Trading Down Part VI

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Our seven part “trading down” series is looking at 11 reasons why the Unites States of America may see yet another boom in the era ahead.

Plus we’ll see that the same forces are also good for Ecuador real estate so we are viewing an Ecuador property in each message.  We’ll look at property in…



First… back to the USA.  In the early 1990s many economist (yours truly included) were predicting the upcoming bankruptcy of America because of its wanton spending… borrowing and nearly 6 trillion dollars of national debt.

It didn’t happen. The greatest economic boom in the history of mankind… led by the United States took place.  Americans became so much richer that the rising taxes they paid actually created a government revenue surplus by the late 1990s.

Yes the government increased spending instead of reducing debt.  Yes times in the US are very different now.  Yes America has done some really… really stupid things from an economic point of view… creating a vastly expensive war in Iraq and much more. Yes there are problems with Social Security… with illegal immigration… with banks… big business… health care…. excessive government  intervention in our lives and much, much more.

So where are there not problems?

Often it is too easy to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Focusing only on the US problems and weaknesses while and ignoring its strengths does not give a balance… nor intelligent view.

I am one of the least traditionally American people one can imagine and have since the 1960s have been harping… “invest globally”…  “be a one man multi national”…  “bet against the US dollar”.

So why the change?

There is no change. My message has always been… “be global including the USA. Diversify around the world.”  The US has been one of my choices for business, investing and living for years.  I have continued to bet against the US dollar for most of that time, even when positive about the US.

One of my neighbors in Honk Kong in the 1960s was Mark Mobias who went on to fame as a great international investor.    He went to work with the late John Templeton and created some of the first international investment mutual funds and international investments ex USA mutual funds.

The ex USA funds were for those who already had US investments… not as investments to avoid the US.

Now another huge boom is taking place.  Trading down globally and increased globalization are almost certain.  The numbers are compelling…. billions of new middle class… but poorer middle class customers are on their way.

We have been looking at 11 reasons why the US may do well with this trading down.  Hence this series.

Message five in the series looked at many of the natural resources the US has.

Here we look at one of the most important resources in the USA the tenth reason is that Americans work more and are industrious

When I am not reading or writing…


I am always looking for something to do.  I love to work… as many Americans do.


As countries emerge… labor habits evolve. Usually one sign of a growing middle class is reduced work time.

In the USA this has not been so much the case.  Because America is a nation of immigrants there is always an emerging nation within this US… that keeps the population energetic and working.

In recent decades increased social benefits have hindered this energy but as impossible pension and welfare system breakdown this energy is returning.

Data from the United Nations  showing the average hours worked show the USA #3 behind only Japan and Australia.

Rank       Countries      Amount
# 1       Australia:     1,814 hours
# 2       Japan:     1,801 hours
# 3       United States:     1,792 hours
# 4       Canada:     1,718 hours
# 5       United Kingdom:     1,673 hours
# 6       Italy:     1,591 hours
# 7       Sweden:     1,564 hours
# 8       France:     1,453 hours
# 9       Norway:     1,337 hours
Weighted average:     1,638.1 hours

The same data base showing minimal paid vacation is also right at the top.

Argentina 14 days 
- Australia 28 days – Austria 35 days -
Bahamas  14 days 
- Belgium 20 days
Brazil – 30 days – Bulgaria 20 days – 
Canada  10 
days – Chile 15 
- China  Not required
  – Colombia  14 days – Costa Rica 14 days – 
Croatia  18 days – 
Czech Republic 28 days – 
Denmark  42 days  
Ecuador 14 days
 – Finland 35 days – 
France 49 days 
- Germany  28 days – 
Hong Kong  7 days
 – Hungary 20 days
 – Ireland     20 days
 – Israel  14 days
 – Italy 20 days – 
Japan 18 days – 
Korea, South  10 days – 
Latvia   28 days -
Mexico     7 days
  – Netherlands  28 days
 – New Zealand 28 days  – 
Norway  25  days – 
Paraguay 14 days – 
Peru     14 days
  Poland  20 days
 – Puerto Rico  15 days
 – Romania  20  days – 
Saudi Arabia 15  days
  – Singapore     7 days
  – South Africa 21 days – 
Spain 30 days
 – Sweden 25-32 days – 
Switzerland  28 days – 
Taiwan  7 days
 – Tunisia  30 days
 – Turkey 12 days
 – Ukraine  24 days
 – United Kingdom 20
 days – United States     7-10 days  – Uruguay 14 days – 
Venezuela 15 days – 
Vietnam  10 days.

The Breakfast Meeting

Beyond hours… there is a “let’s get down to business” attitude that comes from a nation founded on a “no aristocracy concept” where people are judged by their lineage rather than their performance.   The best way I can describe this is with the breakfast meeting.

My business career at age 18 grew up around the breakfast meeting…. the idea of an early start… getting ahead… taking advantage of the freshness of the day.

I was 19, was going to university and selling life insurance at the same time so my manager used to have me and a couple of other young salesmen get together for breakfast to discuss what we were doing etc.

The idea stuck. When I moved to Hong Kong (also a “go gettum” place), I used the same technique with my salesmen.  There was  no reason to keep them away from their selling when we could  meet early.

Then I moved to London and worked in Europe….forget having breakfast meetings, it was almost impossible to have breakfast.  When I first moved to London in 1970 in all of London I could only find one place that opened early (actually stayed open all night)… The Cavendish Hotel on Jermyn Street.  Little good this knowing did me.. because no self respecting Englishman would have a breakfast meeting. They looked at me quite weirdly when I suggested this.

I have not worked in Europe for years and I suspect this attitude has changed… but my guess is there are still far fewer breakfast meetings there or in Europe than in the US.

My guess is that the United States is the leader of the breakfast meeting.  That’s a display of genuine enthusiasm, optimism and willingness to get down to business from the get go.  This is a valuable asset that does not show up in the balance sheet…but shows up in innovation and productivity.

I have come to believe that breakfast meetings are not such a good idea.  Multi-tasking brings each task to its lowest form…so neither the business nor the breakfast are appreciated as they should be.

However on the other hand… the entire idea of trading down will not be good for the world.  A vast part of industrialization has been about quantity over quality.

More… served faster at a lower price.

This has been the working model of the global economy for several hundred years.

Trading down may not be what is  best for the world long term… for the global morality or the international spirit.  Yet who can argue that a family in China with equal skills and the same willingness to work, should not have as much as a family with the same attributes in Germany or England or Ecuador or the USA?

That’s the crunch…  those two words… as muchstuff.

Trading down is most likely. The West has set the model.  TV has sold the world and this is a model that appeals mightily to the human psyche and works… as long as there are sufficient resources and plenty of space.

The global economy is based on expanding material desires and converting the utility of natural resources to fulfill our needs and those desires.

Trading down expands on this process of consumption.

As populations increase… affluence per person grows and natural resources wane, the conflict of material reality grows.   This conflict could create another US asset because America may be in a unique position to experience a paradigm shift.

#11: The USA Has the Potential for Numerous Paradigm Shifts

Education Potential

America obviously has some educational problems… however these are very much due to organization and philosophy… not facilities. The USA still has great potential for education and due to the recession teaching has come back as a very desirable profession. Recently a friend formerly in construction applied to start teaching again. He found that for every empty position there were over 100 applicants.

This much labor availability could cause the education system to sprint ahead!

Dis-Ease Potential From Gluttony

America has another great asset… experience in gluttony.  The US is the first nation where a majority of the population has been able to have so many material possessions that stuff becomes a burden rather than an asset.  The USA has been a leader in gluttony to the point where vast numbers have been able to ask…. “What’s this stuff all about?”

This realization that striving just to have more does not equate to happiness….  the learning that things do not create much joy for long, has created a vast pool of Americans who desire to shift from quantity to quality.

America’s adventure into the laws of diminishing returns has created  a vast pool of Americans bent on sustainability.  This is the wave of the future.

As mankind shifts from a conquering to nurturing mode, the US may have an edge in leading the way.

Potential Ease From Innocence

America’s system for starting a business is still one of the easiest in the world and finally we reach the matter of innocence.

Watch an American and then a European or British TV program or movie.  The US attitude is almost always optimistic, the European pessimistic.   Americans always get the good guys and American heroes almost always fight the establishment Dirty Harry style.

I have lived and worked in many parts of the world and the term the Ugly American was coined in the late 1950s because Americans in so many ways were so innocent.

They  were (and to a degree remain) assuming and believe that things will always get better if they work hard.

A big nation… really big… with vast resources… a pretty fair democracy…  labor mobility… and easy immigration… a melting pot of hard workers… backed by a strong financial system… dramatically reduced costs due to the falling dollar available right now at bargain prices and the majority still believe in the system.

Finally, America is still in relative terms a very young nation.  Because of its immigration policy, it is not weighted down by the burden of a stagnant culture.  This will make the shift if it comes easier.

I know… as one of the original international citizens of the world, 40 years later…. Merri and I still feel it.  That is why we have increased the weighting of our portfolio in the USA.

This is the end of the excerpt from my newest emailed financial Report “Running Risk”.


Belong to the International Club

The Huge 2020 Risk

Here is a huge risk that could explode in 2020.

I hope I am wrong… but the numbers are clear.

According to, (1) as of December 26, 2020 the total US public debt was 23 trillion and 845 billion dollars.

This is not a theoretical problem for the future.  This is not something that our children and grandchildren will have to deal with.  This is a problem in the here and now for you and me.

Rising interest rates create a massive problem for every American.

treasury direct

Look at how the interest costs alone have risen to over a half trillion dollars a year.

treasury direct


The bad news is that the (US federal debt) is getting bigger….harder to miss.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected in 2010 (the debt then was a bit over 14 trillion) that, under law at that time, debt held by the public would exceed $16 trillion by 2020, reaching nearly 70 percent of GDP.

The $7 Trillion Error.

They sure goofed on that.  Here we are… only in 2020 and debt has shot past 23 trillion.

How could the CBO be so wrong? 

The CBO screwed up because they could never imagine that the Fed would push interest rates so low… and keep them there.  The interest rates are so low that the government has been able to borrow more than imagined and still afford the interest.

For example, US Federal government interest last year amounted to around $573 billion.  Yet in 2008 on debt of only $9 trillion +  the interest that year was $451 billion +.

Interest payments in 2017 were 27% higher than they were in 2008.  Yet the debt is over 250% higher.  

Very low interest rates have helped the government borrow.  Low interest has also helped the US stocks reach all time high prices.

The government will resist raising rates because it will ruin their budget, cause a collapse of the stock markets and destroy the US dollar.

Rising interest rates, will create an almost unimaginable debt crisis.  If government interest doubles it is like the $23+ trillion national debt  rising to 46 trillion!  Unless there are some huge tax increase the interest payments are not sustainable.

Learn how to have more freedom and time, less stress, better health care, extra income, greater safety and profit in your savings despite America’s deficits, debt and currency risk.

Fortunately there are secrets that will allow a few to live much better, free of debt and worry despite the decline in the dollar’s purchasing power.   My wife, Merri and I, have traveled, lived, worked and invested around the world for nearly 50 years to gain this information.

Let me share the basics of this data and how we can be of help through 2020.

The first fact behind this secret is that things are really good in the western world.  Despite many problems, we are surrounded by more abundance and greater opportunity than almost anyone has ever enjoyed, anywhere, ever.   To enjoy a fair share of this wealth, all we have to do is understand human nature and learn how to invest in the new economy, as it changes and becomes new, again and again.

Merri and I have made seven huge transitions in the 50 years.  Each has allowed us to always stay ahead of losses that the majority of Americans suffer.  We are in another transition right now and want to share why and what to do so you can stay ahead and live a richer, independent life through 2020 and beyond.

A falling US dollar is one of the greatest risks we have to our independence, safety, health, and wealth, but also brings a window of huge profit as I explain below.   Though the greenback has been strong for a number of years, its strength is in serious jeopardy.  The growing federal deficits increase the national debt and this with rising interest rates propels a growing debt service.

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average passed a record high, the U.S. national debt passed the $20 trillion mark.

The problem is that the Dow will come back down.  National debt will not fall.

The double shock of money fleeing Wall Street and US debt skyrocketing, will destroy the purchasing power of the greenback.

Go to the store even now.  Statistics say inflation is low, but buy some bread or, heaven forbid, some fresh vegetables like peppers or fruit.   Look at the cost of your prescription or hospital bills.  Do something simple like have your car serviced at an auto dealer.  Look at the dollars you spend and you’ll see what I mean.

The loss of the dollar’s purchasing power erodes our independence, our freedom and our savings and wealth as well. 

At the same time, low interest rates by big banks and higher health care costs soak up the ever diminishing income and savings we have left.  According to a Gallup poll, the most unpopular three institutions in America are big corporations & Wall Street banks, HMOs and Congress.

Yet there is little we can do because these institutions are in control.

Over the last 50 years the average income for 90 percent of the American population fell.  Our health system is restricted by a Kafka-esque maze of legislation and insurance regulations that delay, frustrate, and thwart attempts by patients and doctors from proper medical care.  Big banks and corporations restrict our freedom of choice.  The business customer relationships are no longer transactions between free equals.

Banks can trap us in indebtedness at every age from student loans to mortgages to health care costs.  They pay almost nothing on our savings.  They hide unexpected fees and payments in complex and unreadable documents.  Banks and big corporations routinely conceal vital information in small print and then cheat.  Weak regulations and lax enforcement leave consumers with few ways to fight back.  Many of these businesses ranging from cable TV to phone and internet service to health insurance have virtual monopolies that along with deceptive marketing destroys any form of free market.

These same companies control the credit-scoring agencies so if  we don’t pay unfair fees, our credit scores will plunge and we could lose the ability to borrow money, rent an apartment, even to get a job.  Many consumers are forced to accept “arbitration clauses” in lieu of  legal rights.  The alternative is to lose banking, power, and communication services.

Big business has also usurped our privacy.  Internet companies sell our personal data.  Personal information is pulled from WiFi and iPhones track and store our movements.  The government can access this information, sometimes without subpoenas.  There’s a lot that we don’t know, often withheld under the guise of “National Security.”

The glow on Western democratic capitalism has dimmed… or so it seems.  The US, leading the way, is still a superpower with economic, innovation and military might, but the institutions that should serve the people have become flawed or broken.

America’s infrastructure is in shambles.  The nation’s bridges are crumbling, many water systems are filled with toxins, yet instead of spending more to fix this, we build more prisons.  The 2.2 million people currently in  jail is a 500 percent increase over the past thirty years.  60% of the inmates belong to ethnic groups.  Not just non-white ethnic groups are suffering.  Annual death rates are falling for every group except for middle-aged white Americans.  Death rates are rising among this group driven by an epidemic of suicides and afflictions stemming from substance abuse, alcoholic liver disease and overdoses of heroin and prescription opioids.

America’s middle class is shrinking.  Nearly  half of America’s income goes to upper-income households now.  In 1970 only 29 percent went to this group.  How can we regain our freedom, our happiness and our well being in such a world?

What can we do?

Gain a better, freer life is to combine better health, higher income and greater savings for a happier, more resilient lifestyle. 

Merri and I will celebrate our 50th year of global living, working, investing and researching to find and share ideas on how to have simpler, low stress, healthier, more affluent lifestyles.  Our courses, reports and email messages look at ways to gain:

#1:  Global micro business income.

#2:  Low cost, natural health.

#3:  Safer, more profitable, investments that take little time or cost to buy and hold… so you can focus on earning more instead

Many readers use our services for just one of these three benefits.  They focus only on health or on earning more or on better, easier investing.

28 years ago Merri and I created the International Club as a way for readers to join us and be immersed in all three of these benefits.   The International Club is a year long learning program aimed at helping members earn worry free income, have better affordable good health and gain extra safety and profits with value investments.

Join us for all of 2020 NOW.

The three disciplines, earning, health and investing, work best when coordinated together.  Regretfully the attacks on our freedom are realities of life.  There is little we can do to change this big picture.  However we can change how we care for our health, how we earn and how we save so that we are among the few who live better despite the dollar’s fall.

We start with better lower cost health care.

Club membership begins by sharing ways to be free of the “Secret Hospital Charge Master”.   Just as governments hide truth behind “National Security”, big health care businesses hide medical truths behind “Charge masters”.  Most hospital charge masters are secret because big business does not want us to know how much hospital costs have risen.  Motivations beyond our good health, like corporate greed, want to keep us in the dark about health care cost.

Despite rising health care costs, a report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention shows that hospitals are the last place we want to be for good health.  One report shows that hospital-acquired infections alone kills 57% more Americans every year than all car accidents and falls put together.

Often, what patients catch in the hospital can be worse than what sent them there.  Governments and health care agencies agree  – antibiotic resistance is a “nightmare.”  An antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be spreading in more hospitals than patients know.  About one in every 25 hospitalized patients gets an infection and a report from the Journal of Patient Safety showed that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the country.

Along with the risk of hospital acquired illness and medical errors, the second huge threat to our well being… is health care costs, especially at hospitals.  This is why charge masters are so often secret.  There are few risks to our wealth that are greater than a hospital stay.

I have created three natural health reports are about:

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#3: Exercise

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Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of a Primary Pi Model Portfolio, called the Pifolio.  There are no secrets about this portfolio except that it ignores the stories from economic news (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based mainly on good math that reveals the truth through financial news.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

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Pi Tactic  #5:  Add spice speculating with ideal conditions.

Pi Tactic  #6: Add spice speculating with leverage.

Pi Tactic  #7:  Add spice speculating with forex potential.

The Pifolio analysis begins with a continual research of international major stock markets that compares their value based on:

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#5:  Return on equity

#6:  Cash flow return

#7:  Market history

We combine the research of several brilliant mathematicians and money managers with my years of investing experience.

This is a complete and continual study of what to do about the movement of international major and emerging stock markets.  I want to share this study throughout the next year with you.

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Club members receive a report about opportunity in the  current strength of the US dollar is a second remarkable similarity to 30 years ago.   The dollar rose along with Wall Street.  Profits came quickly over three years.  Then the dollar dropped like a stone, by 51%  in just two years.  A repeat of this pattern is growing and could create up to 50% extra profit if we start using strong dollars to accumulate good value stock market ETFs in other currencies.

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