Galapagos Cruise Savings Fights Inflation

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Fight inflation.  See expanded Galapagos cruises below that can bring Galapagos cruise savings to you.

Inflation is here and will ruin many people’s plans… such as taking a dream vacation


According to to Tour Magazine a galapagos cruise is among the top ten dream vacations.  However the cost of some Galapagos tour can exceed $5,000 a person and with gas prices rising this could grow worse!

So I am pleased that…


we have some good Galapagos cruise news because we have been working closely with Haugan Travel (the largest online sellers of Galapagos cruises) for many years. Now Haugan Cruises has expanded its fleet so our readers can gain huge discounts on Galapgos cruises and Ecuador Living subscribers can enjoy a Galapagos cruise for as little as $509 per person.

Haugan Cruises has added three new vessels so they have a  broader range of cruises to suit all budgets. They now have 5 vessels and are offering several special introductory tours.  This creates special savings up to $1,000 for all our readers and provides Ecuador Living premium subscribers an extra savings of up to $554 more…. a total of $1,554 saved.

Haugan Cruises has offered Galapagos cruises on 5 star vessels for many years. They are the largest online seller of Galapagos travel worldwide.  However there are three levels of cruise service in the Galapagos so Haugan Cruises has now expanded to provide service in all classes.  This means that readers can enjoy a broader range of cruises (at a discount I might add).

The vessels in the Haugan fleet are:

The Athala. Pictured above, this is a 5 star motor catamaran that carries 16 passengers and has  a superb reputation for service.


Haugan tours is the company we chose to help us with our daughter’s honeymoon trip to the Galapagos. The happy couple cruised on the Atahla. See their journey here.

Cormorant. This  5 star motor catamaran also hosts 16 passengers, has private balconies  and is brand new. Cruises start  in July 2011.



The Ocean Spray is a 5 star mega catamaran for 16 passengers. This ultimate Galapagos experience starts in November 2011.

The Queen of Galapagos, a 4 star motor catamaran carries 16 passengers in huge cabins and offers some amazingly low prices.



The Galaven, a 3 star Expedition Ship carries a larger  group (20 passengers) and offers excellent value.



Save up to $554 more!

Ecuador Living premium subscribers can save another 15% off these already low Ecuador cruise prices.  Most travel agents charge 10% to 15% commission when they offer Galapagos cruises.   We do not take a commission and pass a  15% discount along to our premium subscribers who help support this site instead.

Here are two examples.  You can take a 4 day cruise on the Galaven, normally $1,195 per person but in this two for one promotion each can go for only $598 per person.   Ecuador Living premium subscribers get another $59 discount so the cruise is an incredibly low $539 per person.

If you choose a premium cruise, an eight day Athala cruise is normally $4,695.  The discounted price shown above is $3,695. Ecuador Living subscribers receive an additional $554 discount so this creme de la creme eight day cruise is only $3,141.

If you are not an Ecuador Living premium subscriber, learn how to subscribe here.

See more on the five Galapagos cruise vessels above at

One More Galapagos Cruise Feature.

If the Haugan fleet of boats is not quite what you are looking for, or if there is not availability during your travel, Haugan Cruises then will allow us to get you a great deal. Check out their website.  It is the biggest online seller of  Galapagos travel worldwide.

To make reservations or for more information contact Reservations Manager Isabel Calles at


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