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You are not alone!


Merri and I enjoying sunset on an isolated Pacific walk.

Questions this week:

#1: Question about Ecuador & cancer.

#2: Comments on Ecuador Pizza.

#3: Question on Ecuador and Arizona Immigration Law.

#4: Question on Dengue Fever in Ecuador.

#5: Story on Ecuador Rats.

#6: Question on Ecuador Rental for Sale.

See the questions and answers after these Ecuador Christmas offers.

Three playful holiday gift ideas.

#1: Playful gift #1: Gift yourself and enroll in our playful Florida seminars where you learn to speak Spanish in four days.

spanish lessons

A delegate at our last Super-Thinking + Spanish course sent this card with photos of the course to show how much fun they had. Plus note with just a four day course they were able to write the card in Spanish.

See details of our January and March 2011 courses where fun and science meet!

Playful gift #2: Fedex delivered Ecuador Christmas roses make incredible Christmas gifts.


Have fun arranging 50 or 100 Ecuador roses in your home.  These are just 12 of the 50 Fedex delivered, fresh Ecuador roses we enjoyed in our home last year.

See Ecuador Christmas Rose Details here.

Playful Gift #3:  Dr. Jay Glaser’s book “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair” should be under everyone’s Christmas tree.


You can order Jay’s book at here.


Merri and I overlooking the very remote LLanganatis valley with Dr. Jay Glaser.

Questions and Answers.

After living in big cities like Hong Kong and London, we abandoned the metropolises decades ago.

We lived first in Naples, Florida when it was a charming small town… just one flashing yellow light at what we called Four Corners (Where the East and North Trails connect). Then Naples grew and we scooted to a small Ecuadorian village, Cotacachi and our Ecuador Hacienda… that is really isolated… no electricity grid… no cell phones either.  Plus we moved to our North Carolina farm on Little Horse Creek.. where the closest town has 182 (friendly people so they claim).


Over a decade ago we moved from Naples as it grew to “beyond this small town of Lansing NC”.


Our NC front yard.

Cotacachi has become too big for us too!  We prefer the isolated places where one is never alone.


We first moved to Quito in Ecuador… a great city… but still…


a city. We prefer small villages like Cotacachi and even more remote places like our Hacienda Rosaspamba… deep in the Andes.

Even our Florida home is in the country away from the maddening crowds… because in the irony of nature… the law of diminishing returns… it’s the cities where one can really miss a sense of community.  People never stop. People never smile. People never speak. People never wave.

One of the great benefits of being part of a small community is you never feel alone.

As a member of the Gary Scott community you are never alone either.

We are here every day to serve you.  We’ll be here Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Day as well.   In 2011 we are adding more ways that we can be in touch.

Though we cannot answer every question you send personally… we have reserved Saturdays to share your comments and answer questions.

#1: Question about Cancer treatments in Ecuador. Hi Gary,  A week or so ago  in one of your emails there was a part that I clicked onto that was a video that talked about an alternative method to chemotherapy. I am not sure if it was in Mexico, or one of the other American countries, or in South America. I cannot find the email, and want to send it onto a friend that has Lupus. Chemotherapy, has been used to treat Lupus, but my friend does not want to use Chemotherapy.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I think that you are referring to an article that mentioned two Doctors, Dr Wickman and Dr. Cevalos in Ecuador.

Dr. Robert B. Wickman is an Osteopathic doctor, specializing in diseases of the nervous system and spinal column. He has been treating degenerative diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and AIDS to name a few, for over 30 years.

He did a Tour of Duty with the U.S. Army and on returning he enrolled in the Kansas City College of Osteopathy & Surgery, which is now known as University Health Sciences. After receiving his D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy) he interned in Tucson, AZ and after completing his intern-ship moved to Scottsdale, AZ where he practiced for 20 years.

His approach involves the use of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, electrotherapy against parasites, colonic irrigations, various herbs beneficial to the body’s recovery system, IPT therapy, diet and supplements, and a coordinated system of immune builders capable of cell to cell metabolism.

From Monday to Friday, intense treatments are given: nothing painful or anything to do with causing more stress. The day is passed in an enjoyable fashion. A complete vegetarian diet is prescribed.

Doctor Wickman is affiliated with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the University of Guayaquil / Universidad de Guayaquil.  Dr. Wickman’s practice is in  Quito, Ecuador.

You can read more about this at

#2: Comments on Ecuador Pizza article: Hi Gary…its funny you mentioned Grazziani’s pizza joint in San Clemente….my wife & I were recently at Palmuzal & “discovered’ Grazziani’s restaurant…the pizza is truly fantastic, but more important is the fact that Gaby,as he likes to be called, is quite the character.His English is so-so, but he makes himself understood…we spent about 4 different nights there & had the time of our lives. His girlfriend Betsaida…she had her name shortened to Betsy by the gringos that go there…but we discovered she “hates” being called that, & that her proper name is Betsaida….she is a very beautiful Ecuadorean.

My comments: I agree. For great food & entertainment you can’t beat Grazziani’s in San Clemente.  Here is Gaby serving pizza when the Miss Ecuador contest was held at nearby Palmazul.


Years ago, he made us a whole lobster pizza!  See more on Ecuador pizza and restaurants at

#3: Question on Ecuador and Arizona Immigration law. Why has Ecuador decided to sue Arizona? Do you have that many people trying to get to the USA illegally?

My reply: I had never heard of this and a quick search through Google leads me to see that Ecuador and other Latin America countries including Mexico Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru have signed on to a brief supporting the U.S. Justice Department’s suit challenging Arizona’s law along with Mexico.

I believe this is a pure political ploy by all these Southern nations… strange in my opinion. Whenever else do these countries support the US government?  But there you have it… that politicians for you.   I am not Ecuadorian and as a guest of the Ecuadorian people do not get involved in their politics.  I am American and believe there are a lot more Americans moving to Ecuador right now than Ecuadorians coming to the USA.

This is not a good trend either. Rich Americans leaving.  Poor Mexicans… Haitians…. Cubans…. Ecuadorians … Salvadorians… Hondurans arriving.  That’s not a pretty picture and is something worth thinking about.  I suspect this is why the Latin nations are making a fuss… to appear to be concerned  in a way that costs them nothing for their own poor.

I appreciate your anger. I have problems as well… at the waste our government has created. Useless, futile wars. Our government has placed all Americans into serious debt. Systems and distortions that have created such inequities that drive the poor from Latin America and the middle class from America south.

I however direct my anger at doing something about the problem so my family, my friends, my readers and I survive and profit in a way that helps resolve this mess.

We can all succeed and help society if we spend our energy seeking truth and acting in positive ways that bring gain.

#4: Question on Dengue Fever in Ecuador: Your reports of exotic places around the world are exciting but I am wondering why you never disclose information about the deadly dengue fever that is noted to be throughout most of the Caribbean and South America with CDC reporting the biggest percentage of Dengue Fever this year to be in Brazil with 936,000 cases and 592 deaths.  The number of cases in Brazil increased was 489,819 for 2009.  Unlike Yellow fever, Dengue Fever has no preventive vaccine and is found in urban areas including residential areas throughout the tropics including Key West, Florida with outbreaks in 2010 and 2009.  CDC currently reports, “American visitors to and visitors from dengue-endemic regions will continue to present a potential pathway for the dengue virus to enter the United States and infect populations that have not been exposed to the virus for several decades.”   Thanks for your informative reports,

My reply: One problem we have from giving our readers so much free information about Ecuador (over 2,000 pages) is they can’t read it all and maybe don’t use our search engine.

Had you used our search engines for Dengue at you would have seen our warnings at

Had you used the search engine at you would have seen the warning at

I report any health warnings about once a year at one or the other of our sites.

#5: Story on Ecuador Rats and the wonderful nature of Ecuador’s people. I’ve read your stories on Ecuador and I have to share this one because it make me happy every time I remember it.

For a month last year I visited Ecuador with a friend.  For a few days we stayed at a bamboo guest house on the beach.  Going out for a swim, I stuck my cash in a slight opening in the wall.  Upon return there was only scraps of bills. The landlady & son tried to access all the pieces for me.  We got all but the $100 bill which was in shreds.  They told us we should’ve let them safeguard our cash (but I was new to Ecuador).  She came to me later with a new $100 bill.  The charge for the 2-bed bungalow with veranda on the beach (see picture) was $5 per night per person. That’s FIVE dollars per night.  I couldn’t believe that she would offer to replace the (substantial) money which I had lost because of my weird ways.  I hesitate to tell where this place is because it is one of those special places that no one knows about.  If I were to buy a beach property, it’d be there.  But since I probably won’t, and this good lady could use some tourists, ….it’s Las Tunas.  An 8′ walk/1′ drive from the main highway, turn left at the beach, last or next-to-last guest house.  2 story bamboo, very small restaurant (hers).  If anyone gets near there, say hi and thank you for me!  Her son rents his long board for surfing. Hers may be the only restaurant on the beach, Las Tunas is very small.

#6: Question on Ecuador Rental Unit for Sale.  Do you have a floor plan for the Cotacachi rental house you have for sale. How long is it rented for?

My reply. Though I do not have a floor plan, I can give you a virtual tour of this appx. 1,000 sqaure foot house.

The house is part of the Primavera I project was built three years ago and is currently rented for a year at $500 a month. We do shorter rentals at $650 one month, $600 three months, $550 six months, but the current rent is for another nine months and makes an excellent stand alone rental unit. I believe that all the Primavera units are used as rentals.

You enter in the middle of the house through these double doors.


The kitchen and breakfast bar are immediately on the left.


The cabinets are all solid hardwood.


The stove fridge and furniture you see is included.

On the right is the living area.


The view out the front window is this… of Mt. Imbabura.


The double doors from the living area are to the deck and what was meant to be the second bedroom. We left this area open and have the dining table and chess board there. More on the deck and garden in a moment.

The furniture here is also included except the dining table is different now.

If you look straight on from the front door where you entered… the one bedroom is on the left behind where I am standing.


On the right is the chess set.


On the left this bedroom.


The bedroom closest is all hardwood and the top of the line, king size bed is included.


There is a bathroom off that bedroom, plus one other bathroom opposite the chess table.

The bathrooms are spacious one with shower and one with bathtub.

There is also a hardwood hand made closet in the bathroom.

There is a block of eight Primavera I condos behind the house.


The house has a deck that look down into the  communal garden.


Here’s the deck.


Here’s a view of the garden from the deck.


Here is another shot of the communal garden and the BarBQ pavilion.



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