Ecuador Beach Inflation Fighter

by | Apr 4, 2011 | Archives

Inflation is becoming a growing and serious problem.  One way to beat inflation is to live in a low cost environment.  Another way to beat inflation is to own real estate with appreciation potential.  The listing below (although this is an area that I am not familiar with) could offer both of these inflation solutions.

Ecuador Coastal Apartment offered for $25,000.

Last week sent our Ecuador Living premium subscribers this note from one of our Ecuador Living cooperating brokers:

We just listed an Ecuador coastal apartment  that is inexpensive even by Ecuadorian standards.


This is a 600 square foot (60 sq.meter)…


one bedroom apartment.


This is a third floor walkup with…


nice views from the balcony.


List price is $25,000

This Ecuador coastal apartment is in La Libertad.  This  is a large town located right next to Salinas.  While Salinas ebbs and flows with the tourist season, La Libertad has long been the commercial heart of the province.  It has an old-fashioned downtown with mom & pop businesses.  Here you can buy everything from mattresses to shoes to appliances to groceries.  In fact the $25,000 apartment is located within very easy walking distance to all these amenities.

La Libertad also is home to a huge farmer’s market, open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  This is where we get all our produce and seafood.  Believe it or not we rarely spend more than $5 a week on fresh vegetables for our family of four.


The selection of fruit is amazing – papayas at 5 for a dollar, big juicy pineapples for $1.50 and bananas so cheap we never buy more than 25 cents worth at a time.  We get fresh fish fillets, such as MahiMahi, Flounder or Red Snapper for $2 per pound.

Our favorite spot in La Libertad is the Malecon.


While tourists flock to the Salinas Malecon, it is the locals who go La Libertad.  This is the favorite spot for an evening stroll and to get a light bite to eat.

The $25,000 suite is just a few blocks from the Malecon, in a nice area of town.  It is the perfect spot for someone who wants to live within walking distance of just about everything, have an ocean view and not have a big price tag.

If you are concerned with inflation, Ecuador and its low cost lifestyle can help.  Buying coastal real estate at low prices like this can be a great way to get an edge on rising prices.

Ecuador Living premium subscribers can see a video and get in touch with the seller at their password protected site here.

If you are not an Ecuador Living Premium subscriber, learn how to subscribe here to access this listing, see the video of this Ecuador coastal apartment listed at $25,000 and contact the broker.


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