Bio Wash Environmental Profits

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Bio Wash Environmental Profits

In today’s questions, answers and comments, the first comment below comes from our orange grove manager.

Last year I wrote about how Merri and I sprayed our orange groves with Bio Wash.

We recently had a bit of bad news in our orange groves in the form of some root rot.

We had to call in big machines like… this


to yank out 500 (about a third) of our trees so our grove that looked like this… now…


looks like this.


That’s farming for you!  Yet we are excited because…


we just sprayed the 1000+ remaining trees…




Bio Wash

Earlier this year we had some good news when our grove manager wrote: “Last year we used your Bio Wash and we are prepared to use it for you again. The trees do look much better this year.”

Now we have news about how much better the Bio Washed trees look… or are. I am checking annual yields for the area but suspect that a good part of the improvement is from using the Bio Wash.

Last year the grove of 1,500 trees produced 1801 boxes of oranges.

We removed one third of the lower producing trees in a grove management plan. We sprayed the remaining 2/3rd with Bio Wash.

With 500 fewer trees, the grove produced 2,484 boxes of oranges this year!

In other words, last year the average was a yield of about 1.2 boxes of naval oranges a tree. This year the average yield was 2.4 boxes a tree… double.  This increased the income of the grove 37% with 33% less trees.

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The second question is about Ecuador real estate pricing. A reader wrote in response to our Bahia Ecuador Beach Bargain message:

That sounds really expensive just for a lot. About a year ago, I saw those colored condos oceanfront that were selling for $18,000

Seems high to me also but I began buying 15 years ago when prices were really down.

My reply: Ecuador real estate prices are escalating and in some areas are now higher than Florida prices. The beach is still where there are bargains.   If you look at beach lots in most parts of the world, you’ll see how relatively inexpensive Ecuador beach real estate remains.

The condos I believe you referred to sold originally at $18,000 before rising to $23,000.  They were off the beach and not in such a nice area.  We took hundreds of delegates to see these units and to the best of my knowledge not one purchased such a condo.


Ditto for these really low cost condos in Quito that start at US$29,999 for an 861 square foot 3 bedroom unit.


See how we have refrained from pushing low end Ecuador real estate like these town houses and condos. Our experience is that most expats want more luxury and want to live in the best areas. Hence the price is higher.

See more on upcoming Ecuador real estate tours here.

Final comment on Winston Churchill’s Quote: A number of readers picked up on my misquote of Winston Churchill in my Micro Business Niche article. Here is an example of the gentle corrections that readers sent:  Good morning Gary,  Always good to read your emails.  I am not probably the only one who feels a need to point this out but I believe the quip is not from the British statesman Winston Churchill but the great American writer, Mark Twain.  And if it had been Churchill, he would have said “rumour” not “rumor”.  

My reply: You are one of several who spotted my error.  I immediately made the change at our site. I am not sure how I jumbled that up.  I seems to me that said it also… perhaps copying Twain as I am thinking I read that in his book “The Second World War”.

However on double checking I could not find the quote attributed to Churchill but found that even Twain was misquoted on this.

Wikipedia’s Misquotations site says:

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” (or similar) — Mark Twain [C]

• Actual quotation: “The report of my death is an exaggeration.” In 1897 a journalist was sent to inquire after Twain’s health, thinking he was near death; in fact it was his cousin who was very ill. Twain recounted the event in the New York Journal of June 2, 1897. Contrary to popular belief, his obituary was not prematurely published.

You are right about rumour not rumor. Churchill said it himself…”America and Britain are two great countries separated by a common language”

Thanks for letting me know because two other quotes from Churchill I agree with:

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

and “Eating words has never given me indigestion.”

Have a good weekend!


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