Good Micro Business Value Trends

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Looking for good micro business value trends can help us be secure… and successful.

Yesterday’s message reviewed  how value should always be sought in all investments. During these times of change and likely inflation, there are five good places to invest… equities, multi currency investments, commodities, real estate and your own micro business.  Creating value in your micro business is important and the internet is one way to gain enormous value in your micro business.

This message shares three tips that can help you have or improve a micro business.

Micro Business Tip #1:  Look for a niche that is under exposed. Look for ideas that are popular… then avoid the pack. Look for opportunities on the fringe of that idea. Reduce competition.

Micro Business Tip #2:  Focus tenaciously on the fringe niche. When you have a niche that is almost popular but with little competition and remain focused on that niche, you can create good value from search engine optimization.


Take our Ecuador rose business as an example.  Flowers are and have always been a big business.  Yet marketing flowers is highly competitive.  Roses also have always been and are big business… but this is also a highly competitive market.   Ecuador roses also have been a big business for decades.  No country grows better roses.

Yet at the fringe are “Ecuador Valentine Roses” and “Ecuador Christmas Roses” and “Ecuador Easter Roses.”  These holidays are known as the big three sales dates for Ecuador roses… by far.   Our Ecuador flower business focuses on these fringe times in our marketing.

Our websites use these holiday phrases… a lot.

This adds value to my efforts.  For example, last Thursday, I wrote about how readers can order Ecuador Valentine’s Roses.

By the next morning our two websites ranked #1, #2 and #3 for the phrases “Ecuador Valentine’s Roses” and “Ecuador Valentine Rose”.


Almost ditto for the phrase Ecuador Valentines… our site ranked #1 and #2.


We gained these good results because we concentrated on the fringe of the phrase “Ecuador Roses”.

That phrase “Ecuador Roses” is very competitive. We could spend a lot of time, effort and money to rank well… and still not get a good position for that phrase.

For the phrase “Ecuador Christmas Roses” seven of the first ten articles ranked at Google are for our web sites.  Google ranks our articles our articles rank #1, #2, #3 for the phrase “Ecuador Easter Roses” not to mention that articles at our websites rank #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6, & #7 for the phrase Ecuador Easter lilies.

So during the times when most Ecuador roses are sold… our websites provide our marketing efforts the best value.

Focusing on the fringewe have discovered allows us to even sometimes back into very competitive phrases such as “Ecuador Roses”.

Often we use photos to circumnavigate competition. There is competition in articles and ads for the phrase “Ecuador Roses”… but not so many competitors with photos.

Goggling the phrase “Ecuador Roses” brings the images of Ecuador roses on page one.  That single golden rose right in the middle of those shots is ours… and clicking there leads directly to our site.


We gain many new readers and extra business in this way.  This SES (search engine success) gives leverage to each page we post at our websites. That leverage creates extra value to each page. Each page becomes a powerful marketing tool that can lead new readers our way.

Micro business Tip #3:  Play games so the focus of your business evolves! Finding and focusing on fringe business niches is a great way to start a business. Figuring our how to reinvent the business and evolve is a great way to stay in business.

Evolutionary thinking relies on relaxed concentration.  A combination of logic… intuition… and experience dramatically enhances the chances of continual success. One way to integrate these three assets of logic… intuition and experience in a relaxed and focused way is by listening to baroque music.  Another is meditation.

Studies have shown that listening to certain beats and meditation both increase alpha and theta brain waves as well as slow the heart beat and lower blood pressure.  Meditation tends to create a state of “restful alertness”… certain types of music bring a state of “relaxed concentration”.   Each of these mental states can help your business succeed.

Another way to help a business get started or grow is through play.

Business start ups and evolution are often stalled by resistance to change.   Change is feared because there is always something we do not know.  Hence the old phrase “DANCE WITH THE DEVIL WE KNOW, RATHER THAN THE DEVIL WE DON’T“.  The logic is to stick with someone or something that is known to be bad, rather then risk something new that may be worse.

The faster the change… the worse ignoring it is as a tactic.

If we embrace change, it becomes our friend.  Change opens fields of opportunity and is always there.  We can embrace change, if we can trust our intuition and integrate it with our logic.

The advantages of change have proven themselves in our business experience.  The years that we lived and worked with shamans and wise men in numerous disciplines also revealed the fact that change is wonderful when we make adaptation a regular game.

The Ecuador yatchak we lived with continually showed us ways to embrace change through play.


Here are photos I took during an Ecuador shamanic tour.

FM (Frequency Modulation) Thinking tactics to help our Super Thinking plus Spanish delegates learn how to absorb, retain and recall more information.  FM thinking combines intuition and logic that helps us improve our logic and think beyond logic.

Many Ecuador shamans and shamanas teach the Eagle & Condo Prophesy… a time will come when the eagle and condor fly in the skies together.   Many believe that the eagle represents logic and the condor intuition.  The prophesy says that sharing of indigenous knowledge with the technologies of science will help balance mankind.

One way to blend intuition and thinking is through intellectual play.

A game is play, with a set of rules. This is important… because when we play… we can create rules that are beyond the norm… outside the box of logic…  so our information processing and decision making can escape the tyranny of reason.

Playing is usually undertaken for enjoyment…  but nature is actually very serious about play. Play is nature’s ultimate educational hook. The fact that play is fun is really important.  When we do something fun… without risk…we do it better.  We can let our imagination soar so we can see eventualities in enjoyable, non threatening ways.

Formalized expressions of play allow us to go beyond their immediate imagination and direct physical activity to see life’s potential in different ways.

When games eliminate play… they lose impact… thus the demise of professional sports which are no longer games… but business.

Playing allows us to use disambiguation in resolving future conflicts.  This is because our future is always ambiguous… even if we think not.  Our life can take any number of  paths that lead in different directions… at any time.

This leaves us asking, “What should I do?”

Playing allows us to create a set of out-of-the-box rules that direct us in ways we would never logically reach but can imagine.  Because it is fun and without threat… we can see future opportunity in numerous expanded ways.

Playing reduces the risk of the unknown… eliminating the fear that makes it seem like the devil we do not know.

One way we can use play to get business ideas is by tapping into our deeper brain frequencies.

Here is how to unlock these higher forms of intelligence which we cannot access in lingual form.

Step #1: Write by hand for five or ten minutes everything you can about a business idea.  This connects the the mind body functions.

Step #2: Take a ten minute meditation or sit quietly for 10 minutes listening to Baroque largo music.  Relax and let your mind wander… use innocence… no expectation.

Step #3: At the end of ten minutes write down whatever is on your mind at that time. Write as much about it as you can.

That’s the game. In the thoughts…in the visions that you had at the end of the ten minute meditation or in the quiet listening, there will be an out of the box idea to dwell on… often in graphic form…a picture rather than words.  Dwell easily on this in context of your business.

This tactic was taught to me by a Buddhist Monk and the first time I tried it, the picture I had at the end of my meditation was of pink elephants.   “Man… what’s this got to do with my work?” I thought.


Pink Elephants… in business?

We are connected… we are a part of infinite intelligence… that is overwhelming in relation to our ability to think… especially in terms as restrictive as language.  The universe terra, terra infinite, bytes of data.  Our logic in comparison as a processor… not even 64K.  So at the least we cannot expect to tap into the universe in English.   Symbols perhaps.

A look at Ted Andrew’s book “Animal Speak  for Symbolic Analysis”  said that the Elephant  is the “Symbol of the Highest True Self.”   This graphic relates to
Ancient Power, Strength and Royalty, Strength of the Feminine: The Child, the Woman,  and the Wise Woman (Matriarchal Head of Family). The Importance of Family, Fertility, Sexual Power, Discrimination, Clouds and Illusion, Out of Control Masculine Rage.

According to the book “Symbol Sourcebook: An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols” by Henry Dreyfus, the symbolism in the color pink usually serves two purposes.  It can be used to show childish innocence, or a characters child-like personality.  For example, Mami (the girl at the top of the page with the pink hair), very much wants to remain a child.  She gets pleasure out of very simple, and ‘childish’ things.  So, her hair is pink.  Even so, Miho-chan also would like to grow up and become an adult woman… but she’s also afraid of losing her childhood innocence.  It can also be used to show a more flirtatious personality.  Pink is normally a color associated with girls and femininity.  Pink is considered a color of good health and life – we speak of people being “in the pink” or the “freshness” of a newborn babe.

This gave me plenty of input with which to reflect on about business!

Your own micro business can help you enjoy today’s accelerating change. Three ways to improve your existing business or get started is… find a niche on the fringe. Focus on this niche and then let it evolve in a playful way.


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