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Here is a sample  International Investing Made EZ Syllabus.

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Our International investing seminars evolve with the global economy so each is different tuned up to what’s currently happening.

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The syllabus below was for our  Jefferson, North Carolina,  October 7 to 10, 2011 seminar.

Session #1:  1000 Year Economic Review. How industrialization has affected markets as it moved through stages powered by:

Steam Engine
Internal Combustion Engine – Car – Production Line – Petroleum
Jet Engine – Phone – TV – Plastics – Chemicals- Fertilizers
Electron – PC – Internet – WWW

Session #2: What’s Next? How the next imagination era affects investments now

Session #3:  Other forces affecting economics.
15 year Bull Bear Cycle
Why the Current bear Turns  Around in 2012
Economic Cycle
Farmers moving from the rural farm to the urban production line

Session #4: Where to invest? Asset Class Performance over a 95 year study:

Equities: 11.9% per annum

Housing:  6.7% per annum

Bonds:     4.8% per annum

T-Bills:      4.6% per annum

Silver:       4.2% per annum

Review of each class in stable, moderate and high inflation and deflation.

Session #5: Why Safety is Now the Riskiest Place. Look for Value Created by Risk. Risk is Our Partner. Embrace it. Adapt. Look for Contrasts & Trends. Look for Value. Invest in What You Know.
Have Fun

Session #6: Seven Golden Trends We Have Enjoyed for 40 Years.

#1:  1970s Gold & Silver. Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia and HK.

#2: 1980s. The Tigers, Taiwan, Singapore Malaysia and South Korea, & Turkey.

#3: 1990s.  South America (which led me to Ecuador).

#4: 2000s.  China, India and Eastern Europe.

#5: Invest in Real Estate Throughout.

#6: Bet Against the US Dollar Throughout.

#7:  Green! Green! Green!

Session #7: Seven Sectors to Invest In Now:

#1: Multi Currency Spread

#2: High Yield Bonds & Value Shares

#3 Emerging Markets

#4: Wellness

#5: Water

#6: Alternate Energy

#7: Real Estate

Session #8: Multi Currency Spread. Example Invest in Brazil 9.02%
Borrow 300K yen – dollar and franc. Cost 2.2%
Invest in Rouble   6.6% – Pound  7.94%
Euro  5.5%  – AUD  6.29%  –  MXN 7.79%
Ave Yield 6.794% X 300K =              $20,382
100K earns  $9,020
Interest Costs                                        6,600
Total Yield                                           $22,802

Session #9: Emerging Markets.   Ten year Study.  Annual Return   19.81% compared to 10% for major Markets.
EM Longest Down 6 mos – Biggest down 55%
MM Longest Down 6 mos – Biggest down 53%
EM PE Ratio 12.9   Yield  3.22%
MM PE Ratio 15.2  Yield  3.70%    

Session #10: Wellness. Example – Wellness – Novo Norordisk Denmark – Insulin

Session #11: Water. Example Hyflux Singapore – Kurita Water japan.

Session #12: Alternate Energy. Example Vestas Wind Turbines Denmark. – Kyocera Japan.

Session #13: Real Estate.

US Benefits in Crisis.  “Where will everybody live?” US Population 200 to 300 million in 39 years.
Next Hundred Million in 34 years.  Americans Use 20% More Land than 20 years ago.
Need 70 Million New Homes and 100 Billion Square Feet of Non Residential Space. How the real estate crash changed this and the market segments with great value now.

Ecuador Real Estate Alternative:  60 million boomers retire Beginning Now Pensions and social security squeezed by inflation.

Options are:
#1: Keep working

#2: Move to less expensive areas in the US

#3: Export their retirement

#4: Live in near poverty

#5: Die

Ecuador is 3 hours & 45 min from US…. has full infrastructure….  has really low cost of living.
1% of boomers is 600,000 people… 5%  of Ecuador’s 11 million population.
Ecuador Gross Domestic Income (GDI) is $4,300 pa per person.
Total GDI of $47,300,000,000.
600,000 boomers with average income of $18,000 adds $10,800,000,000. 20% increase of GDI

Session #14 Look for Value Created by Crisis. Example Greek Crisis Caused  Italian & Spanish Banks to Fall.  Caused Euro to Fall Versus US dollar.

My Answer buy shares in Unicredit Italian Bank, 2nd Largest Italian Bank Group-1999, bought Poland’s 2nd largest bank, expanding in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic and Turkey.
Bought German group HVB and Bank Austria to become 3rd largest in Germany and 1st in Austria. Entered Bosnia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia and the Baltic countries.
In 2007 expanded into the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Now present in 23 countries Europe and Central Asia.  European leader with 5000 branches and 40 million clients. 7 separate divisions: loans, factoring, leasing, refinancing, asset management, investment

An Italian success story but Unicredit Share fell from April  2007 to March 2009 from Euro7.59 to 72 Cents when I bought.

Session #15: Avoid Bond Balloons
.  Top-5 performers Jyske Invest Funds based on 3-year performance as of September 30, 2010

British Bonds Up 30.00%

Emerging Local Market Bonds Up 29.47%

Emerging Market Bonds Up 20.30%

Emerging Market Bonds (EUR) Up 19.30%

Danish Bonds Up 18.04%

Shift to Higher Yield Bonds.  Examples:

New World Resources Miners   (NWORLD)
Bond: 7.875% 2018
Rating: BB-
Yield:  7.13%

Name: Rhodia Chemicals RHA
Bond: 7% 2018
Rating: BB-
Yield: 6.30%

Session #16 Power of Diversified Portfolios. How my Portfolio has shifted over the past 18 months.

18 Mos    9 mos     Now
Ecuador Property      14%        14%        7%
US Property                46%        58%      58%
Total Real Estate        61%        72%      65%
Equities                          3%       3.6%        9.6%
Emerging Bonds           9%     10.7%      10.7%
Bonds                           14%     16.0%      16.0%
Cash                              13%       6.8%        7.8%
Liquid                           39%      37.0%      44%
US dollar Loan                          -9%        -9.0%

My Currency Diversification
GBP  1.3% – Euro 8.1%  – NKR 2.1%
DKR -3.3% – A$4.8%  – C$ 5.1% – NZ$4.2%
BRL 5.0% – MXN 3.0% – TRY  3.6% – PLZ 3.0%
Mixed 3.3%  Property 64% US$ Loan -9%

Session #17 Shares I have Now.

#1: KGHM Copper Mining and Smelting Combine, Southwest Poland
560,000t copper, 1,244t silver.  Why its up 49% this year.

#2: Brookfield Power Shares.
Canadian income fund among largest power income funds in North America with 1,647 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity and an average annual production of 6,371 gigawatt hours (GWh).
42 hydroelectric generating stations and one wind farm in four distinct geographic regions across North America: Québec, Ontario, British Columbia and New England. Up $15 a share to 25 and paid 6,17% dividend.

#3: Turkey Equity Fund. Why its up 37.92% this year.

#4: Jyske Bank Shares. Up seven times investment.

#5: Good Value European Equity Fund. Why.

Session #18: Favored High Yield Shares Review.

Veolia Evironnement (VE) in Euro.
150 years in environmental services including wastewater treatment, collecting, treating, and recycling waste, supplying heating and cooling services, and providing public transportation. Veolia supplies drinking water to 78 million people, provides transportation services for 2.7 billion passengers, and treats 66 million tons of waste per year.

E.ON AG E.Germany in Euro

Endesa, S.A. Spain in Euro

Enel S.p.A. Italy in Euro

Land Securities Group Plc UK in GBP

Suntec REIT Singapore in $SGD

Session #19: 54 other High Yield Shares Shares

Session #20: How & Where to Bank Abroad.

Session #21: Structures For Asset Protection and Tax Savings. Partnerships, Trust, LLCs and and Corps.  Domestic and overseas. When to se. Costs, what to gain and risk.

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Join us for our international investing  seminars “International Investing Made EZ 2011″.

Feb.  11-12  2011  Mt. Dora Florida

June 24-25 2011  Jefferson, North Carolina

October 7-8  Jefferson, North Carolina

Enroll here. $499 Reserve here –  $749  Reserve for two

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