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Bio Wash is creating income in many ways and now is in Ecuador.

Bio Wash is now available in Ecuador from a farmer importing it to Ecuador who wrote:  As all monocultures have different diseases that kill and decrease productivity, cocoa always has suffered from attacks of fungi and insects that have finished complete, plantations despite efforts farmers and technicians have done to try to at least reduce the damage caused by different pests.   We have named Bio Wash “Vitalimp AX” in Ecuador and it is now available to give vitality to the plants, increasing its foliage and combating pests and diseases, cocoa producers now can increase their production not only in quantity but in quality by using an organic product with non toxics, friendly with people and the environment.  Cocoa harvested using Vitalimp AX in plantations may be marketed as organic and free of pesticides and poisons.


In the farm, The Black Valley, owned by Antonio Holguín, located in Monterrey, La Concordia, has been detected on 5 hectares of cocoa plantation variety CCN 51 the presence of the fungus Monilia (Moniliophthora)  that had infested the plantation causing huge losses and expenses with the use of a number of toxic fungicides without any result. Also was detected the presence of Red Spiders  (Tetranychus urticae ) that are really mites that nest in a kind of spider net.


Here you can see the cocoa ears affected by the Monilia fungus, it dries and damages completely to the cocoa producing huge losses.

I have added Bio Wash to our funky micro business idea hall of fame… a product that brings green to the environment and green into your finances as well.

For decades we have raved about (and used) the organic bio degradable cleaner manufactured by Ted Tidwell and 1st Envirosafety.

This product is useful in so many ways, but also offers a great deal of income opportunity.

We have used this product as a cleaner, fertilizer, food wash and insecticide to name a few… though I hasten to add that Ted does not offer or sell it as all these things.

You can see links to dozens of success stories and numerous readers have gained added income selling and or using this product. For example one of our neighbors in North Carolina, an arborist, has created an entire business saving hemlocks trees from the Wooly Adelgid blight.

This professional, Ryan Franks wrote:  Gary, We are so grateful that our paths crossed and I would be glad to help share the story with others.  We’ve saved thousands  of hemlocks and have done so without having to spray potentially harmful chemicals.  This has been a win/win/win/win….situation for all involved!  Ryan

Ted now offers this cleaner in the name of Purely Green and Bio Wash (Bio Wash has some added ingredients that encourage plant growth).

Ted Tidwell sent me this note:  Gary, Many Gary Scott subscribers have wanted to purchase BioWash and PurelyGreen in Ecuador but the cost of small shipments was prohibitive.

Fortunately a large Equadorian farmer/businessman recently purchased BioWash and PurelyGreen for testing.  His tests are complete and the message below was just received from him.

He plans to import in economical bulk, use it on his plantations and also make BioWash and PurelyGreen  available in smaller quantities. Possibly, he will place it in supermarkets. Ted

That Ecuadorian farmer sent this note to Ted: “Sr. Ted In this moment we are waiting that the new company Biowash Ecuador to begin to work. We will send a new order in the next days. We have touched all the persons you submitted, thanks for it.

In the meantime we have made some tests in cocoa plants, as you should know, cocoa is one of the basic crops we have in Ecuador, and there is more than 250,000 hectares in production.

We tested Biowash in a friend’s farm. Of course you know that Vitalimp is our brand for Biowash.  We will make some photos and we made a brochure to show what we have seen. We are attaching with this email. Be sure we are taking all the necessary steps to reach to our goal to distribute Biowash in Ecuador in the best way possible.

Read the Ecuador farmer’s brochure with photos of the cocoa treated and not.

Cocoa in Monterrey, Ecuador 18Oct10

See below other notes sent to Ted Tidwell on how people are earning income globally.

Ted, This is a green pepper.  Two on left were treated several times with 1-600 Bio-Wash.  Big difference!


Another Bio Wash user wrote:

Ted, the plant (below) on the left is untreated.

We are researching the reason that BioWash appears to help plants develop a natural immunity to disease.

The possibilities of eliminating the need for toxic pesticides is exciting!


Another Bio Wash user sent this shot:

Ted, Ten days earlier, both bushes were equal. The bush on the right was BioWashed.


Merri and I  sprayed our orange groves with biowash last spring.


We have just arrived in Florida and will speak with our grove manager shortly. We expect to see good results.

Hopefully, we will see that we had and have:

1. Increased numbers of blooms.
2. Better retention of blooms during drought and high winds.
3. More oranges.
4. Better retention of oranges during the above.
5. Sweeter oranges. (Higher BRIX)
6. Faster growth of trees.
7. Earlier maturity of oranges, thus premium prices.
8. Increased resistance to cold temperatures, down to 27 F.
9. Increased disease resistance.

Another businessman growing blueberries wrote:

Hi Ted – I want to update you briefly on the blueberries this year. I’ve been using BioWash in my drip system at a rate that is slightly less than the rate below. I drip feed 1800 plants twice per week in a regular nutrient regimen. After fruit set, I’ve used the biowash in my foliar spraying as well which I conduct about every 10 days.

The berries this year are outstanding and much larger than last year…as you can see from the attached flyer we are producing blueberries the size of a nickel…and not just a few here and there, but clumps of them. Our customers are amazed and the word is getting out about how incredible our berries are grown right here in SE Kansas.

Best regards –
Lance Chastain
Chautauqua Hills Farm
“Home of the nickel-size blueberries”

Another farmer sent preliminary results using Bio Wash on a commercial strawberry patch.

We sprayed a mix of the 25% diluted at one ounce to the gallon.  We sprayed 5 gallons on two long rows.  We left the adjacent two rows unsprayed.  The first spraying was on Sept 23 and the second spraying was on Oct 3.  I returned on Oct 11 and could see a definite difference between the sprayed and the unsprayed.  The sprayed plants were stronger looking and a bit larger and fruit was coming a bit more on the sprayed plants compared to the unsprayed 2 rows.  We are expecting red fruit in about a week and I will let you know the results.

Here is a peppers and greens farmer, Roger Pope, who grows and supplies upscale restaurants with “Pesticide Free” salad greens as a home-based business who wrote:

Bell peppers

These are seedlings in my herb house on the right that were soaked in Bio Wash and the left side was not soaked before planting.

He also ships to individuals who are seeking healthier food.

He advises the shelf life is 45 days!!!

Roger also BioWashes his citrus tree seeds. They grow stonger, sturdier and mature twice as fast, producing fruit within six months!!!

Here is another example of this product’s versatility to create income and help the environment. Purely Green is being used to help clean up the Gulf Oil spill mess. One businessman has branded the product as evolve and his website says:

Evolve® is an incredibly powerful, yet amazingly safe, next generation all-natural cleaning technology which is substantially more powerful than chemical-based solvents, soaps, degreasers, and disperants and is able to remediate crude oil and other toxic materials from the environment safely and quickly.

There are many ways… in the USA or abroad to use this funky idea of Biowash and Purely Green to bring more green into your finances as well as life.