How High the Silver Price – or Low

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How high can the silver price rise… or how low can it go?

How about 42 cents an ounce.  Probably not, but…


if we have a time machine back, we can see even lower silver prices.. 33 cents an ounce… about 100th of what they are now!  Let’s look at the past to see if we can get an idea about what the price of silver might be ahead.

This week our messages are reviewing the importance of value in all investments.   We are grappling with how to see value during these times of change and likely inflation. We are looking for value in five good places to invest… equities, multi currency investments, commodities, real estate and your own micro business.


This message looks at one of the commodities… silver.

Like gold, getting a bellwether to gauge silver’s real value is tough because its price was fixed and/or manipulated for so many years.

If we look way back, we’ll see a trend.  For decades, the price of silver was $1.29.  (1792 to 1813).  The Coinage Act of 1792 was one of the first acts of America’s Congress that fixed a dollar at 27 grams of silver, or about 86.8 percent of a troy ounce. With silver trading at $30 an ounce,  that same 27 grams would be worth over $25.

Then the price of silver  jumped just a few cents for three years (probably related to the Napoleonic wars) before settling back to $1.29 an ounce until 1861.

In 1861 the price broke loose and rose to $1.70.  The first shots were fired on Ft. Sumpter April 12, 1861… I think we can see a connection.  War inflation… rising price of silver.

After the War Between the States, the price of silver drifted down into the $1.40 range until the 1870s when it began to collapse and tumbled all the way down into the .50 cent range by early 1900s.

The price of silver remained there until it bumped back up over a dollar for just a couple of years after WWI.

Then the price collapsed again and stayed down as low as .30 cents an ounce until 1942 which is where our analysis begins with silver being worth about .44 cents an ounce.

From 1942 to 1946 the price of silver almost doubled to 86 cents where it stayed in this range until 1959 when it began to rise again going all the way to $1.97 by 1972.

The price of silver temporarily exploded reaching $48 an ounce before settling back down as the chart below shows.

Charts from


As the chart below shows silver prices rose slowly until 2004, when they began a steep climb.


Silver prices rose from .44 cents an ounce until running over $30 an ounce and now have settled at a current silver price of about $27.

Rising from .44 cents in 1942 to $27.00, silver has appreciated 61 times in these  69 years.

Let’s review the increase in other commodities and services during the same period using our analysis from our Gold Review Summary that was posted at this site of earlier this year.

Prices (1942 to 1967 source: “Remember When” by Seek Publishing 2007 to 2010: US Bureau of Labor)


Biggest increase: Harvard tuition 80 times increase.

House prices from 1942 until 2010 increased 67 times.

Silver has risen 61 times.

Gold has risen about 41 times  (at $1,383).

Cars jumped 30 times.

Movies  27 times.

Wages increased 24 times.

Rentals are up 20 times.

Gas 20 times.

Postage 15 times.

Bread 15 times.

Pound of sugar 10 times.

Hamburger about 9 times.

Coffee, bacon, eggs all about 8 times increase.

Milk only five times.

These guidelines suggests that a great deal of the inflation protection has already kicked into silver’s price.

Because this is a complex subject, I asked a long time friend, Michael Checkan, and his nephew, Rich, to assist with their views.

Michael has built and run one of the most respected gold, silver and forex firms, Asset Strategies Inc., in the US and we have worked with him for over 20 years.

Rich will speak on gold and silver at our upcoming Mt. Dora seminar February 11.  See details below.

Here is what Michael and Rich have recently written about silver.


Why “Junk Silver” Should Be Your Next Precious Metals Purchase

By Michael Checkan

Has silver reached its peak? Not on your life, says Michael Checkan, president of Asset Strategies International. In fact, silver would have to triple from here just to match its old highs.

Of all the forms of precious metals you can own, here’s why we believe your very next purchase should be at least a bag or two of the 90% silver coins that were minted by the U.S. Treasury prior to 1965.

These coins are commonly referred to as “junk silver,” but there’s nothing junky about them. They got that designation because they’ve been in circulation so long, they have no value to collectors. Numismatists may not like them. But we love them. We think they are the single most practical way to own precious metals today. Here’s why:

#1. They’re the real thing. The dimes, quarters, and half-dollars made by the U.S. Mint prior to 1965 are instantly recognized as “the real thing.” They don’t need to be assayed to determine their precious metals’ content; they don’t need to be appraised by an expert to tell you what grade they are. Virtually anywhere you go, you can find a buyer who knows that a $100 face-value bag of these coins contains 71.2 ounces of pure silver and will pay you accordingly.

#2. They are readily divisible. A bag of these coins is easily and instantly divisible. Need just a few bucks to clinch a deal? A handful of silver dimes will do the job. These 90% pure silver coins really can work as “pocket change.” Try doing that with a one-ounce gold coin or 100-ounce bar of silver.

#3. They’ve never been confiscated. For anyone who worries that the U.S. government may once again try to confiscate all of the gold in the United States – as Franklin Roosevelt did back in 1933 – here’s a reassuring fact: silver coins have never been subject to confiscation. You don’t need to lie about owning them. (Of course, you should never brag to anyone – a neighbor or a government bureaucrat – about any precious metals you own.)

#4. They are extra convenient. Most dealers sell these coins in $1,000 face-value bags. We do, too, of course. But at today’s prices, those 712 ounces of silver will cost you around $21,800.

That’s why we break these bags down into 10 bags of $100 face-value coins, making them much more affordable. (They are also easier to store and, when it comes time to sell, easier to liquidate.) We recommend that every family own a few of them.

#5. The premiums are low. Because there is a very active market for these pre-1965 silver coins, premiums tend to be low. You shouldn’t have to pay more than 6-8% above the spot price of silver. Of course, if there’s another “run” on junk silver bags, as there was a few years ago, the premiums can skyrocket overnight.

Here at ASI, we take pride in having some of the lowest premiums in the country. But always shop around to get the very best deal you can. When you do, be sure you’re comparing apples and apples, not apples and kumquats. Insist that your coins are shipped to you by U.S. Post Office insured registered mail, with a return receipt requested. And that the price you’re quoted includes everything, including shipping and insurance. Never, ever fall for a “buy below spot and we’ll store it free” pitch. If you ever hear that, run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

More Profitable Than Gold!

And now we come to our top reason for believing that silver is an even better investment than gold right now: It is far more undervalued than gold.

There are trillions of reasons to invest in precious metals today. I’m referring to the flood of paper dollars being cranked out non-stop by the U.S. Treasury. With federal deficits projected to hit $10 trillion over the next decade, every one of those dollars is going to fall in value.

When the value of the dollar drops, it costs more to buy anything. But gold and silver go up! They are an excellent way to protect the purchasing power of your savings.

Based on historic ratios, silver could triple from here and still be undervalued compared to gold. In fact, if silver simply matched its previous highs in inflation-adjusted dollars, it would be over $130 an ounce. When that happens, wouldn’t you like to have a few bags of junk silver coins hidden somewhere in your house, stored in a safe deposit box, or buried in your yard?

The Supply-Demand Equation

Unlike gold, silver has a ton of industrial applications. And here’s the important thing to know: When silver is used to make a computer or cell phone or take an X-ray, it’s gone. It can’t be recovered. At least not easily.

Of all the silver mined over the past 5,000 years, more than 90% of it has been used up. It’s gone forever.

For many years, the U.S. government maintained a stockpile of silver. It had millions of ounces of the stuff hidden away in caves somewhere. The original reason was to back up our paper money. Today, hardly anyone remembers when “silver certificates” were the legal tender of this country.

Now, every ounce of that silver is gone, too.

Meanwhile, demand for silver is taking off.  Industrial uses have been exploding, from new technology to “infection control” in hospitals. Investors are snapping up every “Walking Liberty” silver dollar the U.S. Mint produces. And new ways to invest in silver, such as exchange traded funds, have removed millions of ounces from the marketplace.

Higher demand and lower supplies add up to only one thing: Higher prices! But as we’ve pointed out many times, this is just beginning to happen. You can still buy silver for about half of its previous highs – while, gold, by comparison, has reached and past its all-time highs. When is the best time to buy silver? We believe it is now.  Michael

You can get more details on how to invest in silver from Rich Checkan at


Silver in the raw.

Inflation is a likely scenario in our future.   Five good places to invest to protect against and gain from inflation are… equities, multi currency investments, commodities, real estate and your own micro business.

This message looked at a commodities idea, but there are some ways where you can benefit from two or three inflation fighting ideas at once.  One way for example that I have invested in silver… provides a multi currency play… plus an emerging equities opportunity and a commodities investment including silver.  This is an investment in a Polish mining company that gives me a play in the Polish Zloty, emerging market equities, copper and silver.  We’ll learn about this investment in tomorrow’s message.


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Inflation is here and the US dollar will fall. This fact is conformed in an April 12, 2011 Wall Street Journal article by Cynthia Lin “Inflation Concerns Weigh on Treasurys”. Here is an excerpt:  Worries that the central bank may be falling behind the curve on inflation weighed on U.S. Treasurys on Monday, even after a senior Federal Reserve official signaled that interest rates could stay low for longer.

The prospect of $66 billion of note and bond auctions also dragged prices lower, strategists said.

“The bottom line is that the current perception has subtly shifted toward the view that global central banks are in monetary tightening mode,” said Andrew Wilkinson, senior market analyst at Interactive Brokers. “Even though the Fed appears to be nowhere near that point, U.S. yields have been dragged higher by surrounding fears of inflation.”

Highlighting those fears, the 10-year breakeven rate—which measures the difference between 10-year Treasurys Inflation Protected Securities, or TIPs, and nominal rates—hit 2.655% on Monday, the highest since May 2006. That signals the market’s annual inflation expectation over the next decade.

As other central banks begin to tighten—including the European Central Bank, which raised rates by 0.25 percentage point Thursday—the fear that U.S. officials may be lowering their guard against global inflation has been a headache for bondholders. It has been especially  troubling for investors holding 30-year bonds, those most vulnerable to inflation eroding their value.

Government bonds were also under pressure from the prospect of supply.

The Treasury is scheduled to sell $66 billion in notes and bonds this week, comprising $32 billion in three-year notes, $21 billion in 10-year notes and $13 billion in 30-year bonds.

With a government shutdown averted, “the focus is back on how well these auctions will go and who will participate in the face of what appears to be future inflation,” said Kevin Giddis, president of fixed-income capital markets at Morgan Keegan.

Still, the policy debate underscores an increasing focus on inflation.

This means that while the US government continues to borrow to spend, other governments are cutting back… a sure sign of US inflation and a weakening greenback.

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#2: Commodities.

#3:  Real estate.

#4:  Living in lower cost zones.

#5: Having your own micro business for extra earnings, freedom fulfillment and fun.

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