Room for Global Economic Growth

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There is extra room for global economic growth.   We also have room for growth as individuals… and we should take advantage of this fact.

See below one of 54 high yielding global investments in water which we’ll review at the seminar.


Autumn arrived in the Blue Ridge and leaves started turning yellow gold and crimson almost overnight! I hauled out the flannel shirts and picked up the pumpkins and mums.

Our upcoming (October 7-10) International Investing, Business & Quantum Wealth seminar shares three ways to survive and prosper in our changing times.  #1: Making better global investments.  #2: Having a better micro business that earns extra income wherever you live. #3: Having better health, more energy and a clearer more intelligent mind and stable attitude.

Merri and I believe in growth as an expression of the expanding universe, which brings  expanding economies, and expanding human affluence for those who will take the time to expand their wisdom and stabilize their emotions.

This natural universal urge to expand means there is special opportunity in times of contraction.  Yet thinking expansively can be hard when surrounded by fear.  Being afraid can be catching so extra effort is required to enhance our fright immunity during times that are slow.

We believe this so strongly in room for growth that we have created our own room here in the mountains to help enhance our intellectual and emotional growth.


We call it the Forest Room because it is built on beams so it juts into the…


canopy of the forest. Here is the view from the deck.


The room represents many ideals for us, a juxtaposition of human ambition into nature’s order that represents the spirit of harmony with nature and its serenity.  The creek’s waterfalls below… birds wakening… sun warming filtering golden green through the forest’s crown.


The room represents the spirit of stability.  Our son. Jake and our friend, Mark Owen, did a great job pouring huge concrete footers for a strong foundation. Then we used 6 by 6s when 4 by 4s  would do (and the wood is locust the hardest of all woods around) so the building feels and is extra solid.

The room also represents the spirit of sustainability, built from reclaimed wood on the land.We harvested dead pine,  poplar, oak and locust, collected and milled it here on the farm.


Even the door in our meditation room is…oak-door

hand made from the oak we recovered…and richly dappled here by the morning sun.

This is sustainable timber which is important to us because sustainability is a huge problem in an expanding economy with fixed resources.

Big problems create opportunity and investments in sustainability in natural resources such as water can bring extra  profits to your investment portfolio.
This is why we’ll taker a close look at the investment potential of the water company Veolia Environnement. (France)

Last week’s message International Investment Update looked at 54 high yielding shares and focused on seven that are of special interest. One of these shares is Veolia Environnement.

The best investments sector for the past five years has been in natural resources.

This chart from shows how industrial materials (natural resources) has been the strongest stock sector by far over the past five years, three years and in 2010 as well.

Veolia Environnement looks especially attractive to me for three reasons.



First, I like Veolia because they are one of the shares in the industrial sector sector and water is one of the most scarce industrial materials.

Veolia has more than 150 years of expertise in the environmental services business and is the world’s largest publicly traded water company. The company provides environmental services including wastewater treatment, collecting, treating, and recycling waste, supplying heating and cooling services, and providing public transportation. Veolia supplies drinking water to 78 million people, provides transportation services for 2.7 billion passengers, and treats 66 million tons of waste per year.

Second, Veolia shares did not gain a big recovery during the 2009 equity rebound. Here is a chart from showing the Veolia ADR price. The shares were hot, rising to over $90 a share in the 2006 stock bubble. Then they crashed in 2007 to $24. They remain low at around $26 now suggesting they may be out of favor and hence good value.


Third, Veolia shares are one of the 54 High Yielding Shares identified by Jyske Bank last week.

Jyske’s report shows that the shares trading in Paris at EUR 21. 05  have been paying an average 5.75% dividend.   14 of Boomberg’s analysts have a buy recommendation,  seven have a hold and four a sell signal.

During this era of high bond prices and high risk in stock markets, high yielding shares are one of my three favorite investments… the others are US and Ecuador real estate.  We’ll view these in upcoming messages.

We’ll look at 54 high yielding shares from markets around the world, plus US and Ecuador real estate at our  October 7-10 seminar.

Join Merri and me with Thomas Fischer, Jean Marie Butterlin from Team Ecuador, David Cross, my webmaster, Bob Shane  and Ann Russell Roberts for our October seminar…coming up in the Blue Ridge with all its autumnal glory!Enroll here. $749 Reserve here –  $999  Reserve for two.


Our forest room is for meditation, far infra red and exercise…foundations we use to maintain healthy energetic bodies.

The other foundation is nutrition (more on this tomorrow).
We built it to be perfectly situated for sunrise.  I go out early, sit on the couch, open the door to hear the dawn, wrap in a Russian made infrared  reflecting blanket and do my morning meditation facig east and…


the sunrise filters in through the forest crown.

Since my trousers have been shrinking around the waist over the last year, I have put them (the trousers of course) on an added exercise routine to supplement my walking.  Of course I have to wear these trousers while they exercise with 12 minutes of jogs and sprints on the…


rebounder mini trampoline (in the corner).  This seems to have worked. After a couple of weeks the trousers appear to have expanded and fit my waist better now.

Then I do my yoga and sun salutes as the sun breaches the ridge line and washes my face in golden warmth.  This helps awaken the pineal gland amongst other benefits. After that I jump in the infrared sauna.


Having kept up the jog with my trousers has ramped my systems up a bit so 12 to 20 minutes gives a nice cleansing sweat.  Coming out I stop and take a look at a  painting I did when we had a small North Carolina cabin with no land… long before we knew about our farm here.


Everything I painted then… the hound… the pumpkins… garden… the white cottage… the stream flowing… pear and apple trees… even the watering can… all materialized here.

This reminder… that we create our own reality and dreams… along with the meditation and exercise prepares me to truly expect another wonderful day filled with miracles, abundance and fulfillment.

Merri and I hope your days are filled with wonder as well.  We look forward to seeing you in the Blue Ridge for Autumn.