Food Risk

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Here is a food risk.

Our upcoming course International Investing, Business, Quantum Wealth course shares three ways to survive and prosper in our changing times.  #1: Making better global investments.  #2: Having a better micro business that earns extra income wherever you live. #3: Having better health, more energy and a clearer more intelligent mind and stable attitude.

Part of the health session looks at nutrition.

Merri and I take our food supply seriously.

In Ecuador we look for our food in places like these…


Ecuador organic gardens.  More on Ecuador organic in a moment.

First, let’s look at how we garden in North Carolina…


surrounding our house with lettuce of all types, greens and herbs.


Our greenhouse allows us to start our planting early, plus…


in the spring nature provides us with dandelions and a wonderful lettuce (called branch lettuce) that grows wild in the creek later to be supplemented by Bee Balm (the origin of Earl Grey) and Echinacea for tea.


Here is echinacea and tomatoes growing in front of our meditation room.

Here is a bit of our harvest.


Along with our many apple trees, we have peaches, plums, Asian pears and acres of…


blackberries and raspberries… not to mention really delicious tiny wild mountain strawberries.


This plus our chickens provide us with…


summer meals like this.


This gardening is more than fun and we find picking our own food especially satisfying.  Plus there are some enormous health benefits.

Dr. John Douillard at points out that “Environmental pollutants, cancer causing chemicals, plastics, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial waste overwhelm the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Toxic cloud plumes from burning coal cover most of the United States and lace even our organic vegetables with heavy metals. Pesticides and preservatives have infiltrated their way into almost all the food consumed in America and can store in the body’s fat, including the brain, for years. Industrial wastes have permeated our ground water and can enter our body by simply washing our organic veggies with tap water. Over time these stored chemicals undermine our immunity, render us susceptible to disease, infection and premature aging.”

This is why Merri and I clean our our vegetables and fruit with Purely Green.

I asked our friend, Ted Tidwell who manufactures Purely Green to explain how this works.

Ted replied:  In order for pesticides to remain on the plant and effective during rains, they are encased in oil.  An ordinary vegetable wash that does not dissolve oil will permit pesticidal residues to remain on the plant and be ingested.

PurelyGreen is powerful enough to dissolve crude oil and tar, so it easily dissolves the oil and removes the poisonous pesticides. Ted

You can order PurelyGreen from Ted Tidwell at

Ecuador Food

One of the great things about living in Ecuador is you can meet local farmers and see farms so you can  know your food supply better.


Here is an Ecuador export tour visiting an organic farm in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Learn more about food opportunity in Ecuador here.

We’d love to have you join us here in the Autumnal Blue Ridge…we had to go to town today and was surprised by the beauty and change of leaves…could be just perfect for the October 7-10 conference!


Read Dr Douilard’s entire report and see his video at