Micro Business Funding an Environmental Business

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Micro business funding an environmental micro business.


Here is a great micro idea. Have your own micro business that helps the environment.

This site has recently looked at numerous ways of funding a micro business beyond bank loans.

Here is a way to self fund a micro business for the environment with Purely Green.

Ted Tidwell, the maker of Purely Green bio degradable cleaner sent me this note: Hi Gary, Regarding funding a micro business. Realizing that initial capitalization is a major challenge to many potential but under capitalized business owners, 1st Enviro Safety recently developed a Purely Green starter kit for only $500.

It was originally designed as a sample kit for sophisticated sales executives wishing to establish large industrial accounts. (The EPA is forcing industry to replace toxic cleaners and degreasers with USDA BioPreferred solutions.)

Then, someone realized that the kit is adaptable for retailing in weekend flea markets, home and garden shows and/or environmental expo sales.

The “Purely Green” label was inspired by a major international retailer’s conclusion that ours was the only “truly green” cleaner on the market.

The label shows a cute little girl and a huge truck conveying the message that it is “gentle enough for babies yet powerful enough for truck engines.”

The investment is only $500 (+ delivery) and the suggested retail exceeds $1,100.00. For written details, e-mail me at  tedtid7@yahoo.com. Ted


We have shared ideas about Purely Green and Bio Wash many times at this site. We use the non mutagenic bio degradable cleaner it for everything from washing dishes to cleaning the house to killing ants and even spraying our citrus grove.  We have been spraying our hemlock trees for years as it kills the Wooly Adelgid a blight that threatens hemlocks  on the US east coast.

This is a remarkable environmental product… great for cleaning oil spills and was even used to help kill anthrax that contaminated Federal buildings.

Recently Ted Tidwell sent me this note and photos.

Gary, A client just sent me this note.  “Hi Ted,  These pictures are from a client who has been using Purely Green and Bio Wash.  You can see the results of using BioWash on their vegetables.  I will include their email and comments about both products that you will appreciate, no doubt.   To say the least, they are very happy with the products!

“Please read the information from these dear people who run a business in north New South Wales and who are Purely Green and BioWash devotees.  They breed goats and run a farm as their business.

“Apart from this email, I also received an email in which she said that Purely Green is the best kitchen and bathroom cleaner she has ever used.

“We have one goat that had severe rain scald/excema, I washed her three times with Purely Green and now her skin is clean and healthy.  Likewise my mare who used to suffer with the itch( mane and tail rubbed out) She is now growing everything back and there is no evidence of any more rubbing. I still spray her every now and then just in case.     We also use it when we get any skin irritation or insect bites even leeches. One spray and instantly the itching stops as if by miracle.

“Also you can see by the photos that my garden is thriving with the biowash. Everything is so healthy and growing like crazy. Especially the Rhubarb…


“and the radishes




“and lettuce.


“The roses are the best I have ever grown and that is despite the wettest season, endless rain and humidity. I do spray for blackspot.

“The cabbages and related vegies have not had any insecticide on them and they are unblemished.

“For the first time I had success with onions.  They are huge!


“I was just about to give up on growing them after failure after failure before. I thought the climate or soil did not suit them here.

The cucurbits are finally getting away after a slow start due to a very cool spring they do not show any sign of mildew despite the wet. Should be a good harvest judging by the flowers they are setting.


“Anyway, I shall keep you posted and if you are ever on the east coast, drop in you are most welcome. Regards”

What a wonderful micro business idea for those who want to help the environment and desire to protect their financial future with their own micro business… use and market Purely Green and Bio Wash.

For written details, e-mail me Ted Tidwell at tedtid7@yahoo.com


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