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Danish forex profits are one solution to current low returns and high risks in all types of investments.


There are three things that Denmark is not famous for… castles… private banking and forex trading.

Yet Denmark has all three.  This is a shot I took at Jyske Bank’s recent Global Wealth Seminar of the 450 year old Egeskov Castle.  This castle and the museums here are must visits if you are in Denmark… but it is the Danish forex profits will zero in on here.

The current economic climate makes volatile investments more acceptable because there is greater risk everywhere.  If we have to take risk, let’s at least be sure we can profit from it!

This is why I was very happy that Jyske Global Asset Management added a forex pooled account for US investors.

This pool is headed up by Thomas Fischer who was a forex trader before he came to Jyske. Here is a shot Thomas recently shared from the old days when his trading had just begin.  All one needed was a phone, computer and telex.

Thomas trading 1979b

Thomas has a lot of experience in Forex trading!  This is good because today, forex trading is very different.


Jyske Bank’s trading hall operates 24 hours a day seven days a week.

This is why I am very pleased that Jyske Global Asset Management has added a forex managed account to their armory of products available for US investors.

Thomas just sent me this note about their forex managed account.

Hi Gary,  A front page in a Danish newspaper last week read “ Denmark in the Global Currency Super League.”

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) makes a Triennial Survey on the Size of the FX market. According to the survey published a few days ago the daily FX turnover has increased to 3.9 trillion a day! When the Euro was introduced many thought the market would shrink but it has actually grown from 1,2 trillion!

* The USD accounts for 85% of all trades ( it adds up to 200 as two currencies are always involved)

* EUR/USD cross accounts for 28%

* UK market is the biggest with 36% followed by US 18% – euro zone 9% and surprise surprise the 9th largest trading center is Denmark with 2.4% of turnover or 96 billion every day. Jyske Bank AND JGAM is a part of this huge number.

Also more surprisingly there is a notable shift in the way the market has expanded with “vanilla” spot transactions now accounting for 37% of the total.

Our new currency portfolio is trading on the spot market we do not use any derivatives.

On the 31st of August the performance for the year for our Managed Forex portfolios were:

Medium risk (1x) + 4.1%
Medium risk (2x) + 7.4%
High risk (4x) + 9.5%

Morgan Stanley concluded in its recent Forex report that: “Overall, the FX market continues to expand, and the volumes in a broader range of currencies are rising, which presumably means that liquidity is also rising. Given the market is likely to be impacted less by regulation in the years ahead than other markets and that in many cases it trades 24 hours a day, it offers plenty of opportunity for portfolio diversification, hedging and trading macro themes. It is possible going to be a larger focus for many investors in the years ahead, given all of the above”

I love this conclusion and as a former currency trader it warms my heart that currencies may take center stage! As the proverb goes “Every dog has its day” Gary you and I are two old dogs and we are going to have our day!!!  Thomas.

For more details on JGAM’s services and their forex managed account contact Thomas Fischer at fischer@jgam.com

I agree with Thomas… though I might argue with that word “old”.  At least I do not feel that way. Maybe “not experience challenged” would be better to say!

I do expect to have my day… every day… and each day I expect to be better and better.

Here I am with Thomas at the Jyske TV station showing a TV interview we conducted last year in Naples, Florida.


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