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Play can bring you dough. In fact play may even bring you more dough than hard work.

Fun is harder when we hear, read and see so much about all the bad… war… crime… recession… unemployment… government recklessness and waste… accelerating change.  We can overcome these obstacles, improve our health…. well being and finances with play in every aspect of our day.

And there is business opportunity in play.

Let me share an example.  When we reached the reception at our daughter’s wedding last summer we discovered pea shooters at each table.


I was not even sure what they were until the kids started hitting me with peas.


Then the bridal party joined in the fun.


Even the Minister who performed the ceremony caught on.


So what could the bride do?


But join in?

Of course we mature adults were above this silly play.



Not a chance. We immediately joined in the fun and this made me recall… the importance in all things of having fun.

Play,  even in this often silly process we are all caught up in… of making dough.

After we finished our November Super Thinking + Spanish course, we tried to understand why delegates enjoyed themselves so much. Our analysis leads us to believe that it was the five step process we use in this seminar.

#1: Action
#2: Theory
#3: Knowledge
#4: Fun
#5: Practice

The fun is one of the key elements of the learning.

Often we can learn how to improve our habits created by the unnatural dogma of society by observing nature’s well… natural ways.

Have you ever noticed how young…


animals are so…

curious and always want to…


play?  (This photo is from

Children are so playful too and this playfulness turns them into dynamic learners.

In the Western world… our culture tends to divide everything we do into segments.

A marketing study some years ago showed the mindset of the majority of consumers in the USA. This majority find the following things important:

#1: Making or having a lot of money.
#2: Climbing the ladder of success with measurable goals.
#3: Looking good or being stylish.
#4: When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.
#5: Having lots of choices.
#6: Being on top of the latest innovations, trends and styles.
#7: Supporting economic and technological progress at a national level.

They also have the following assumptions:

#1: You have the right to be entertained by the media.
#2: Your body is pretty much like a machine.
#3: Most organizations lend themselves to machine analogies.
#4: Either big business or big government knows best.
#5: Bigger is better.
#6: Time is money.
#7: What gets measured gets done.
#8: Setting goals is very important.
#9: Analyzing things into their parts is the best way to solve problems.
#10: Science and engineering are the models for truth.
#11: Efficiency and speed are top priorities.
#12: The mainstream media’s awe for the rich is correct.
#13: It makes sense to compartmentalize your life into separate spheres, work, family, making love, education, politics, religion.

When we live by these assumptions, life just isn’t natural and certainly isn’t fun!

This compartmentalization separates work from play. This is an error.  Play is nature’s way of helping us learn.   Joy is the most powerful motivational force. Fun and games are God’s great teachers!

Society can beat the playfulness out of us.  Makes us serious.  This can create stagnation, rigidity and fear of change at a time at a time when embracing change can be our most valuable asset!

Reverse the process.  If youth encourages play…. then play encourages youthfulness.

Start to play and your business… your investing…. even your health can improve if you add play to your exercise programs.

Chapter 13 in Jay Glaser’s book “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair” is entitled “Getting Serious About Playing” says:  Everything in nature including living organisms, is under the jurisdiction of the principle of Least Action. From ancient times, natural philosophers observing the smooth arc of a tossed ball or the the path of refracted light have declared that nature acts by the most economical of means.   The common element of every prescription in Vedic medicine is effortlessness.

How does this Vedic principle apply to sport, recreation and exercise? Just watch puppies, kittens and kids.  Wrestling, horseplay and tussles are their work.

The Value of Play. Exercise done in this context is the wisest. because it is the most enduring and the safest. It’s harder to push yourself to the point of injury when you have the attitude, “I’m just out playing”.  Like a newborn cub, the human body will intuitively seize on the requirement to tone, strengthen and condition itself.

Don’t exercise, Just Play.  A good research study shows that exercise is as effective as the anti-depressant Zoloft in relieving depression especially in the long run. More recently, it was shown in a study of Scottish adults that being physically active just once a week for twenty minutes including doing housework and gardening – is enough to lower risk of psychological distress and improve mental health.

What wonderful wisdom! Jay’s book makes a great Christmas gift.  See details below.

Play can help improve your health and wealth!  This is why our mantra for two decades has been turn your passion into profit.  Live, work and invest at your PIEC.

During these times of change, when economists and politicians and the press… the whole establishment say we are economically recessed or depressed or indebted…  look for the things that make you want to play. In the life games you create, lay your improved  health, happiness and financial success. 

Focus on play through service to others and the dough will come.

Merri and I send our happy holiday wishes and hope you have a playful weekend.   We’ll be here at the site playfully working to serve you.


Three playful holiday gift ideas.

#1: Playful gift #1: Gift yourself and enroll in our playful Florida seminars where you learn to speak Spanish in four days.

spanish lessons

A delegate at our last Super-Thinking + Spanish course sent this card with photos of the course to show how much fun they had. Plus note with just a four day course they were able to write the card in Spanish.

See details of our January and March 2011 courses where fun and science meet!

Playful gift #2: Fedex delivered Ecuador Christmas roses make incredible Christmas gifts.


Have fun arranging 50 or 100 Ecuador roses in your home.  These are just 12 of the 50 Fedex delivered, fresh Ecuador roses we enjoyed in our home last year.

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Playful Gift #3:  Dr. Jay Glaser’s book “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair” should be under everyone’s Christmas tree.


You can order Jay’s book at here.


Merri and I overlooking the very remote LLanganatis valley with Dr. Jay Glaser.