Intuition and Phytobiodermie Natural Health

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See how intuition brought Phytobiodermie natural health benefits closer to us.

Anyone in the health care field especially those who do body work can create a global income with Phytobiodermie products.

See how to export these top quality Swiss products to Ecuador or anywhere below.

This part one in a series on how profits, fulfillment and benefits can flow in many ways when you follow your passion in business investing and life.

When you attend Merri’s and my courses on integrating logic and intuition… Watch Out!  You may end up following some fun, wild, zany paths.

For example, one couple, who were developers attended a business intuitive seminar we sponsored.

Did the course help them in their development business?  Perhaps but one of them ended up riding a bike 4,000 miles across Africa to promote tourism in Africa that will help the poor there.  Here she is crossing the Nubian Desert!


Way to go!

Getting your logic in touch with greater intelligence via intuition can lead you in directions and ways you’ll not expect.

Merri and I often gain confidence and new directions from ahas that are more than wild imagination.

Ahas and spontaneous thoughts are a form of communication that go beyond what our brain can sort out in finite terms.  Seeds of belief become planted, that are then cultivated with trial, error and experience.

We have made small fortunes again and again in this way.  Once we bought Jyske Bank shares based on this hunch. See how we earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We bought out hotel in Ecuador on a hunch.  We bought a block of condos after exchanging a 15 second glance.  But both after years of researching the Ecuador real estate market.  Often we have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars (and on occasion millions) based on “illogical” hunches.

For example, our Ecuador business has been booming for years.  Our hotel has been fully booked again and again. We were swamped with business in Ecuador when the US economy slowed.  Our Ecuador real estate rose as US real estate collapsed. 

Yet in the midst of this success we moved back to the USA and began buying US real estate and expanding our focus on living and investing in small town USA.

Let me outline the crazy illogical reason why.

First, when we were in Florida Christmas 2007,  I saw Florida real estate prices that were real bargains… maybe even better than Ecuador.  We were so impressed with these prices that we hired our daughter, Cheri, part time to take a look.

That would not have been enough.  We are early in – early out people but Ecuador’s cost of living is still so much lower… Ecuador life is so much simpler… business was so good.

Then came the chain of illogical events.

Susan Rotman, our business psychic consultant, sent an electronic card… all about US patriotic songs and sights.  See the card here.

This card is very patriotic… very not Merri and me.  Susan knew it as well.

Okay what’s this about?” I emailed her.

She replied:  “Interesting–I woke up yesterday morning from having a dream about you and Merri.  As delightful as you both are, I have never dreamed about you before!  And it was from that I was moved to send you the card“.

We called and asked for a consultation.   During our talk, she said she dislikes Florida but saw us spending time there.  That was clue #1.

Then Jyske Global Asset Management started up its seminar business and wanted us as partner… in Florida.  They chose the hotel for the first seminar… The Beach Club where Merri and I  had our first seminar ever. We start there May. Clue #2.

Then we met up with our astrologer, Blaine Watson, and saw in our chart that a change was in the making as well. Clue #3.

Enough. Enough. We  got the point and  headed to Smalltown USA to look around.   We were amazed at the deals and ended up buying 16 acres near Mt. Dora, Florida based on these totally illogical non linear reasons.   The adventure and the outcome has been  interesting to see because intelligence beyond logic often leads to lucky coincidence.


This is one of the ancient oaks at the entrance of our Florida house.

Here is the orange grove on the property.


Merri and I love the house as a place to live… but also picked up an orange grove as well.  This turned us into farmers though you can count my knowledge in this field on your fingers… of one hand.

Yet the first note in this series Bio Wash Environmental Profits tells how we removed one third of the lower producing trees in a grove management plan and then sprayed the remaining 2/3rd with Bio Wash.

The year before we took over, the grove produced about 1,500 boxes of oranges.  This year with 500 fewer trees, the grove produced 2,484 boxes of oranges.

In other words, last year the average yield of about 1.2 boxes  of naval oranges a tree. This year the average yield was 2.4 boxes a  tree… double.  This increased the income of the grove 37% with 33% less trees.  Even after the cost of   removing and replanting a third of the grove the profits were almost $1,000 an acre… all unexpected extra income.

So by following our intuition we gained some extra cash.

Moving to Mt. Dora brought much more.

We have also gained extra natural health benefits because following our feelings as well as our thoughts has helped us gain more advantage of Phytobiodermie.

Phytobiodermie is a non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation. Merri and I have enjoyed this powerful Swiss treatment for over  two decades and can attest that it leaves you looking younger and feeling great. Few treatments areas effective, enjoyable and relaxing. Yet there is more than just relaxation and stress release. There can be considerable health benefits from this treatment.

This revolutionary system comes from Swit zerland which is known for its purity and highest standards. The Phytobiodermie Swiss skin care and detoxifying system has over 25 years of experience. Their wonderfully enjoyable treatments combine Swiss technology, chromotherapy (color energy) and Chinese energy medicine to clear the body’s lymph system. It stimulates energetic points that promote the toning of the skin while adding a sense of well being and deep relaxation.

Like acupuncture and feng shui, chromotherapy is a positive energy reb alancing. When combined with a detoxifying lymph drainage, steam and mineralized soak, you look and feel years younger. Merri and I have watched numerous Phytobiodermie demonstrations where half of a face is treated. The difference in appearance is quote remarkable.

Merri and I used Phytobiodermie healing massages as often as possible for years. A friend in North Carolina was a trained tech and we had regular phytobiodermie lympth drainage massages from her.

We liked these so much we bought phytobiodermie equipment and supplies and trained the masseur at our Ecuador hotel how to do a Phytobiodermie massage.

When we moved back to Florida this reduced our access and we missed the treatments until…


we learned that Phytobiodermie moved its USA headquarters about 17 minutes from our Florida house. Now when here, we can have a massage every week.


Phytobiodermie distributes its products globally through health care and spa professionals.  The company trains distributors in the field or at their headquarters in Florida. These are the best… pure products that provide a unique niche business opportunity.   For details health care professionals and spas contact Gina Cassisi  at

Integrated thinking creates extra  potential for great wealth… satisfaction… fulfillment…happiness… joy growth… If we can stop looking and use our inner vision.  This is a time of change and the old ways will no longer work.   We need insight and vision to guide us because the best ways ahead have not been seen before.

So the next time you need a miracle…do not deny that one can happen. The next time you have done your due diligence and some small niggling idea reaches you, act on it. This does not mean you should stop working nor that you should quit using due diligence. The idea is to fuse the intellect and intuition, not abandon nor honor one over the other. They work best as a team!

Tomorrow we’ll see how we may also get a totally unexpected… unpredictable… huge real estate value jump on the land!

Using your intuition and paying attention to your hunches does it mean you should go out and risk all on a hunch.

Start small….all things should start small and grow.

Nor does it mean you will not have to work. Often the hunches have led us to incredible amounts of labor.

You possess connections to infinite knowledge. Your mind cannot grapple this because the act of defining defeats the very thing you are connected to. However, if you let go and let your intuition lead you, you too may have some wonderful surprises and luck that after awhile will not be surprising at all!

Phytobiodermie has arranged discounts for our readers and has set a special schedule so delegates at our April 9-10, 2011 course can have a massage the day before or after or in the evenings of the 9th and 10th.