Terror Profits Ecuador

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Terror profits Ecuador.

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Now let’s look at how terror profits Ecuador.

That is a tough statement… but regrettably true.

gary scott panel

Gary & Merri at the sacred lake, Cuicocha,  in Imbabura, Ecuador.

First let me be clear. Merri and I have spent so much time and invested and donated and tried to help the indigenous because we love the people… the beauty… the energy and the weather of Ecuador… not because we dislike the USA. We love America as well.

However many Americans, Canadians and Western Europeans are so unsettled with the social economics in their country that they are leaving… looking for a new home and Ecuador has been a major recipient of this inflow… bringing money… business and new ideas and lifestyles to adapt into the culture.

Not all the evolution is good… especially when people are leaving what they hate… not going to what they love.  They tend to pack up their tension and trouble and frustration and bring it along… forgetting that their goal was to leave it behind!

Not all the change in Ecuador is bad either… but even the large amounts of good, change is still change and though change is the essence of our universe and although we need to embrace change.  However for many, change creates terror.

Change has sped up… in many ways… wealth shifting from a few industrialized nations to emerging countries.  The dollar losing value and its status as the reserve currency of the world.  The euro’s very fabric questioned.  Taxes rising.  Real estate prices falling.  Global recessions.

Perhaps worst of all… the huge boomer population in Europe, the USA and Japan… all rapidly beginning to retire… reducing production and increasing consumption.

Throw all these together and a bit more and many investors are terrified!

This series on “Terror in the Markets” is looking at five ways to survive and prosper from these rapid shifts:

#1: Move where costs are lower… such as Ecuador or Small town USA.

#2: Invest in real estate.

#3: Invest in commodities.

#4: Have your own small business.

#5: Invest in equities.

If option #1 is one of your choices and Ecuador is one of the countries you are considering… Merri and I recommend that you Visit First. Then Rent before you buy. Make sure that Ecuador is the place you love and enjoy.  Then buy when you are sure.

This is why we have suggested that Ecuador real estate tours look for rentals as well as properties for sale so delegates can get an overall view.

This is why Ecuador Discovery Tours has expanded its mid beach real estate tours to last 4 days including travel to and from Manta.

The bridge is…

Bridge Bahia

complete. What I find amazing about this country is that the bridge was proposed, the bridge was started and now the bridge is finished!  This speaks excellently for Ecuador…The tours go over the bridge to see great beach property like this that start at $99,000


See full details here and how the tour now crosses the Chone here.

Here are some details on two Salinas, Ecuador beach rentals

We have been getting many requests for Ecuador beach rentals so this article from Amy Pinoargote may help you.

Salinas Ecuador Beach Rentals

December through April is high season in the Salinas area, with rentals at almost 100% occupancy, so it is good to plan well in advance if you are planning to visit in that time frame.

Off season it is usually possible to find a good rental with short notice.

Two properties on the market right now are a brand new, fully furnished 2 bedroom condo at our ocean front Spondylus 2 complex.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

The owners purchased it with the intention to use it as a rental, but that doesn’t mean that they cut corners on the furnishings.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

There are stainless appliances, custom made hardwood bedroom furniture, hardwood dining room set and sectional seating in the living room with a 32 inch flat screen TV.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

The complex has a large pool, jacuzzi, bbq area, sauna and gym.  The unit is listed at $800 per month high season, with discounts available for off-season or long term rentals.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

Another great rental is a one bedroom cottage in Ballenita.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

It is just a few blocks from the beach on a property that has a huge social area with a pool and bbq area.  The first floor of the cottage has a kitchen, living room and dining area.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

The second floor has the bedroom and bathroom.  The cottage has just been refurbished.  It comes furnished, with a/c and Direct TV.  The monthly rate is $650.

Salinas Ecuador-beach-rentals

For those looking for longer term rentals, we frequently see nice houses just a block or two from the beach renting in the $300 per month range with an annual lease.


Whenever there is terror in the market… extra profits can be made.  Fear throws prices out of balance.  Some places and investments grow too expensive.  Others become really cheap.  Ecuador has become much more expensive than when Merri and I first started living and investing there 15 years ago.   However there is still good value for those who take the time to learn the real estate market and watch for value.


Mid Ecuador coastal real estate offers sun and sea… beauty and convenience from Manta to Bahia at a low cost.

Ecuador Mid Coast Property Tours

Dec.  Dec.  10-11, 2010


Jan. 17-18-19

Feb. 25-26-27

Mar. 22-23-24

This three day tour takes five  days in total.  One day is for travel to Manta. Three days is to  inspect real estate.  The fifth day is to return to Quito.

Here are delegates on a previous Ecuador mid coast real estate tour.


Mid Ecuador Coastal Tours Enroll here  $499 Couple $749

Here is the Mid-Coast typical schedule for 2011:

1st Day : Travel from Quito to Manta and see Manta in the afternoon ; spend the night at Palmazul Resort in San Clemente for 2 nights

2d Day : San Clemente, San Jacinto and Crucita

3d Day : Bahia and San Vicente, stay at « La Piedra » in Bahia for 2 nights

4th Day : Canoa to Pedernales.

5th Day : Travel to Manta and then fly back to Quito

See full details here and how the tour now crosses the Chone here.