Double Earnings in Ecuador

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Here is a way to have fun earning  in Ecuador two ways.

Here is an idea on how to earn income from or with Ecuador coffee, chocolate or roses… plus Imports into Ecuador.  Earn coming and going.

First a comment from a reader and seminar delegate about our recent article, “Don’t be a Sitting Duck“.

Gary, what a fabulous article…from the 70’s and applies to our times of today!  You know, if it wasn’t for your seminars and education that you provided me, I might not have even agreed to build our safe harbor here in Cuenca, for that is what it truly is!

Gary, just about everything else is gone…including our jobs, homes and “stuff” back in California.  Incredible, isn’t it… I never thought I’d be without work in the hotel business!  I am looking at a new opportunity with a fine linen manufacturer in Barcelona, who customizes the finest bed, bath and table linens for inns, hotels and restaurants.  Eurtex is the brand and Manuel & I will be the distributors for the US and Latin America!  How about that for international living and business made EZ…you helped to open my world…and get out of my comfort zone (which was a special message to me while on a spiritual retreat)…which led to personal growth.  Perhaps soon, I can join your wonderful club and attend more of your so desired courses that I’d like to participated in!  Mahalo and saludos and keep on sharing …. your knowledge is incredible!  Abrazos to you and Merri.

Many readers who have just joined us think that our websites are about Ecuador… yet our our websites are about much more than Ecuador… as our business has been for 43 years…  about adapting to change.

Ecuador as you will see below is one small part of what we review at our sites.

One big change ahead is the rapid increase in inflation and government interference in private lives financed of course by the taxpayer.

Life today reminds too many… too much of the quote from the organizer Soviet Communism Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who said: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

The dilemma of growing government in a weak economy is likely to get worse as well.

One reason for government growth is shown in an article at That article shows that current government jobs give rich benefits packages and higher wages than in the private sector.

Unlike most private employees, federal workers have a choice of several health plans and life insurance options that is paid for by the government.  Federal workers get more paid time off than most in the private sector.  Federal employees receive 13 days of sick leave a year, which accrues indefinitely. Federal employees also get 13 days vacation when they start and this grows to 26 days.  That and sick days amounts to over five weeks off… with pay.

Federal benefits don’t stop at retirement. There is a three-tiered Federal Retirement System.

The list below shows that many federal average salaries are higher than in the private sector.

Government average: $89,441
 Nationwide average: $80,900

Government average: $80,798 
Nationwide average: $63,360

: Government average: $80,777  
Nationwide average: $68,560

Government average: $74,907 
Nationwide average: $58,020

: Government average: $74,630
 Nationwide average: $49,110

: Government average: $60,935
 Nationwide average: $56,880

Medical: Technician
Government average: $35,526
 Nationwide average: $33,170

These benefits and high salaries along with and human nature lead to bloated government!  Increased government spending… usually is inefficient which leads to inflation.

More government spending leads to…  the millstones of taxation and inflation.

There are five ways to combat these two problems.

One of the five is that you might like to live in or do business in Ecuador or some other country that might interest you. Another is to have your own micro business that earns extra income.

Here is an idea expressed in espresso from Jean Marie Butterlin, (who heads the A Team Ecuador) on ways to earn extra income in Ecuador.

Ecuador and Automatic Espresso Machines

Jean Marie Butterlin


More and more people moving to Ecuador are real coffee lovers and are looking to find a reliable automatic espresso machine (the one that you just have to push a button and it grinds the coffee beans and then oh miracle… a nice, creamy coffee pours out!

I had been looking for such a machine for over a year (I Googled  “espresso machine Ecuador” and had not much luck!   After talking to the director of the Intag Coffee Coop. in Intag,  I was lucky enough to meet with Danny Coronel who is the man who knows about these coveted Italian made espresso machines.  Here is a picture of the one I just bought.

The company  “Verali Café”  is in Quito and is moving from Orellana and San Javier to new better quarters on Ulloa and Atahualpa.   Danny will give our Ecuadorliving subscribers a $300 discount as well as a kilo of Intag coffee when they purchase such a machine.

Here are Danny’s phone numbers : 092 740 928 and 094746169 and 02 223 2255

Danny will have a new website up very soon.

Jean Marie

Here is the Ecuador earnings idea.

Ecuador is a country where you can get almost anything you desire.  Yet… like the espresso machine… you have to know where to get it!   Earn by observing what the growing Ecuador expat community desires and then figuring out how to get it to them.  Then buy it wholesale or write a report about how to get it.  

Learn how to write and sell reports with our Online Self Publishing Course.

ecuador roses

Learn how to earn with Ecuador roses here.

See ideas about earning with Ecuador real estate here.

Learn more about business risk at


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