Urcuqui Update

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Here is an Urcuqui update from Jean Marie Butterlin.

Last Monday our delegates met face to face with the mayor of Urcuqui as well as…


the town’s attorney and his development counsel.


Everyone had a chance to ask all the hard questions and here is an excerpt of what the Mayor has said :

1:    Urcuqui has in place a Policy for attracting foreigners who would like to live in Urcuqui.  Urcuqui is a very big canton.  The town itself is almost as big as Cotacachi (about 9,000 people). It will be declared an ecological town where only cars using gas (no diesel or gasoline buses) will be allowed in and through. Nobody can set fire on the land after harvest anymore. He says that people in Urcuqui regularly live up to 120 years.

2:   Urcuqui has a lot to offer from low cost of living, warm weather, lots of water, hot springs, no crime, very laid back lifestyle. The total canton of Urcuqui has only 2 police officers and they have not much to do.

3:   There are nice business opportunities once the influx of foreigners starts because they is a lack of hosterias, restaurants, cafes, etc…

4:    The mayor is comitted to cut all red tape for the building permits and has guaranteed that the lots that will be bought by foreigners, if it goes through his facilitation, will have potable water, sewage and electricity. One of our delegates asked how long will he stay in office? How can we be sure that your successor will continue that policy?  The mayor answered until 2014, which should give you plenty of time to come and build.

5-    Patricio de la Torre, the mayor’s counsel, will coordinate the whole process of  the Urcuqui influx of foreigners.  To expedite the process of purchasing and to avoid delays, the mayor has proposed the following :

a.     The mayor will facilitate the purchasing process, guarantee the price ($10,000 to $25,000/hectare or  2,2 acres) depending how far from town the land is located. He has identified all the owners that are ready to sell. He will allow for 1 acre maximum land per house.

b.     The mayor said also that there is a lot of virgin land (never farmed) available at $8,000/hectare close to the city.

c.      Patricio de la Torre will work closely with the town’s attorney to coordinate the sale of the land from the owners directly to the buyers ;

d.     Each buyer should come and look at the different parcels available at those low prices and decide how much land he wants ; Patricio will then arrange with the buyer’s lawyer and the town’s lawyer the purchase of the land. When the parcel is too big for one client, Patricio will put as many clients together in order to have each buyer receive exactly the amount of land he needs.  This will be done in a one step process i.e. the land will be sold in one escritura (deed) and at the same time immediatley divided amongst the buyers, who will receive a deed for their part. All this will be under the supervision of the mayor and the town’s attorney.

e.  Once the lot has been purchased, the mayor will give the buyer 3 years to build and complete the house.

This procedure has the merit to speed up the whole process. His first idea was to buy and resell, but this would have taken more time and now this new procédure should is simpler and quite easy.

To purchase in Urcuqui, someone has to come to Cotacachi, then meet with Patricio de la Torre, who will show the potential buyer the different parcels available and then facilitate the purchasing of the land with Urcuqui’s lawyer and the buyer’s lawyer.

Our regular Imbaburra real estate tour from now on will spend half a day in Urcuqui.  On the third day of our real estate Imbaburra tour, our delegates meet with Patricio de la Torre and look at the different options available to them from the size of the lots to prices, locations etc.

We have already had many requests from people who want to look at properties in and around Urcuqui and therefore we have decided to offer a one half price tour for those who wish to see just Urcuqui.

We recommend that you inspect real estate in Cotacachi as well so you have  a better feel for real estate throughout the area. 

We are increasing the number of our Cotacachi/Urcuqui tours. Please see the schedule below.

If you cannot arrive for these specific dates, we are providing customized Cotacachi/Urcuqui tours.

The price for one day (including the pickup from Quito to Cotacachi and back, local transportation to Urcuqui, introduction to Patricio de la Torre, the mayor and all our contacts, etc. is $249 single, $399 couple;

We will make your reservations at our favorite hotels in Quito at a steep discount.  Your savings in the Quito hotels and transportation to and from Quito alone will offset the price of the tour.

Jean Marie