Terror and Astrology

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Terror & Astrology

Because farming is one of my numerous ventures and loves… there can be terror in the weather.  I grow oranges… others in our family are heavily involved in tomatoes and strawberries.


This is terror in an orange grove!

With temperatures in the mid 20s, I have been watching the the weather and the Old Farmer’s almanac… a lot.

gary-scott almanac

Yesterday,  The Old Farmer’s Almanac said: Total Lunar Eclipse! This year wraps up with a rare event! A total lunar eclipse—of the full Moon—on the winter solstice! A triple whammy!

I immediately wrote to Blaine Watson who helps me understand astrology and asked…. “What does this mean?”

The Vedic traditions of India say…  “Eclipses are to be avoided.”

Ecuador shamans react even more strongly and I used to scoff at that until Merri and I ignored the yatchak we were living with about a decade  ago and I almost died… so I am now more aware of planetary alignments!   The eclipse is “another story for another time” as Bastian Balthazar Bux might say (more on Bastian in a future message).

Today – more details on frequency and astrology.

I believe that all things can be viewed in terms of frequency. This includes planets… and this thought led me to a theory that astrology is about understanding the impact of planetary frequency on our bodies… and hence how we might be likely to act… plus a bit more so let’s look at what astrology can do to help one’s health and wealth.

Below you see details about our FM (Frequency Moderation) Plus Training Plan.  FM living relies on a three part plan using

#1: Frequency Modulation
#2: 7th Degree Exploration
#3: Core Revelation (a.k.a ShortCuts)

Astrology has to do with 7th Degree Exploration which simply means to ask why 7 times.

For example… “I wanna be rich.”


“I want an expensive car and yacht and private jet”


“I want people to respect me.”


I think you get the idea.

Seven degrees of exploration is one way of thinking outside the box.

Thinking out of the box is essential to cope with accelerated change.

Change, though often feared, is our friend because it opens fields of opportunity… if we can trust our intuition and integrate it with our logic.


Here are photos I took on a shamanic tour.

Without change, we could never progress.

Problems arise when our thought process resists rather than embraces change.  Combining our logic and intuition assure that this is less likely to happen.

Our FM Plus Training helps delegates learn how to absorb, retain and recall more information.  This helps improve our logic.

Delegates at a previous FM Plus (Super Thinking plus) course.

Yet to go beyond logic we need to combine our thinking with intuition.


Many Ecuador shamans and shamanas teach the Eagle & Condo Prophesy… a time will come when the eagle and condor fly in the skies together.   Many believe that the eagle represents logic and the condor intuition.  The prophesy says that sharing of indigenous knowledge with the technologies of science will help balance mankind.  But most believe now that the time has come, the events enacted and are in place now.

Terror Comes From within the Box

Every society… every culture… is pretty well programmed.  From the minute we are born… TV, radio, internet, school, Church, the media… everyone we talk to… and more create beliefs.

When change alters circumstances so they no longer fall within those beliefs, then there can be (usually is) fear.  Enough change takes us beyond  fear to terror.  Mix terror and enough people. Stampede. Runs on banks… flu vaccine runs out…. stock markets crash… stores get emptied, etc.

The terror does not come from reality but from perceptions created from programming within a cultural box.

One way to get out of the box  is through intellectual play.

A game is a structured activity, with a set of rules. This is important… because when we play… we can create a set of rules that is beyond the norm… outside the box of logic…  so our information processing and decision making can escape the tyranny of reason.

Playing  is usually undertaken for enjoyment.  This makes play ver important as well.  When we do something fun… without risk…we do it better.  We can let our imagination soar so we can see eventualities in enjoyable, non threatening ways.

Games are formalized expressions of play which allow people to go beyond their immediate imagination and direct physical activity to see life’s potential in different ways.

When games eliminate play… they lose impact… thus the demise of professional sports which are no longer games… but big business.

Playing allows us to use disambiguation in resolving future conflicts.  This is because our future is always ambiguous… even if we think not.   Our life can take any number of  paths that lead in different directions… at any time.

This leaves us asking, “What SHOULD I do?”

Playing allows us to create a set of out-of-the-box rules that direct us in ways we would never logically reach but can imagine.  Because it is fun and without threat… we can see future opportunity in numerous expanded ways.

One way we can play is to form ideas from our intuition. Then we apply the game’s set of rules that change the circumstances of the idea.

There are two ways to let our intuition to kick in.


One game that the Ecuador shamans taught us to play to increase and trust our intuition is to hike steep trails with our eyes closed.  This is the first time above that we received this lesson when Merri and I along with our friend, Dr. Jay Glaser, and several others hiked into the sacred Llanganatis Valley in Ecuador.  This was a narrow trail on a steep edge. What a game!  But you can see above how funny we thought it was!

This is Where Astrology Comes In

Merri and I have found Vedic Astrology an incredible help when it comes to making decisions that we cannot make with logic.

For example when our daughter Elle graduated from University in London with a degree in dramatic arts. Her question to Merri and me was “Should I go for a career in singing or go on and get a teacher’s certificate in Physical Education?” (She was a superb athlete as well as an aspiring singer.)

We all agreed that becoming a singer is a long shot. Teaching is safe. But we knew that her passion was to shoot for being a star. So how would she feel in later life if she didn’t try?

So Merri had Blaine Watson, our Vedic astrologer check her Vedic chart. The astrologer knew nothing about Elle but said at that time she had just moved into a cycle for three years when her best thing would be the performing arts, entertaining, etc. That was enough to convince us. “Go for it”, we said and we encouraged her. “You’re young, try it for three years and if this does not work then, let’s look again”.

Within a week she was picked as a backup singer with a popular English rock group.

Her first gig was before 4,000 fans! In the ensuing year she was able to meet many of her rock star heroes as work associates. This was an incredible experience for her, but as mentioned the entertainment business is a long shot. Some stars may become rich but backup vocals?…so she had to work elsewhere to survive. Her “make money” jobs included handing out pamphlets, selling by phone and teaching dance at a franchised performing arts school called “Stagecoach”.

She enjoyed this experience enormously and cut a couple of great CDs with a group. Then she began to tire of being poor and looked around for a better way to enhance her wealth.  Her teaching  job at Stagecoach led her to look at owning a school and at the ripe age of 23, she took the plunge.

Now she has five schools and is one of the most successful franchisees in that business (there are hundreds of them).

May I say with due respect that Eleanor is the last child that we ever thought would be a business woman. No logic could have shown us this.


On many of our shamanic tours we visit Quicocha Lake for a shamanic ceremony.

Had anyone suggested that Eleanor could or would have traveled this path, all of us who knew would have laughed. Her success has been beyond logic!


Alberto Verdezoto (in purple) leads the tour with…


The yatchak and…


his wife.  See details of the March 2011 shamanic tour here.

Yet we supported our daughter’s success based on the realization that every moment there are possibilities that our logic just cannot see but that Vedic Astrology can suggest. The inability to measure the results of astrology used to bother me enormously until years ago I read an article about Aristotle Onassis, the ultra rich Greek shipping magnate. He gave the secret of being a billionaire that helped me look beyond my logic.

“Certainly one does not need an astrologist to become a millionaire.” Then he quickly added that “to become a billionaire, it is essential.” This statement was made long ago when being a billionaire was pretty darn rare.

Onassis’ statement really struck a chord with me as my six years of residence in Hong Kong had exposed me to many businessmen who looked beyond logic. I heeded the astrological advice because the Chinese are very into what some might consider offbeat and unreal thinking, but there were more billionaires per capita in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world!

In fact the more I thought about this, the more it made sense. To make billions one has to take enormous risks and see a big picture far into an invisible future.

We all have to make some decisions based on events we cannot totally predict, but successful billionaires make huge decisions based on enormous unknowns. It requires incredible faith to take incredible risks. None of us can see the whole picture but Astrology, albeit vaguely, helps us see the biggest picture of all. This did not matter for me anyway, as I do not use astrology as a predictive system.  I find the data extremely useful and gets me to think outside the box.

So, as one of the aspects of 7th Degree Exploration, we are offering a two course led by Blaine Watson!

Here is Blaine Watson and Vaidya Mishra teaching at our farm.


See details of Blaine Watson’s next course on astrology April 9-10, 2011 in Mt. Dora.