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Wisdom of the Masses: Q & A.

All of us as a whole know a lot!  This is especially true if you believe in the Six Degrees of Separation Theory which says everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.   In this theory  a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in six steps (or fewer!)


Photos from Six Degrees of Separation at Wikepedia.

This means we are not far from a lot of insights about what happened politically in Ecuador this last week.

However we will not dwell on this today…  We are not a news agency though we did beat CNN, NYT, WSJ  and the other news companies in letting readers know what was going on yesterday.

For awhile our message was one of the three top Google ranked news stories.


We will not do a follow up today because what we do know about the news is that it exaggerates the reality. Drama sells. Merri and I are not into drama.

Instead I am collecting data from our A Team Ecuador. We’ll share what people living in Ecuador have to say on Monday and look at  new opportunities that Ecuador’s turmoil may have created.

This Q & A looks instead at two positive benefits in Ecuador as it answers questions about:

#1:  Alternatives Dental and Health ideas.

#2: Ecuador Export Opportunity already in the USA.

#3: Comments on How to Earn a Global Income.

We love our Ecuador dentist.


A reader asked about our Ecuador dentist when he wrote.

Gary, In a message entitled Ecuador Doctor & Dentist Flexibility you wrote:  “For example I had a tooth infection that I wanted to fight in natural ways with infra red light, homeopathics  and nutritional supplements.   My Ecuador dentist recommended pulling the tooth but said, ‘I do not think this will work… but it is your body…. your choice and I’ll work with you on this.’  It took years but when we beat the infection, that Ecuador dentist was grateful for what he learned.”

Was this an infection of the kind dentists normally do root canals for?  That is what I am faced with…and would love to know how you won the battle….and, thus, save this tooth. Thank You,

My Reply: I fought the infection in four ways:

#1: Infrared.  Every night I shined an infrared laser on the area infected.

My problem was tiny cavities in the jaw (often created when teeth are pulled). Bacteria that lodges in these spaces can create all types of long term health havoc.

My examination revealed two such cavities. The test was simple. Finding a remedy was not. The normal answer is a root canal or pulling the tooth, but this in itself can lead to long-term health problems. I wanted an alternative and was introduced to the idea of using infrared light treatment.

We learned that infrared is being used in so many different treatments.  NASA’s space medicine did a big study as well as Stanford University, the National Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of British Columbia, Kingston Regional Cancer Center at Queen’s University in Ontario, Royal Brisbane Hospital in Australia, St. James Hospital in Dublin and the University of Padua in Italy.

Infrared light increases energy inside cells by stimulating cytochromes which are part of the electron transportation chain that converts sugar into energy. This stimulates cellular reproduction, relaxes muscles and stimulates nerve transmission, enhances the immune response, reduces scar tissue and promotes wound healing, stimulates collagen production (making skin tighter), increases blood capillary circulation and vascular activity, stimulates production of endorphins and enkephelins from the brain, increases RNA and DNA synthesis, stimulates production of the adrenals which reduces pain and stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate, (ATP) an immediate energy source for muscle contraction.

Plus there have not been any reported negative side effects.

This means that infrared treatment is being used for arthritis, wounds, burns, against cancer, for bone loss, diabetic ulcers, poor blood or oxygen supply. The treatment is very effective for pain and inflammation reduction. There are six studies of subjects who had lost their protective sensation in their lower limbs due to diabetic neuropathy. All the limbs actively treated with infrared showed improvement. The placebos in the double blind studies showed almost no improvement.

This has been especially helpful for people who in their older age lose their balance and fall. Infrared improves the foot sensation. All the subjects tested improved balance and gait. Falls decreased 96%.

Infrared helps overcome strains, pains and much more. Infrared machines are in space, and are also used in US Navy nuclear submarines for SEAL teams.

I have a long list of endorsements. For example Jason Giambi, the American League MVP says, “I highly recommend the Light Patch to any athlete or anybody who wants to reduce pain, accelerate healing and increase athletic performance.” Other endorsements come from a renowned micro surgeon, a Montana State senator who had been reduced to walking with crutches after cortisone and chiropractic treatments had failed. He was able to return to a normal life in business, golfing, farming and horseback riding through infrared treatments.

An article in Newsweek International entitled “Therapeutic LEDs use light to penetrate deep into tissues and boost the body’s own natural healing processes” by Anne Underwood said:

“Light can heal. Modern technology has dramatically increased the possibilities. Therapeutic LEDs, the latest addition to the list, use light to penetrate deep into tissues and boost the body’s own natural healing processes. Studies are showing that these new devices can help ease chronic pain, speed wound healing and prevent acute mouth ulcers in certain cancer patients. Even the U.S. Defense Department and NASA are studying LEDs as potential aids to healing injuries on the battlefield and in outer space. And plans are in the works to introduce the technology, patented in at least nine European countries, to the U.K. later this year.”In one published study, LEDs developed for NASA sped wound healing in a U.S. Navy submarine crew by 50 percent. Other researchers have shown that certain infrared wavelengths stimulate the release of nitric oxide in blood vessels, causing them to dilate. This, in turn, increases circulation to a wounded area, improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of wastes. That may be why LEDs seem to relieve ailments from muscle strains to shin splints.

“LED devices may even help reverse diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or nerve impairment in the limbs-long thought to be irreversible. In a study last year in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, doctors treated 49 subjects with an infrared-only LED device from Anodyne Therapy LLC. After just six 30-minute sessions, 48 of the patients showed improvement. Similarly, says Denver podiatrist Dale H. Carnegie, one of the study’s authors, the Anodyne device can help heal diabetic foot ulcers. Ultimately, he says, this could spare patients with diabetes from having limbs amputated.”

Dr. Joe Spano is our source of infrared light. I highly recommend that you consult with a health professional who has infrared experience.


I wrote to Joe and asked if he had a supply of infrared light. Joe replied: I do have some. These are the new ones which are 660 nm wavelenth.  Finally, the medical profession is waking up to the value to this treatment modality.   We have an adequate number on hand  to meet demand.   I see low level laser units  being advertised from time to time. You can’t be sure of what you are getting in those deals.  I have been using these new units and have have good results. The problem that I encounter is a cultural one in which is that most folks want a quick fix and don’t use it long enough or regularly.  Just three times a week  for 10-20 minutes in the navel it detoxes and on the face it rejuvenates.  As you know, it works on the Marma points and the acupuncture
points.  So, it is acupuncture without needles. Validated research shows acceleration in wound healing.
I use it in patients with wounds all the time.  Let me know if I can help in any way. Warm regards,

You can reach Joe for more information or to order an infrared light at shamanspano@usa.net

#2: I use a Waterpik twice a day with Perioscript Oral Cleansing Concentrate and their toothpaste.


PerioScript is an all-natural professional strength deep-cleaning solution specifically developed for use in dental oral irrigators.  This vegetarian formula synergistically blends soothing organic and responsibly wildcrafted herbs plus essential oils with the patented extract of Phytoplenolin a Holistically Balanced herbal extract that has been shown in independent laboratory studies to promote cell vitality.

PerioScript naturally flushes around teeth and hard to reach areas and the formula is concentrated to cling to gum tissue longer than less dense commercial products, providing effective, long- lasting results.

The preservative-free, vegetarian formula synergistically blends soothing herbs, vitamins and essential oils flush pockets and hard to reachy areas with soap like action and contains herbs well-known for discouraging the growth of microorganisms.  This treatment is so effective even for those really stubborn conditions…making it almost unbelievable.  This is a very specific product from a client of ours.

There is a link at the end of this message to the Perioscript website.

#3: Third, I take a food supplement called “For Your Inflammation” (FYI).


FYI  is offered as a joint support supplement with chicken collagen type II along with proteolytic enzymes and turmeric – that provide support for normal joint function and mobility.   However these ingredients also support healthy metabolism and the immune system.

The ingredients in FYI  also supports antioxidant function in the body.

Specific ingredients include:

* Systemic Enzyme Blend a combination of protein-digesting enzymes able to function in a wide range of pH environments.

* Protease Blend – a combination of proteolytic enzymes shown to work systemically .

* Bromelain – a powerful protein-digesting enzyme from pineapple.
* Papain – a mixture of protein-digesting enzymes isolated from papaya.

Additional enzymes in FYI include:

* Lipase – a potent fat-digesting enzyme
* Amylase – a starch-digesting enzyme
* Cellulase – an enzyme that breaks down plant fiber

Other ingredients include:

* Syrian oregano – contains antioxidant compounds and essential oils .
* Cat’s Claw – a traditional Peruvian herb which supports the body’s ability to fight free radicals.
* Turmeric Root – an antioxidant that has been shown to support normal joint function.
* Young leaves of Rhododendron caucasium – traditionally used as a tea, they contain a unique form of highly available polyphenolic antioxidants.

There is a link to the FYI site below.

Fourth, and perhaps most important, I use meditation.


Ecuador shamans believe in self repair.  Learn about self repair on the December 2-6 Ecuador Shamanic Tour.  See details here.

I began meditating over 30 years ago to reduce stress… a breathing technique I learned in the Philippines.

Yet meditation goes beyond stress reduction. meditation can help heal.

Dr. Jay Glaser writes in his book “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair”: (Bolds are mine)


The Mistake of Judgment – Root of All Disorder. A mistake of judgment occurs when you erroneously understand life to be diverse and finite, and behave accordingly.  Under the illusion, common to nearly everyone, the unified, infinite value of life is ignored or forgotten. Your connection with your source is lost.  You start to work too hard, eat or drink too much or partake of the wrong things, and then violate other laws of nature because you are not grounded in your source, the prime mover on which the laws of nature are based.

Age related and chronic disorders are generally an issue of cellular intelligence: The body persistently repeats  the same error. Usually the intelligence is completely intact and not distroted but it is not utilized because the cell does not express or actively suppress the appropriate genetic information.

Self repair is often a matter of restoring the cell’s access to its intelligence.  Hundreds of millions of years of self interaction condensed to fit into every cell’s nucleus has made your body a genius of self repair.

Your body contains the rules of self repair in every cell.  Self interaction is the basis of self repair.

Learning the lost art of self repair implies a process of giving your body’s intelligence an opportunity to function in a different mode than the one that brought it to its current state.

Our purpose is to master the laws of nature governing self-repair, to gain the ability to choose our state of mind and thus permit our body to do what the mind dictates.  This means peeking into the chapters of the owner’s manual for the human body not found in a medical dictionary.  An anatomy lesson of the mind-body interface would show a diagram depicting the heirarchy of expression of the parts of our experience arising from the field of pure consciousness.

Visiting the field of pure consciousness on a regular basis is the first exercise in gaining mastery over the mind-body interface. Spiritual practices including yoga, pranayama and especially meditation are techniques par excellence to gain familiarity with this state.

Jay Glaser’s book on “Self Repair” is a must read and can be ordered at the Amazon.com link below

Global Income  Comment – a reader wrote about our message “Gain Extra Global Income“: Thank you for the positive reminder!  We make soap for sale from our own goat’s milk.  I build butcher block tables on the side from material reminants discarded in my construction business.

As you well know, the forests and farms of Oregon have many different species of plant and animal to offer as motivation for small business.  I simply look outside my window (when reminded) to see the plethora of opportunities on the creator’s banquet table.

My comment: Excellent! This is the attitude that creates everlasting wealth.

Ecuador Business Opportunity. A reader wrote: Gary,  Having read your daily messages for the last few years I know you are busy so I do not hear back on this I understand.

I went to Otavalo 2 years ago and spent 6 weeks there having 135 Navajo rugs / blankets / wall hangings woven by a family outside of Otavalo.

My wife and I started the Site Sell program and communicated a bit with Michelle.  We did not complete the site sell program. I traveled to Albuquerque, NM and showed the rugs in a South West trade show.  Show was poorly attended and we did not do well.

I want to sell the rugs wholesale in one big lot.  The are hand woven of wool.  We were careful to reproduce the weavings being faithful to quality and design and colors.

I thought perhaps you might know someone who is importing Ecuador handicrafts who might be interested in buying the whole lot.  I have about 125 rugs.  Thank you  Tom.

You can get more details and a website that shows the weavings and contact Tom Connell at tconnell@sonic.net

We have three ways to help you create global income including how to market Ecuador exports like the weavings above.

First… we offer an emailed courses.   “ The Tangled Web – How to Have Your Own Internet Business”.  “Self-Fulfilled How to Turn Words into Cash” and “International Business Made EZ”.
  See details of these courses here.

Second… We offer private telephone consultations on how to set up your own internet business.

Third… Over a third of the sessions in our October 7 to 10 seminar in North Carolina is on how to create your own global internet business.  Get course details here.


Click here for The Perioscript site

See the FYI site here

Dr. Jay Glaser’s book on “Self Repair” can be ordered at Amazon.com by clicking here