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I never had the luxury of worrying about a micro business risk.


Here I am with my first Hong Kong sales team… circa 1972… well on my way to being completely… totally and utterly broke!

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This lesson was written by our webmaster David Cross.


David has been our webmaster since our site began over a decade ago and was also chief internet consultant to some of the largest internet marketing companies in the world.

First, let me share a note that a reader recently sent me about one of our articles on investing.


My reply was… “Money helps yes…but service, time and energy work well also”.

There was a time that if I had the luxury of a $1,000 a month income… I would have felt in heaven!  I did not have that luxury.
I had the luxury of poverty instead.

Our positions in life… regardless of what they are.   That we cannot change.  What we can change is who we feel about it.   Eliminate excuses… forget reasons why our position holds us back.  End the blame of any outside source.   Instead what we can do is assess our situation and move forward from there.

My international business career began in the late 1960s at age of 21. I joined a hot new international mutual fund company running their Asian office from Hong Kong.  Being one of the first to join I was given a generous stock option and watched it make me a paper millionaire at age 24. (And a million dollars was worth a lot in the 70s!)

Then Wall Street sank, the offshore mutual fund industry exploded and just as I turned 25, I was broke.  The shares in my stock option were worthless paper.

That day I was jogging along Bowen Road, in the mid-levels of Hong Kong.


Bowen Road Hong Kong

This narrow stream of pavement flows through the middle of a thick boscage that looms above one of the richest and most crowded cities in the world.  A low rumble was rising from the crowds below, muffled through thick foliage and vibrations over this thin ribbon of asphalt that wound, flat as a snake, through the jungle ahead.  Warm fog swept from the South China Sea was hanging like a humid blanket in the air. The green, freshness and cacophony of birds brought me here each morning, running amidst amahs that stretched on bent iron pipe handrails, ancient wrinkled men carrying caged sparrows and all types of early risers moving like shadows against the verdant forest in their motions of Tai Chi.

I was really broke… wondering how to pay the rent… buy food and felt stranded 6,000 miles from home.

When I returned to my flat and readied for work I realized how really broke I was.  Normally the two mile drive into Central was cut short by a brief ride on the peak tram from the now defunct Bowen Road stop.

This ride cost then HK.25 cents… about  US$ .04 cents.  I did not have that Hong Kong quarter. I recall fishing though all the pockets in my clothes and could not find a cent!  Flat broke.

I had the true luxury of poverty which meant… get to work.  I was selling real estate in Fiji as a stop gap income producer… which in retrospect actually made some sense.

This and why is all explained  in my course International Business Made EZ.

Yet at that moment… I did not feel particularly clever.  The thought was more like…. never again!  Merri had a similar experience stranded in Germany and her father’s passing… perhaps one reason why we are so darn conservative… without debt… never spending more than we earn, etc.

Back then though I could not spend more than I earned because I had nothing… zero… zip.

Plus Hong Kong was not a place where a young American got a job with a salary.  Nor was Hong Kong welfare…  not even food stamps.  I had to start my own micro business to survive.

Those painful times are worth recalling because in our International Business Made EZ seminars we find that the hardest part for many people why want a micro business is getting started.

Today most of us do not have the luxury of poverty so we hesitate. “Why take the risk?”

A recent article in Times magazine in the Global Business section entitled “Myth of a Fearless Entrepreneur” by Keith McFarland shows that there is a lot less risk to having your own business than it would seem.

Here is an excerpt from that article: What distinguishes an entrepreneurial leader from the rest of the pack? Most people would tell you it is a tolerance for risk, and most people would be wrong. Having studied 22 years of performance data on more than 7,000 growth companies, I discovered that the idea that entrepreneurs are, by definition, risk takers is a myth. Curiously, many entrepreneurial leaders actually lose their nerve as they become successful. That may sound like a reasonable trade-off, but this tendency can hurt a firm’s chances for long-term success and growth.

When calculating the entrepreneurial risk involved, people often get the math wrong. Take starting a business, for example. Some might say Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit, took a huge risk when he left a successful career at Bain & Co. to help start the company. But Cook figured otherwise. “The worst thing that could happen to me is that I would spend a few years paying off credit-card debt. To me, it looked like a risk-free decision,” he said.

Like Cook, most people who start businesses don’t take big risks because they don’t have a lot to risk when they’re getting started. Consider the history of the U.S.’s fastest-growing firms: 73% of them were started with less than $100,000 in capital. That’s clearly in Cook’s “go back to work, and pay off the credit card” range. And contrary to what most people imagine, most new businesses are not started with risky, new-to-the-world ideas like those of eBay and Google, which promise to transform the way we buy things. Cook reported that when his company launched its Quicken software program, there were already 46 similar products on the market–causing him to joke, “We enjoyed 47th-mover advantage.” Columbia University business professor Amar Bhidé found that only 12% of growth-company founders surveyed attribute their success to an “unusual or extraordinary idea”; 88% reported that their success was due mainly to “exceptional execution of an ordinary idea.” There’s a lower risk in getting the details right.

So if you want a new lifestyle.. added adventure…. extra income…. something worthwhile to do…. start your own micro business.  The idea behind your business can be traditional, crazy, fun or even funky as is shown in our Funky Business Hall of Fame.  I am especially fond of the above quote “exceptional execution of an ORDINARY idea.”

Whatever you choose the real risk is in NOT acting… so consider having your own micro business now.

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ecuador assistance

David Cross with his wife (and our daughter), Dr. Cinda Scott..

International Business Made EZ – Syllabus

International Business Made EZ (IBEZ) Syllabus.

IBEZ is a 1.5 day course on how to start a micro business for extra income. The course is based on Merri’s and my experience of what we have done and are doing now with our own business run from our home with over 20,000 clients in dozens of countries.

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Session #1: Why having an international micro business is easier than ever before.

Session #2: What’s Next? Trading down.  How the next imagination era affects business opportunity now.  How business will shift to the lower end and how small businesses can benefit from niche markets.

Session #3: Other forces affecting business economics.  How to get started. How to find your idea for a PIEC (Personal Income Earning Corridor). How to and & why you should start small.

Session #4: Seven ways to have a business with your idea.  Buy it – build it – sell it –  picture it – wrote about it – teach it – manage it.

Session #5: The business evolutionary process. How to grow your business in a risk free, low stress way.

Session #6:  How to use modern technology to start global micro businesses with minimal investments of time and capital

Session #7: “Seven Ps”  (Problem, Person, Place, Prospecting, Product, Promise, Presentation  Product)  How to zero in on key word phrases.

Session #8: How to figure out the problem your business will solve.

Session #9: How to figure out who are the people who have the problem.

Session #10: How to create the profitable product.

Session #11: How to figure our the place where your businesses people are.

Session #12: How to prospect for your clients.

Session #13: How to create a promise to attract your client.

Session #14: How to develop a presentation that moves your client to action.

Session #15: How to use the internet. How to set up. How to use it to prospect and to sell products. How to use the internet to create products. How to get good Google rankings.  We share in this session how we have learned to use Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.  Take a look at one week of our recent message headlines.

Headline… “Global Investment Income”


ranked #1 at Google.

“Ecuador Police Unrest”… ranked…


ranked #3   “Extra Global Income” ranked…


#2 and “Mindo Real Estate” ranked…  #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5!


Plus this session look at how to build your client list.  This chart from our auto responding company Mail Chimp shows how our list grows about 800 new addresses a month.


Session #16: How to turn words into cash.

Session #17: How & why markets are shifting from materialistic needs to emotional needs.

Session #18: Cashing in on markets in love-friendship-control-freedom-tradition-change-big answers-recognition and care.

Session #19: How to use the power of authenticity.

Session #20: How to develop the correct legal structures for asset protection and tax efficiency.

Session #21: There is a shift of emphasis from GDP to GWB  (General Wellness Barometer Happiness Factor).  Business will operate with more passion.
We’ll see how to turn these shifts into new opportunities for investment and internet business in seven areas:

Currency Distortions
Value Markets
Emerging Markets
Water and Alternate Energy
Truth & Cohesion
Ecuador and Smalltown USA Real Estate

I call these seven areas the Magnificent Seven… these are the places where I am looking for opportunity and focusing our business efforts now.

This has really paid off:

Here is a recent ranking of just one of our five websites.


This ranking from Alexa.com shows how our site is in the top 16,000 web sites in America, top 8,000 in Canada and top 500 in Ecuador.  There is more.  The recession caused our internet business to grow.

Our seminar helps you learn how to use the same tactics we do… with a micro business.

Our sales doubled during the recession.  Our list of readers increased over 100%.  Since the economy picked up our business growth has slowed but business is still growing. This is how good, value oriented business grow by the way…. jumping up in bad times and remaining steady when things are good. The seminar explains why this business model that seems upside down works best.

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Read the entire Times article Myth of a Fearless Entrepreneur


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