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Orange Blossoms… Smalltown USA and profits that surprise.


Train at Mt. Dora.

We all possess connections to infinite knowledge. When we let go and let our intuition lead us we can gain wonderful surprises… opportunities and luck.

Yesterday’s message looked at the benefits Merri and I gained when we let our intuition lead us to invest in Smalltown USA, Florida. We gained unexpected income and health benefits.

This message shows how we may reap some capital rewards from following our intuition as well.

Real estate has been pretty depressed in the US. Merri and I followed the leads we gained and bought… believing our gains would come in the long term.

However a February 27, 2011 article in the Orlando Sentinel entitled “Orange Blossom Express could ferry commuters between Lake County and Orlando” shows that we may have a special capital benefit.

Here are excerpts.  A long-discussed train gains steam when a state agency agrees to help pay to upgrade tracks.  A proposal for another commuter train is gaining steam: The Orange Blossom Express, which would shuttle passengers between Eustis and downtown Orlando with stops in Apopka and Tavares.

For Lake County residents, it could mean commuting to Orlando to work or taking in a Magic game.  The Orange Blossom train also could link with SunRail lines in downtown Orlando, supporters say, to create a regional passenger-rail network.

“This is really a unique opportunity for Central Florida,” said T.J. Fish, executive director of the Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization. “I tell people that if we have train stations, that land will be close to the value of beachfront property. That’s been proven all over the country.” (bold is mine)

The track improvements — estimated at $18.4 million — would stretch nearly 60 miles, including spurs to Mount Dora, Winter Garden and an industrial complex near Silver Star Road in Pine Hills. The tracks would have to be replaced on about a 22-mile segment between Eustis and Plymouth to allow trains to travel up to 60 mph.

In the short term, faster-moving freight trains would spur industrial and manufacturing growth near the rail line, creating a boon for the area’s economy, supporters say. In the long term, the track upgrades would allow passenger trains.


Train at Eustis, Florida.  Both train stops Eustis and Mt. Dora would be near our Florida real estate.

There is controversy about this and one never knows till the train whistle blows… but if this train comes in our extra gains will be substantial.  Though Merri and I did our home work before investing in Lake County… we never could have guessed that this type of added potential might come.

By using our intuition and paying attention to our hunches we have in a bad economic time gained additional income… extra health benefits and perhaps a wonderful capital gain… all unexpected.

Do not be trapped by the tyranny of reason.  We all need to use our brains and experiences in our lives, business and investing. Let’s don’t ever exclude the heart as well.


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Orange Blossom Express could ferry commuters between Lake County and Orlando