Ecuador First Class Home for Sale

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Here is an Ecuador First class home for sale.  One of the most stunning communities … not just in Ecuador… but anywhere in the world and at prices most can afford… less than $91,105.


Economic conditions make it hard to earn safe income from savings now. Those on pensions and fixed income are squeezed. Everyone has increased risk. One way to resolve this problem is to live where costs are lower.

Ecuador is a safe country where prices are still low. You can own a nice home for $49,000 or go first class and live in paradise for less than $100,000.  $91,105 to be exact.

For those who want country living near a major city Pakakuna Gardens may be one of best places there is to retire.


If you are looking to live paradise, near a big city but amidst acres of private gardens then you should investigate Pakakuna Gardens on the outskirts of Quito, Ecuador.


This is as close as it gets to heaven on earth!


Pakakuna Gardens sits in nearly 75 acres of garden protected on 3 sides by deep canyons that offer stunning views.


Life here is the best of country living yet Quito is less than an hour’s drive and going to the new Quito International Airport takes only 20 minutes.

Claus Egger a Swiss national, moved to this this 74 + acres  28 years ago and decided to spend his days creating a paradise.  Now, at age 73, he has created a foundation to share this special landscape with 187 other families.

When Egger first moved to Ecuador, he asked an architect student in his final year of studies to build the first house in Pakakuna. This student was Patricio Falconi, who became one the top five architects in Ecuador.




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When Claus decided to share this paradise, he turned to his old friend, Falconi.  Since Patrico had built his dream house would he draw plans and be the builder responsible for overseeing the project.

This is history and Pakauna is now well under way with six houses in various stages of construction.


Claus is also building a new house for Claus as he transformed the original structure into the community Clubhouse so new buyers would be able to see and use the clubhouse immediately.

In the US, even with the recession prices for a community of this nature would be beyond reach!

Yet Pakakuna houses cost as little as $137 a square foot including land!  The price is  $87 a square foot for construction and $50 per square foot for  land, amenities and gardens.

As you would expect in a commuity of the highest degree, each house in Pakukuna differs. Patricio Falconi  has many designs available ranging from a 700 square foot one bedroom home  at $95,900 to three bedroom houses with 1500 square feet. In a moment you’ll see how to gain a $4,795 discount on the 700 square foot model.

This is an opportunity to enjoy the really finest lifestyle at a price one can easily afford.  Less than $96,000 but Falconi’s quality…


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Homeowner fees are attainable as well. Monthly fees are only $300 to support the entire 45 acres that are included in the project. The construction time to build a house is 10 months.

Here are some shots of the gardens.


Amenities available to the residents include:

– 24/7 security

– Cars stay outside in a private parking; inside golf carts are available


In Club House


– Audio and video room
– Billiards
– Internet room
– Sauna (hot humid and infra red)
– Gym



– Outside pool with jacuzzi as well as covered pool
– Pool for kids
– Tennis courts, volley ball court, basket court
– putting green
– minigolf


– 24 hour médical facility
– On site geriatric and regular doctors
– Physiotherapy
– Alternative médical doctor
– Spa activities with massage therapist, Hair dresser, and facials etc.
– Solarium
– Pharmacy
– 24h ambulance on site


– Gourmet restaurant
– Cafeteria
– Bread and pastry bakery
– Mini organic market

Other Facilities

– 15 room hotel for guests
– shuttle service to Quito or airport
– House Cleaning, Laundry, etc..
– Individual internet, satellite TV and telephone connection

Pakauna will be included in the October, November and December real estate tours conducted by Jean Marie Butterlin.

Because we nor Jean Marie Butterlin who conducts the tours do not take any commissions, we have negotiated a 2% discount for all Ecuadorliving subscribers and delegates on the real estate tours tours.  There is also an additional 3% cash discount.

This can bring the $95,900 price on a 700 square foot home down to $91,905.

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See Pakakuna Gardens website here.