Bob Shane Bio

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Bio – Bob Shane

Bob has been a popular teacher at our courses for many years and is an ideal teacher of Super Thinking + Spanish for many reasons.

Bob Shane

Bob’s formative years in grade school through his junior year of high school were in Spanish speaking countries.  He was  raised and schooled in Venezuela, Peru and Argentina where Spanish is the national language.

Bob’s training and education emphasized whole brain integrated learning using dance and Tai Chi Chuan to develop the intuitive right brain and studies in Physics, Mathematics and Space Science to develop the logical left brain.  This led to a whole brain approach to integrating energy and information in the Alternative Health arena.

Bob Shane’s right brain training came as he studied ballet, tap, ballroom, flamenco, jazz, contemporary dance. He did dance TV commercials and was co-owner and president of Houston Jazz Ballet Company with Patsy Swayze (Artistic Director) and performed in the company with Patrick Swayze and others. He was guest artist with Galveston Ballet Company; studied Tai Chi Chuan with T. Y. Pang and Robert Fong.

His left brain traing came through his education as a physicist with eclectic training in Radionics; Kinesiology (Clinical, Applied, Neuro, Bio, Holographic, Applied Physiology, Total Body Modification, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, Edukinesthetics, Symbiotic Energy Transformation, Structural Neurology, Human Ecology Balancing Sciences, Contact Reflex Analysis, Advanced BioStructural Therapy, Field Control Therapy, Neuromodulation Technique, Matrix Reflex Testing); Metabolic Nutrition; Chinese medicine; Acupuncture; Homeopathy; Electroacupuncture (Voll, Mora, Vega); Essential Oils; Cranial Osteopathy; Light and Laser therapeutics; Sound Therapy; Quantic Biofeedback, Far Infrared Therapy, Nutri-Energetics System (NES), Meta-Medicine and Biofeedback equipment such as EPFX/SCIO, Life, Diacom, Core Inergetics, EIS, ESTeck.

He is the author of QXCI Flowcharts and co-author/researcher of 3 Clinical Kinesiology basic workshop manuals and 7 advanced research manuals. He is author of Clinical Kinesiology Travel Manual and Bio-Linguistics manual; co-author of “A manual of Dominant Focus Therapeutics”.

Bob has taught Radionics and Clinical Kinesiology in the US, England, Belgium and Ecuador.

His past and present professional affiliations include: ND degree from American Naturopathic Medical Institute; International License in Biofeedback by International Medical University Natural Education; Certified Biofeedback Technician by Academy of Applied Quantum Bio-Technologies; Certified Biofeedback Technician by Centre of International Holistic Studies; National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork;  Metabolic Technician for Health Excel; Charter Member of International Health Institute; Professional Member of American Association of Nutritional Consultants; Research Associate of Occidental Institute Research Foundation; Co-founder and Charter Member of Clinical Kinesiology Organization for Research and Education; Certified Homeo-Therapeutic Coach by Natural Therapies Certification Board.