Spotting Trends With Quantum Thinking

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Here is how to spot trends with quantum thinking.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying: It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.

One way to look further than we can see is through an understanding of cycles.  When we know where something is in its cycle, we can accurately predict what it is likely to do.

All of life… every event… the fauna and flora, even the universe flows in cycles.  When we understand and tune into cycles we begin to spot trends that will help us achieve greater happiness… better health… more success.

To entrain with cycles we often have to think outside the box. There is a reason for this. Every cycle has three foundations, birth, inertia and transformation.  Part of every society’s inertia is  an educational system and collective mindset. These have their own momentum and they often stifle or resist new ideas… especially those ideas that may disturb the “norm.”   This means that part of society, resists its own evolution.

This site has reviewed several times how to play games to think outside the box.  A game is a structured activity, with a set of rules. This is important… because when we play… we create a set of rules that is beyond the norm… outside the box of logic…  so our information processing and decision making escape the tyranny of reason.

This message in particular looks at a more scientific (though still fun) approach to getting out of the box… astrology…Vedic Astrology to be exact.

Several recent events in Merri’s and my life illustrate how we actually utilize the knowledge and the charts our astrologer, Blaine Watson, gives us.

We can let our imagination soar so we can see eventualities in enjoyable, non threatening ways.

Astrology goes a step beyond a game because it is founded in deeply imbedded scientific principles.

Let’s look at that science, then we’ll look at the recent events that illustrate how Merri and I successfully use Vedic astrology in our business, investing and the whole of lives.

The first part of the science encompasses our brain and how it stores and processes the information. Our brain is a collection of neurons that store electromagnetic energy that we call  memories and when this storage is stimulated we have feelings and thoughts.

Since our feelings and thoughts are electromagnetic energy, they are influenced by the external electromagnetic sources.

Astrology is based on the position and movement of planets because each planet has its own gravitational force and resonates with  a unique electromagnetic energy.  There is plenty of electromagnetic energy being displaced when a person is born and the position of the planets has a subtle electromagnetic impact.

The influence is subtle – yes. The impact is more subtle than perhaps the color of the room you are born in… less than the skill of the doctor or midwife (or lack thereof) attending the birth… the weather outside… room  temperature, etc… but the influence is there.

Plus in many ways subtle can be more powerful than not-so-subtle.

Subtle is powerful because nothing ever rests.  Everything is rustling in nature’s gentle vibration so everything has a push pull impact on everything else at some subtle level.  For example you’ll see in a moment how one photon can influence a frog’s eye from a distance of 60 trillion miles!

This connection of everything with everything else is really important because it is a driving force in the universe.

All existence in the universe is a swirling mass of energy.  Form is created by density and speed of energy and the vibration of atoms and molecules, along with the impact of environmental forces (everything else).

All matter is vibrating energy as are all emotions and thoughts.  Thus all thought, reason, emotion, will or desire are accompanied by vibratory rates, which may be lowered or raised by external forces… such as the planets.

In the same way that the vibration of a musical note can affect the atoms and molecules in a mirror and cause it to shatter, so it is with planetary resonance.

According to Dr Percy Seymour, a Theoretical Astrophysicist, resonance makes it possible for a radio telescope to tune into specific vibrations in the Andromeda Galaxy (14 million, million, million miles away) and accounts for the Solar System playing a symphony of vibrations on the magnetic field of the Earth.  If so, then even small fluctuating forces can have large consequences.   This is the main tenet of astrology, personalities of individuals are related to the state of the Solar System at the time of birth and their feelings and thoughts are influenced by the motion and position of the planets.

There is a resonance from the tugs of the tide.  There is a resonance from the hot gases trapped in the magnetic field of the Sun and Earth.  There is resonance in the fluctuations of the Earth’s magnetic field. There is resonance in the reflected sunlight from the moon that waxes and wanes.  All these frequencies have an impact on the electrical activity of the neural network in the brain. Resonance of frequency (harmonics) is the celestial link to the terrestrial form.

Astrology is the study of the harmonics of cosmic periods. Resonant theory (harmonics) is the Holy Grail for astrology.

It also explains why we attract certain events, or people, to us who reflect the state of our consciousness. Thus, when we are angry we are more likely to attract the violence or car accident which we are resonating with. More positively, it is the explanation for miraculous events in that we ‘entrain’ ourselves to good unfolding when our thoughts are constantly kept at the higher vibration, or frequency, of love and happy outcomes.

Dr. Seymour says in his book “The Scientific Basis of Astrology”:  The claims made by many scientists that astrology is opposed to the basic principles of western science comes from a total misunderstanding of serious astrology, and an appalling lapse in their understanding of the methodology, philosophy and history of science itself.

For Merri and me, Vedic Astrology is a way to add scientific foundations that help us to see life in an out-of-the-box way.

Here is how we have integrated the progression in our astrological charts to recent events.

First, looking at health. Until last year Merri and I had a business that was a runaway success.  The emphasis was on runaway.  We traditionally conduct six to eight seminars a year and had been doing a couple of those seminars in Ecuador.   We saw the potential in Ecuador real estate so wanted to help our readers tap into this.   We added a tour director to the staff and upgraded our schedule to over 5o tours a year.   Our tour director quit without notice the day before the first tour so Merri and I were stuck running this schedule.  Yikes!  We became really exhaustively busy.  But there was good news also.  The 2007 recession came along but our business boomed and was extra profitable because our overheads were reduced.

We stressed ourselves physically (with Merri receiving the brunt of the efforts). Then in Merri’s last progression one observation was from mid 2010 to March 14, 2011 “Merri will not be so much in charge of her health”.   Merri’s and my charts are generally harmonious and I had a weaker but similar observation.  This is very very hard because she has rarely had any health problems…not even a cold, never a virus or flu, etc.

We sold that Ecuador tour business and would have for no other reason than we did not want this physical stress during this time when we should be resting more.

Yet there were other reasons.

My chart since last June in a Saturn, Jupiter cycle was especially rampant with observations related to laying of foundations for transformation and expansion in fields of “knowledge related to intelligence, wisdom, higher learning, spiritual, refined, synchronicity, expanded vision of reality and philosophical”.  Other observations included a focus on “knowledge hidden from view, creativity, discovery, invention, publishing and reaching a larger audience”.

Our Ecuador business was booming based on a foundation we began laying 15 years ago. We are pioneers and like to be on the leading edge. This suggested to us that we should be laying new foundations.

Added to that is the observation that this would come in a slow, grinding way and that I would thrive by having challenges.   This led me to feel that it was time prepare to for whatever is next!  We could not reach a larger audience working in the way we were.

We sold our tour business to Jean Marie Butterlin and began preparing to take our Quantum Thinking course activities to their next level.

Then I moved into a Saturn – Jupiter – Sun cycle for only a short time.  Here the observation was that I would gain personal power, a sense of self sufficiency with people in positions of power.  I had no idea what this would mean but was extra alert for opportunities related to gold and for people in positions of power whom I could help and vice versa.

I did not have to wait long.

A friend and long term reader but one I had not heard from in years emailed me on February 26.  He was writing about Ecuador but guess what he had started to do… run a website on… you got it… gold.

I immediately jumped in and asked… “Need any help expanding that site”?

This is where the astrology helps me so much.  There was no logical reason for me to be interested in a website about gold… except I was looking to see if such a thing would appear.

Nice coincidence… right?  This may seem so until I noted that a publisher in a position of quite some power arranged a meeting to finalize  the publishing of one of our new courses.  The publisher set the meeting for… get ready for it, February 26. Something was really clicking on that day.

The publisher’s offer was good. There were a few issues I could have balked on but I did not.  All the observations from my chart suggested that this was the time to move up… not stall.  Plus one other observation about this period is “this time can do no harm to the chart”.  What excellent advice!   I could afford to step up and we concluded the deal which will definitely expand our audience.

In June I shift into a Saturn – Jupiter – Moon cycle that includes more.. publicity more recognition than normal.  Even before June,  one contact has brought me much closer to huge amounts of good exposure from the national level.  I do not know (nor really care) if that contact will bring added recognition or not. The point is I’ll be super sensitive and watch for such an opportunity.

I’ll also beware of any extra expenses as this is a time “when more money may tend to go out than normal”.

Finally August moves into Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu and as Blaine Watson (my Vedic Astrologer) puts it… “Busy… you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Words in this period include: Relentless.  Here are his comments,  “Business rises exponentially but in an unpredictable way, so take one step at a time.   There is an exultation in the house of fame…  foreigners a large part of picture… be cautious of own brilliance (ie do not be a smarty pants)  be careful of illusion. If it comes to you… consider it. If it comes from you… be suspicious.”

Which of these observations will become reality and to what extent, I do not know. Our charts show potential… not fact. The observations do provide one with guidelines  so I can focus in areas I might otherwise not see.  They gives me clues about when and in what areas to plunge ahead or pull back.  They give extra ideas about when to be bold… quiet… restful… humble and when to get ready for a lot of activity.

Right now… Merri and I are writing… writing and writing as we rest. The time ahead looks busy in the filed of communications and our written words are those that could gain a larger audience faster and easier than in any other way.

For over 20 years, Vedic Astrology has been an extremely important way we integrate potential with past.  This science has helped us reinforce the limitations of logic with a stronger field of knowledge.

This is why I encourage Blaine to conducts course on Vedic Astrology and why Merri and I are pleased to host one of his courses in Mt. Dora this upcoming  April 9 and 10.  Hope to see you here!


Here is a rave about one of Blaine’s previous courses.

Hi Gary & Merri.  Just wanted to write and thank you for such a fun, interesting and exciting time.  From the moment we got there, till we left, we were treated so kindly, and there was never any stress.  Being with you, your staff and the other guests – it felt like a family reunion; like one big family.  The staff were every present, earnest and helpful, and always a friendly word.

The Vedic Astrology course was beyond anything we expected.  PhD Astrologer, Blaine Watson (what an inspired guy!) had a great presentation and took time to address some individuals questions on the particulars of their charts – which was insightful and amazing.  I am so looking forward to have my one-on-one reading on the phone.

We had a blast and we thank you and your staff for all your efforts.

Join us with Blaine Watson in Mt. Dora Florida, April 9 and 10, 2011.