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Here is an Ecuador export tour update.


Read below about this Indigenous family who make and sell tagua jewelry,  earrings and necklaces to match.

Merri and I have not conducted the Ecuador export tours for many years, but we do work closely with the tour operator and provide assistance and monitor how the Ecuador export tours  help the delegates.  Plus I meet with the delegates (via Skype if I am not there) and talk about the keys of exporting.

Here was the first report we heard after day one of the latest Ecuador export tour.

Bonnie Keough who conducts these tours wrote: Busy day today, everyone turned in early.  I have to type tomorrow’s schedule and then it’s jammie time for me.  Group is getting along well and enjoying themselves I think.  They enjoyed hearing from Gary today and enjoyed pie at the pie shop.

Attaching some photos,  Sue McDowell has been searching for months for a red leather jacket and found one today at the leather studio we visited.


It was a perfect fit for her and her wallet.

Bo Guyer and wife Becki stocked up on scarves (and many other items!)to take back to New Hampshire for their shop.


Stopped at the home of an Indigenous family who make and sell tagua jewelry, they made earrings to match the necklaces we bought.  Folks were thrilled with the colors and prices.

Yesterday we visited an indigenous village where father and son explained the process of weaving these beautiful tapestries and the significance of the designs.


One delegate emailed Merri and me this note  after the first day of the Ecuador export tour:

Merri,  WOW! What an amazing day at the market In Otavalo. I have never seen so much well made stuff. My eyes were wide open all day. Bonnie showed us around and introduced us to many different people and opportunities. The people working the market are truly remarkable craftsmen. The day was long but very rewarding. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Thank you very much for working with me in trying to find a place for me to stay. I am amazed at your generosity to a complete stranger. Thanks again and have a warm and restful night.

Our friend, Roberto Ribadeneira, speaks at each Ecuador export tour about Ecuador roses.


Roberto Ribadeneira speaking at an Ecuador export tour about exporting Ecuador roses.

On the subject of exporting Ecuador roses, these yellow Ecuador roses we received for Christmas that we placed at the


base of our staircase and these…


orange bicolors that…


we put in the music room did not retire until January ninth… an amazing 18 days.  I never expect our Ecuador roses to last this long (nine days is the norm) but some just keep sending out beauty for an incredible amount of time.

Our Ecuador roses sales have reached the stage where they help us provide seven scholarships to Ecuador students.

Learn how to order Ecuador roses here.


ecuador roses


ecuador roses

three of the students who….

ecuador roses

enjoy these funds.

ecuador roses

Ecuador exports also help numerous families such as these Otavalan textile sellers who meet with the Ecuador export delegates.


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