simply cancel membership at no cost.

Let’s beat inflation.  Won’t you join us in this exciting club and share Merri’s and my lifestyle for the next year? We look forward to seeing you at as many courses as possible and sharing this wonderful world of abundance and well being with you!


International Club 2011-12 Membership $1,499. Enroll here.