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Jean Marie Butterlin reports on Ecuador beach health and how health can improve with Ecuador’s sun and sea.

Merri and I love Bahia.


Here we are in Bahia at Hotel La Piedre overlooking the Chone Estuary with friends.


Downtown Bahia, Ecuador’s first eco city.

Here is Jean Marie’s report on Bahia Ecuador and health.

Why living on a sunny coast is good for your health.

Sun & sea are good for health.

Coastal areas that also have a lot of sun year round have two huge health benefits, for those who live near the beach.

First, daily exposure to the sun boosts Vitamin D3 production. 20 minutes of exposure to the sun (protect your face and avoid sun burns) is enough to produce 20,000 U.I. of Vitamin D.

Here are some of the benefits of having vitamin D3 up and running everyday.

#1: Vitamin D3  prevents osteoporosis and protects against bone fractures.

#2: Numerous studies have shown that low vitamin D3 levels are associated with higher risk of cancer (esp. prostate cancer), cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes type I and II and auto-immune diseases like MS.

#3: Higher levels of D3 also are associated with lowered risk of high blood pressure.

#4: People who have developed Parkinson and Alzeimer’s disease have much lower level of D3 than average.

#5: D3 helps increase muscular strength.

Second, beaches encourage daily walking. Being barefoot on the beach for 45 minutes a day will:

#1: Expose you to negative ions that attach to and neutralize harmful free radicals.

#2: Provide detoxification of toxicity through the feet.

#3: Encourage relaxed playful exercise which has been shown to be healthier than a disciplined approach.

Bahia and its surroundings have plenty of sun all year long and also plenty of unspoiled beaches.

Here are some other benefits that the Bahia area has to offer :

#1: Affordable condos: existing condos with sea or bay views still sell for about $65 a square foot.  The market is becoming a bit tight and prices are increasing. New construction with super views may run as high as $95/square foot but still much less than in Manta and at that level the condos are still selling quickly.

A year ago, on the tour we had more than 50 condos to show in Bahia, now we are down to about 10.

#2: Affordable beach lots: although around Canoa beach lots sell now for about $100 square foot, I have discovered some beach lots in the area for $12/square foot. These prices will not last and are available only to our clients on our tour.

#3: Business opportunity. One of the most beautiful boutique hotel in Ecuador, Casa Ceibo is in Bahia, but otherwise Bahia lacks hotel rooms and B&B’s.  I show our real estate tour delegates houses  offered at very low prices that can be converted into nice B&B’s.

#4: Fresh access to seafood daily.

#5: Unpolluted, fresh air, clean streets and environmentally sound surroundings. Bahia is Ecuador’s first “Eco City.”

#6: Good security. Bahia has the lowest crime rate in all of Ecuador.

#7: Low stress life and quiet. There are very few cars in town. The popular mode of transport is the bicycle, taxis, and of course strolling.


#8: A little night life. There are two restaurants where you get exceptional views on the Chone River and bay. However it is usual to see a lot of activity at night especially on week-ends.

#9: Sport fishing.

#10: Plenty of sporting activity. There is a tennis club and gym. Surfing and other water sports including sailing. Marina prices are low so you can afford to keep your boat moored in the marina.

#11: Great access.  Bahia is one and half hours from Manta and its airport now. The new highway will reduce the trip to 45 minutes from Bahia.  Manta has an international airport and at some time can expect direct flights from Miami and Toronto.  The airport in San Vicente will also get regularly scheduled flights from Quito.

Bahia is only 6.5 hours from Quito by car. Jean Marie from Bahia, our new home.

Jean Marie.

Join Jean Marie on Ecuador’s coast.