Ecuador Shamanic Health Tactics For Winter

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We can feel better in simple ways during the winter when we blend two Ecuador shamanic health tactics… using essential oils and showers.

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Daily mists roll over the ridges at our Ecuador Hacienda Rosaspamba.  See health tactics of Ecuador shamans that use these mists.

Here we are February 21, 2011 one more entire month and a day of this darned winter… just until the spring equinox.  Even then… there’s no guarantee that the weather won’t be miserable and cold.

See below see three ways to stop your health from sliding downhill in this miserable weather.

These Ecuador shamanic tactics improve health even in warm weather and sun.

Winter Health Tactic #1: Head South! This is what Merri and I do… to Florida or Ecuador.  Yet we know for most… this is just not possible so let’s bring Ecuador shamanic health and other tactics to you in the north.  See Ecuador tours here.

Winter Health Tactic #2: Get Out in the Cold. Our friend, Dr. Jay Glaser writes about winter health in his book Body Renewal: the Art of Self Repair:

Collective health can be threatened by the frigid winter months with deep snow drifts as people hibernate indoors for four months, egged on by the gloomy banter between news anchors and meteorologists.  The pineal gland, an important modulator of hormonal secretion, is activated to secrete melatonin when the lights go out, helping you fall and stay asleep.  As nights lengthen, the pineal senses that it is time to hibernate.  It can express itself as the wintertime blues. The best prevention is to expose your self to bright full-spectrum sunshine for a few hours a day, ideally in the morning.

When you go for a walk, the senses mind and intellect ingest experiences and are engaged just as much the arms and legs.  There are few activities, including a walk in the woods, whereby the mind can be calmed and exhilarated at the same time simultaneously, the antidotes to both anxiety and depression.  Additionally activation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems initiates a complex  cascade of euphoric neurotransmitters, including serotonin, endorphins and catecholomines, partially explaining why exercise has been shown as effective to medication at relieving depression.  Unless you have the freedom to fly south, find something you look forward to doing on a regular basis. Walking is the simplest, safest and least expensive – as well as fun.

Winter Health Tactic #3: Use Water & Oil to Start Your Day.

Ecuador shamans use water and oils to boost health in many ways.


Delegates on an Ecuador shamanic minga tour heading onto Lake…


Cuicocha for…


a water and purification ceremony.

One Ecuador shamanic health tactic incorporates evaporation.

When Merri and I lived and worked with an indigenous Yatchak and his apprentices for several years, he explained that he was purifying us slowly from the outside in.  One way to do this was to have us walk in the mists of non polluted valleys.   Another way was to shower or bathe and then do not dry off but let the water evaporate.   The free hydrogen molecules on the mists and/or water attach to free radicals in the skin which is the largest organ of elimination in our body.   This process slowly cleans us through the skin.

This process can be a bit chilly high in the Andes… but this is a simple, powerful, purifying process.


Merri and I with the yatchak after soaking in sacred spring and drying naturally.

Another Ecuador shamanic health tactic involves essential oils they call aqua flora.

Ecuador shamans believe that health is “balance” and illness and disease are “imbalance”.


Balance, is influenced by season and varies by physical makeup, age, gender, personality and exposure to environmental temperature extremes. A central medical-related theme is that there is there a connection between how a plant or food food looks and what it does for your body?  Take the walnuts as brain food, as an example.   A walnut half looks like a brain. The human brain is made up of about 60% of what is called “structural fat” and needs high-quality fats like omega-3s to function properly by keeping the brain fluid and flexible. Walnuts are loaded with omega-3s, which make them the ultimate “brain food.”

This leads Ecuador shamans to use plants in their healing (balancing) process and they view essential oils as the refined intelligence of plants.

Shamans and healers believe that the aromatic plant essential oils are helpful in healing because the fragrances and chemistry reflect the plant’s true inner nature. Throughout history, the oils have been used for healing and are still key elements of many of the world’s non-Western healing traditions.

Essential oils are a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. An oil is “essential” in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence and chemistry.

The fastest way to get any information into the body is via the lungs and skin. Thus essential oils carry data directly to the physical chemistry.

So in winter there are ways to combine the science of plants and herbs with a shower.  Our friend, Candace Newman, the Oil Lady explains:

The Aromatic Immune-Boosting Shower

By Candace Newman

Oh yes, Winter is here now … and the natural laws of Nature guarantee Spring follows! Shoveling snow and ice, has given me a deeper appreciation of Deep Rub Gel for the back, neck and shoulders. Hot Aromatic showers are part of the joy too!

It’s often been said that what we read, see, do and think about as we awaken in the morning … will set the pace for our day. What we do every morning … sets the scene for our day and creates our future accordingly. With other brilliant things we choose to put in our minds and bodies each morning, let’s add the joy and therapeutic benefits of an aromatic shower. Having just finished mine this morning with Ravintsara … I’m ready to go!

Winter is associated with “cold & flu season”, so let’s put on our armor of essential oils. Four top pure essential oils are: Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata), Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora), Peppermint ( Mentha piperita), and/or Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). You may choose one or any combination. All four are highly effective for antiviral and antibacterial benefits. They provide excellent benefits for respiratory conditions. Their preventive and holistic medicinal qualities are profound.

Eucalyptus and Ravintsara are top respiratory oils as decongestants and expectorants. Great protectors of our ear/nose/throat/chest connections! Peppermint and Tea Tree are good for sinus protection. If you prefer one aroma over another … chose that one.

Keep in the shower: (1) bottle of a pure essential, (2) bottle of Organic Golden Jojoba, or bottle of a blend. If you prefer one made, our Ear/Nose/Throat Oil (special this month), Stimulator Blend, or Deep Rub Gel are very effective.

Aromatherapy works through inhalation and skin absorption. Your Aromatic Steam Experience gives you all these health benefits. (1) Turn the shower on HOT and get the steam going, (2) Turn it down as you step in and sprinkle 4-5 drops of PURE essential oil on the floor. Stand there enjoying deep breaths of Good Medicine. (3) When done showering, turn off the water. Before toweling off, rub the blend into your skin: neck, shoulder, chest and belly. Use a Palm Blend with Jojoba and 2-3 drops of PURE essential oil, or use a ready-made blend. (3) Optional: Add 2-3 drops of pure EO to a healthy liquid soap.

Transform your morning shower with healthy essential oils to protect your health and lift your spirits. Get up, get anointed, and get on with the day.

Our Ear/Nose/Throat Oil is one of our most effective formulas, helping many people in many ways.

Learn more or order the following oils and blends below:

Ear/Nose/Throat Oil




Tea Tree Oil

Winter is nature’s way of taking away imbalances with more imbalance.  This season can be our health’s worst enemy but we can balance with these Ecuador shamanic health tactics that use walking, showers, water and oil.


See how participate in an Ecuador  shamanic minga tour

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The ONLINE Super Spanish course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee. Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund. 

The course is available at the highly reduced price of $149, but in this special offer we are knocking another $70 from the price so you can start now for only $79.  

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