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Opportunities.  “i problemi sono delle opportunità” as the Italians would say. “Problems are Opportunity.”

In these time of rapid change, there is… more than a lesson to be gained from the Italians.

This is one reason why our farmhouse in North Carolina was…


fashioned after this…


Italian villa.

We love the look and feel but another reason was to provide Merri and me with a continual reminder…  “Problems are opportunities.”

We can spot great opportunities by looking at the past... 1,600 years and seven days in Italy to be exact.

Rome fell 1,600 years and seven days ago but Italy has remained a great place to be!

That Italian historical success provides an inspiration.  Italy provides other opportunities and in a moment you’ll see why one of only four shares I hold in my portfolio is… an Italian bank… Unicredit.

Learn how you can grab profits from shares like this at our 150th International Investing & Business seminar.

We are approaching our 30th year of conducting these seminars… each updates global investing and business opportunity and we would like to share why these bank shares may seem an unlikely investment just when European banks are undergoing 2010 stress tests… but the stress is exactly why I hold these shares, plus…


Learn why the price, shown in this chart, of the Unicredit Bank share has more than doubled in just months, plus find out about a profit kicker that pushes those profits even higher than 100%.

At our October seminar you can see all the shares I am invested in at the moment… and why as we look far beyond Italy into a world of global investing, business and more.

Let’s go back to Rome… 1,600 years and seven days. On that date (August 24, 410) the city was attacked by the Visigoths, led by Alaric I.  Slaves opened Rome’s Salarian Gate and the Visigoths poured in. They looted for three days.

St. Jerome, a citizen in Rome at the time, wrote “The city which had conquered the whole world was itself conquered.”

What does Rome’s fall 1600 years ago have to do with our investing and business… with our lives today?

There are two important lessons we can gain from Rome.   First, the reasons why Rome fell. There are innumerable theories about which cultural, political and economic trends caused the fall.   Some say it was the decline in the Roman martial vigor. The state hired too many mercenaries and lost military control.

Other theories say that major factors in the fall were deforestation and soil erosion.

Global climate changes caused by by volcanic eruptions are suggested.

Destabilizing drop in the working population are also cited.

Others blame the Roman obsession for “bread and circuses” and that Roman rulers were seeking only to gratify these obsessions.

The fact that it was slaves who let the Visigoths enter the city suggests that in Rome menial… though obviously important jobs were done by immigrants.  The Romans themselves would no longer work at difficult jobs.

Sound familiar… these problems… this rapid change?

The second more important lesson from ancient Rome is reflected in what the smart Italians did  to survive and prosper during that huge shift.

Because the Visigoths had converted to the Christian sect Arianism, the looting was not particularly violent. There was relatively little rape, murder and damage to buildings.   Yet there was a profound effect on the city. This was the first time the city had been breached in 800 years, and its citizens were devastated.

Many believed this could never happen (it did).  Others buried their heads in the sand (leaving their rear ends exposed).  Some were sure that the barbarians would soon be overthrown and the old ways would return… (they did not)!

The smart ones invested wisely… outside of Rome.  Many started businesses serving the new era.  Tens of thousands of Romans fled the economically ruined city and moved into the countryside.  Others moved to better places to live and some sought refuge in Africa.

Talk about stress… being a Roman and going through that incredible change. Yet Italy has been a great place to live for these past 1,600 years for those who learned what to do and were able to act.

You’ll want to join our international investments – business and quantum wealth seminar… because we could be in an era of similar change… the increasingly chaotic transition of a great civilization when the same problems that caused Rome’s fall are with us.

There is decline in the martial vigor… growing numbers of mercenaries… deforestation and soil erosion global climate change…destabilizing working population decreases and the headlong pursuit by voters and leaders for only the good life.

All these events have come together and create new opportunities you can enjoy as the old ways fall.

Many of Rome’s faults are striking the Western world.  Economic stress grows…debt…rising cost of insurance, increased liability…inflation lurk everywhere. More crowds… increase change… added push.  The falling dollar and economic hard times are shredding purchasing power. Jobs are hard to find. Pensions are at risk.  Banks fall.  Even borders lose their protective power.

Choices seem to diminish…. but actually opportunities grow.

We can join the rat race trying to survive in the old ways or… find enjoyable new ways to live invest and earn that will prosper in the upcoming era.

This is why Merri and I have enhanced the focus of our seminars on international investments… gaining global earning power and using ancient wisdom to enjoy quantum wealth.

The seminar is divided into three sessions. The first is International Investing…  How to Have a Global Income and Quantum Wealth.

Part One of the Seminar:  International Investing. Protect your purchasing power like the smart Roman investors who invested wisely… outside of Rome.

Many historians believe that rapid growth and inflation created by the vast size of the empire helped in its decline.  The budget to maintain roads for communication, transportation, and moving of armies and aqueducts for water while fighting enemies on all sides at the same time required  huge sums of silver and gold… especially to keep up its armies.  This forced the government to raise taxes that caused inflation to explode and ruined the Roman currency.  This created economic stress that was part of Rome’s decline.

There are two benefits in multi currency investing now.

First, if you choose the right currencies you gain a profit kicker.

For example the Unicredit Bank shares in my portfolio recently rose from 1 euro per share to 2 euro.  This was a 100% increase. However in the same period the euro rose from 1.17 dollars per euro to 1.33 dollars per euro.


This is the profit kicker shown in this chart. If one had invested $10,000 when Unicredit Bank shares were 2 euro per share… but the euro just 117 dollars a euro… and sold when the euro rose, a profit was kicked up even though the share price had not grown.  $10,000 purchased 8,547 euro at 1.17.  This would have purchased 4,273 shares.  At 1.33 those same shares are worth  $11,367… a 13.67% profit in just two months.

Make no mistake… the euro could have moved in the opposite direction and profits would have been destroyed… losses would incur even though the share prices did not drop.

Session One of the seminar looks at how to choose currencies when they are more likely to rise than fall.

The session also looks at the second benefit of multi currency investing… diversification and borrowing low to deposit high.

This type of multi currency investing is usually in slow moving, safe, conservative investments but it can be really profitable as well.

How safe?

The portfolios we create and review at our seminar are mostly composed of mutual funds and shares and are developed with the help of one of the world’s safest banks. The mutual funds and shares are held at that bank at all times.

Suppose we get specific. That safe bank is Jyske Bank…well established with a history of over 100 years.

Jyske is Denmark ’s second largest bank, with 450,000 clients in Denmark and over 30,000 abroad. Jyske Bank has over 23 billion euros in assets and also happens to be one of the leading currency traders in the world. The Danes have always been big currency traders because as a small naval country surrounded by England, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, Norway and other countries…they have always had to deal in many currencies. This historically gained expertise means that unlike most banks (that trade only eight hours a day) Jyske maintains a 24 hour global currency and commodity dealer service. Many other large banks use Jyske to handle their off hour currency positions. This means that Jyske is huge when it comes to multi currency activity. In fact their currency and commodity trading turnover reaches $50 billion dollars a day.

That’s safe.


Jyske investment managers speak at our seminar and also meet delegates personally.  Here is Thomas Fischer of Jyske speaking to a group at…


a previous seminar at our farm.

Each seminar reviews global economics and updates ways to adapt and prosper in current conditions. This portion of the seminar reviews what I am doing as a multi currency investor myself.

For example in my portfolio right now I have just four equities and three equity mutual funds.

Jyske Bank shares is one.  UniCredit Bank the second.  The others held are KGHM Polska Miedz, a Polish mining company that mines copper and silver and
Brookfield Renewable Power… Canadian… a vast electricity generator, plus a Turkey, Brazil and European mutual fund.

In each of our investing sessions you’ll see my updated portfolio and why I have made changes, plus my current seven favorite places to invest.

At the last seminar (June 2010) my seven picks were:

#1: Multi Currency Investments.

#2: Emerging Market Bonds.

#3: Good Value European and Emerging Equity Markets.

#4: Turkey & Brazil.

#5: Ecuador Real Estate.

#6: Florida Real Estate.

#7: Water Shares.

Most teachers do not actually share their own personal portfolios… I do and explain why my portfolio is designed by me for my circumstances at any one time.

This provides you with two benefits. First sharing why I adjust my investments might be of help to you to understand how to adjust yours.

Second and most important,  I invest real time. The data shared in our courses is about global investments you can make in the here and now. What you learn is not dated theory, but up to the minute fact! Many delegates come to course after course to update their portfolios.


Delegates learn from each other.  Here is a group from a previous Florida seminar discussing what they learned during the course, at a complimentary wine and cheese reception after the Saturday session.

Part Two of the Seminar: Global Internet Business Sessions – How to Use Words to Earn Global Income

Some historians argue that the collapse of Rome was created by changing technology.  For example, the invention of the horseshoe in Germania gave the invading armies a new technology that defeated the Roman forces.

This is why the  “How to have a small international business” sessions in our seminar are highly practical and usable. They focus on how to use modern technology to start global micro businesses with minimal investments of time and capital… that can create valuable extra income.

By starting small and building with stepping stones and a harmonious focus, Merri and I have learned how to almost own several profit generating phrases at Google.  We, along with our webmaster David Cross share the secrets of how you can use words to create your own global income as well.

The seminar shares how we use the first four of “Seven Ps”  (Person, Problem and Promise, Product) to zero in on key word phrases.  Then you learn how to use the Fifth P Promise to develop new customers. The Sixth P is the Prospecting Path and Seventh P is the Presentation to create income.

We use this system successfully on the internet and share what we do with you as we look at ways you too can have a high income generating business… even if you never leave your home.

This knowledge has really helped previous course delegates. Here is what one previous delegate just shared:

“Gary , I have been working on my website, site and I figure it is time for another update. It is really hard to believe it, but my site just keeps growing and growing and I am now averaging 2000 visitors per day!

“What I find to be most amazing is that in just a few short months my site is #1 out of over a million sites and sometimes even millions of sites! As you always say the internet is the ‘Great Equalizer’ anybody given the right tools can compete on the internet.“Below are some of my search results. I only listed GOOGLE and YAHOO but you can find similar results on both MSN and


#1 out of 1,190,000 …………………………“definition healthy spirit “

#1 and #2 out of 1,210,000.………………….“benefits to living a holistic life “

#1 out of 1,260,000 …………………………“gaining a healthy mind “

#1 and #2 out of 1,260,000 …………………“benefits to living a holistic life “

#2 out of 935,000 …………………………..“holistic lifestyle tips “

You will learn how to use the same system to expand (or start) your business globally!

This is a perfect era to increase your wealth and improve your lifestyle as you reduce stress with investments in the ideas below or your own a micro internet business.

Merri and I enjoy having an international internet business and it is doing well.  Almost every month our internet business sales are higher than they were in the same month a year before.

We are very thankful to be one of the most read sites in Ecuador and do very well in the US and Canada too.

May we share our experiences to help you learn how to enjoy this satisfaction and success though international investments or micro business?

Here is a recent ranking of just one of our five websites.


This recent ranking from shows how our site is in the top 16,000 web sites in America, top 8,000 in Canada and top 500 in Ecuador.  There is more… as you’ll see in pictures below, the recession caused our internet business to grow.

Our seminar helps you learn how to use the same tactics we do… with a micro business.

Our sales doubled during the recession.  Our list of readers increased over 100%.  Since the economy picked up our business growth has slowed but business is still growing. This is how good, value oriented business grow by the way.

Value oriented micro businesses should increase steadily in good times.  They do not get caught overextending in euphoria. Then during bad times they are in a position to do really well!

Knowing the micro business philosophies we follow can help you invest better and can help you create an internet success if you desire.

The Western economy has changed… probably forever.  The old ways are gone and those who held jobs… or still have work in the private sector have lost the most.

The economy will recover… but the way people earn and work… and how the money is distributed and to whom especially… has been profoundly altered.  This is especially true in value added countries like Canada… the USA and most of Europe.

Excerpts from a recent New York Times article entitled “After Escaping Jobless Rolls, Trauma May Linger” by Michael Luo helps explain why:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Antje Newby went back to work in September, but she has still not escaped the burden imposed by nine months of unemployment.

Antje Newby, working again, said, “We’ve got financial impact we’re going to deal with forever.”

Tom Newby stays home in part to help his children adjust to their move from in the Detroit area.

Mrs. Newby and her husband were forced to walk away from their home in suburban Detroit and are now living here in a rented house with their three children. They are bracing for a huge tax bill in the spring because of early withdrawals they made on her 401(k) and taxes they still owe on unemployment benefits. Their credit is in tatters, and their 16-year marriage showed cracks they are still trying to repair.

The wound of unemployment, as her family has learned, is not cauterized so quickly, and lives do not simply go back to the way they were.

Interviews with more than a dozen people who were out of work at least a half-year during the recession and have now landed jobs found many adjusting to new realities. Some of the changes are self-imposed; others forced upon them. They include grappling with newfound insecurities and scaled-back budgets; reshaped priorities and broken relationships. In some ways, it is equivalent to the lingering symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

One person interviewed said, “If the rug is pulled out again, I’m not going to survive”.

Another said “We’ve got financial impact we’re going to deal with forever.”

Many of the old rules of investing and employment have been turned upside down. For example in the past people worked for the government for job security but expected lower pay. Now, according to the Cato Institute this has completely flipped and the reversal is growing:

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released its annual data on compensation levels by industry (Tables 6.2D, 6.3D, and 6.6D here). The data show that the pay advantage enjoyed by federal civilian workers over private-sector workers continues to expand.

The George W. Bush years were very lucrative for federal workers. In 2000, the average compensation (wages and benefits) of federal workers was 66 percent higher than the average compensation in the U.S. private sector. The new data show that average federal compensation is now more than double the average in the private sector.

This means that we are in times of great opportunity, for certain types of investments and internet businesses… if… we choose a business (or investment) that flourishes with change.

We are in an era of global structural change… in economics… in society and in the way we work because technology brings us low cost administration, low cost access to data, low cost communication, and low cost travel, plus the opening of markets beyond logic that rely more on passion and experience than on efficiency and cost.

We look at these economic and structural changes, and what to do about them in the international investing and business portion of our seminar.

We’ll see how markets are shifting from materialistic needs to emotional needs.

We’ll see great opportunity for investors and micro businesses in the following markets:

Love-friendship-control-freedom-tradition-change-big answers-recognition and care. These are emotional needs that create expanding demand and business opportunity. The next generation is having more involvement in every step of the buying process.  Uniting the body and mind is an emerging market.  Natural physical health, fitness will expand but botox and insulin sales will also grow.

Mental health, retreats and spas prosper.  The health of the planet is becoming a more important business.

There is a shift of emphasis from GDP to GWB  (General Wellness Barometer Happiness Factor).  Business will operate with more passion.

We’ll see how to turn these shifts into new opportunities for investment and internet business in seven areas.

Currency Distortions
Value Markets
Emerging Markets
Water and Alternate Energy
Truth & Cohesion
Ecuador and Smalltown USA Real Estate

I call these seven areas the Magnificent Seven… these are the places where I am looking for opportunity and focusing our efforts now.

This focus has paid off.

This chart from Alexa shows our…


traffic rank.  At times we are ranked among the top 16,000 websites in the USA and top 40,000 in the world..

At the seminar, I’ll be joined by several experts on international business and we’ll share these magnificent seven business and investing ideas to see how they can help you.

David Cross… our webmaster will help me unveil the secrets of gaining fun and freedom with a profitable, global micro, internet business.

ecuador assistance

David Cross with his wife (and our daughter), Dr. Cinda Scott.

Part Three of the Seminar: Quantum Wealth.

The decline of the Roman empire is seen as the end of classical antiquity and the beginning of the European middle ages and renaissance.  The emigration of Romans created many new exchanges of knowledge that expanded horizons. With knowledge,  many came to have more than enough money to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

This created a middle class that stimulated the economy provided leisure time to spend on education.  Bankers and accountants needed arithmetic. Those trading with other countries needed a knowledge of foreign currencies and languages. Reading became essential to understand contracts.
Many Italian coastal cities became centers for trade and commerce.  Great business families emerged such as the Mantua, Ferrara and Medicis.  They lived in beautiful homes, employed great artists, and engaged in intellectual pursuits.

These socities recovered ancient secrets that led to a wave of inventions and free thinking…  Gutenberg & the printing press (1445).   Demand for books grew.  Humanism emerged, and expanded science, government, rhetoric, philosophy, and art.  Mathematics gave structure to art, music and numerical ratios were used in building design.

One of the most interesting proportions used by Renaissance artists, the Golden Mean found in nature in the shape of a leaf or the spiral of a shell.

Our house in North Carolina was built on the Golden Mean.


The Copernican theory evolved that the universe did not spin round earth and ancient laws of health and wealth and natural balance emerged.  New sceinces evolved from the seeds of anceint Greek and Roman knowledge.

Modern science is once again rediscovering the fact that we cannot separate wealth from health so the quantum wealth portion of the seminar is about balance… the union between the body and mind… and how to remain balanced physically, emotionally and mentally in an ever increasingly unbalanced world.   We call this Quantum Science.

In the Quantum Wealth sessions you learn ideas about how to have Quantum Health… beginning first with nutrition.

Lead poisoning is believed to have contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.

In ancient Rome the main sweetener used was a sugar syrup called defrutum made from boiling must in lead pots and it contained high levels of lead acetate.  This syrup was used to sweeten wine and food. Lead was also leached from the glazes on amphora and from pewter drinking cups.

Defrutum sweetened wine and was added to fruit and meat dishes and given to food animals such as suckling pig and duck to improve their taste.  Defrutum was mixed in the condiments of Rome. Fruit was preserved in defrutum and some Roman women used it in their cosmetics. Defrutum preserved food for Roman troops.

Chemical analysis of preserved Roman skeletons by Dr. Sara C. Bisel from the University of Minnesota indicated they contained lead in concentrations of 84 parts per million. This  compares to skeletons found in a Greek cave, which had lead concentrations of 3ppm.  Modern Americans and Britons have concentrations between 20-50ppm, (already high).

You make valuable health contacts. For example, our Quantum Health sessions will be enhanced by…. Bob Shane.  Bob is a space scientist who has been involved at the quantum scientific level of the  aerospace industry for his entire career.   His studies in quantum physics helped him apply space science to understanding the deepest levels of balance in health.  Besides being the first person we turn to when we have health questions or concerns, he and his wife have been our very best friends for almost two decades.  He has helped Merri and me with our health enumerable times over these years.

Bob will be available in June to demonstrate the most scientific and modern methods of physical balancing at the quantum level.  He will bring three special instruments for balancing at the Quantum level…the Scenar, ESTeck and Core Inergetix.

Learn more about Bob at Ecuador shamans use quantum science.

Jean Marie Butterlin will travel from Cotacachi, Ecuador to speak.

Jean Marie with the shaman, Don Esteban. Jean Marie… a Parisian, after living in Houston and exporting French products to the USA, moved to Spain and built a business exporting natural health products and quantum balancing instruments throughout Europe.  He has now moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador and has developed a natural health business there…  plus he conducts our shamanic minga and Super Learning courses.

Jean Marie will speak about Ecuador business and investing opportunities but also Ecuador health care and shamanic health.

We asked our friend Ann Russell Roberts (Vitale) who has been professionally dancing and teaching yoga and dance for 33 years.

Ann  has been professionally teaching yoga, dance, etc. for 33 years to interesting people… such as Jon Bon Jovi.

Picking up “The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga” by Swami Vishnudevananda in high school Ann was captivated with the chapters after the asanas (“self as existence, knowledge and bliss”).  The yoga gave her refuge & sanity with the intense dance career – a trustworthy friend she says “that has never left”.

Ann is now a professor at Elon University.


Here is Ann with Maya.

A native of North Carolina, she earned her BA and MA from UNC-Chapel Hill.  She also did graduate work at Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

Receiving a scholarship to dance in New York City she moved and professionally danced, choreographed and taught there for 20 years.

In NYC, teaching at Steps Dance Studio, the Emanu-EL  14th St. Y Dance Center, Robert Yohn Dance Studio, the Kundalini Yoga Center, Katie Agresta Voice Studio  and other  centers  she also taught esoteric yoga from Tibet privately to noted performing artists.

Her teaching extended to NYC  businesses including CBS, IBM, McGraw Hill and Columbia Artists.   For example, she taught Jon Bon Jovi Kundalini yoga, the Warrior yoga from India that she learned from Yogi Bhajan Siri Singh Sahib.  She says: “Jon truly was a warrior-totally focused, concentrated and with a great sense of humor!”

Before forming her professional dance company Edge Dance Theatre, Ltd. she danced with other companies including Gus Solomons, the international Butoh Group X,  Robert  Yohn of Eric Hawkins Co. and in Japan with Sachio Ito.  Edge Dance Theatre, Ltd.  with international Dance Magazine reporting, “her  fine new ‘Legend’…authority and conviction in alluring choreography” won choreographic grants including the International Dance Festival in NYC and the Harkness Ballet Foundations of Dance Award.  Edge’s other NYC  venues include DTW’s Bessie Schonberg Theater, the Cunningham Studio, Westbeth Theater, the Grammercy Arts Theater, the International Center and the Laban/Bartineff Institute.

Trained in Yogas, Gyrotonics and Pilates, Ann specializes in teaching the ancient, rare Tibetan Yoga Tsa Lung/Trul Khor  as received from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Alejandro Raoul. After training for 3 years at Ligmincha, the international Bon Tibetan center in Va., she received  special permission to teach this rare yoga.

She established two yoga courses based on Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan Yogas at Elon University in the Performing Arts Department  where she now teaches. Her master teachers of Hatha and Kundalini  Yoga were Dharma Mittra and Yogi Bhajan respectively.

Ann also received training in traditional Native American Arts and Ceremonies with Adanowa Aninvya, Tsa La Gi (Cherokee) High Medicine Priest.

Ann will conduct the yoga-meditation portion of Quantum Wealth course to help you learn ways to integrate daily knowledge…. your logic with your own deeper peace and wisdom.

We go far beyond yoga in our quantum wealth sessions shown in the total syllabus (subject to change with economic evolution) below.

International Investing & Business Made EZ
West Jefferson, NC  October 7 to 10.

Thursday, October 7, 2010:

1pm:  1000 Year Economic Review‚  What Now? How to cash in on the multi currency evolution.  Gary Scott. Knowing 1000 years of global economics can enhance your international investments and international business now. Learn how history reveals currency distortions that create international investment opportunities to borrow low and deposit high. For example right now you can borrow Japanese yen at below 3%, Swiss francs below 4% to invest in international investments, international business, international real estate or other international currencies that pay 5%, 6%, 7% and even more. In one case we’ll show why it is smart to borrow Swiss francs at 3.75% and invest in international Brazilian bonds that pay up to 10% or more!

3:30pm. How & Where to Bank Abroad.   Thomas Fischer. Learn how to choose an overseas bank… what type of account to open… how to review of global stock markets, international currencies and international interest rates and how to spot shifts versus the US dollar.

Thomas Fischer, Jyske Global Asset Management. Thomas is the senior VP at JGAM and  JGAM is in charge of investor multi currency allocation strategy.  He will speak about global and multi currency investing and how to borrow low and deposit high.


Thomas Fischer speaking with delegates at a previous seminar.

5pm: International investment portfolios for diversification. in several cases into nine currencies and nine different investments of which more than half have strong A to AAA ratings. We will review any changes made in the international investments portfolios we track and update what and how currencies and interest rates may move in the months ahead.

See good places to invest now.  Always updated, currently our list includes #1: emerging stock markets. Emerging markets outperformed developed markets for seven years through 2007.  In 2007 the MSCI overall Emerging Markets benchmark was up 23.8 % in US dollars compared to the MSCI World Total Return Index being down 0.08 % in US dollars.   Emerging markets fell faster in 2008 but rebounded in 2009 and led the global investment pack.

In 2009 the emerging markets index (in US dollars) was up 58.99% compared to 23.05% for the same world index. Over three years the index on emerging markets was up 37.88% versus 17.27% for the world index. The emerging market index was up 35.63% compared to the world’s index rise of 18.43% over five years.

You’ll learn why in 2009 we were investing in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).These 4 countries now generate approximately 27% of the world´s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  The average annual GDP growth of a BRIC nation was greater than 7% before the recession, as compared to approximately 2% for a G-7 nation.  In the first three quarters of 2009, the growth rate for the Chinese economy beat expectations with an outstanding 8.9%.   We look at a special BRIC trading idea in our 2010 seminars. The October seminar updates markets for 2010 and compares emerging and major market opportunity for 2011.

Friday October 8, 2010.

9am:  Good investing sector #2: Emerging market bonds. You’ll see how I am earning up to 12% on safe emerging market bonds in Brazil and Turkey. Good investing sector #3: international investments in alternate energy and water. For example we’ll see why Hyflux (water cleaning membranes mainly in China ) rose from $1.50 to $5 in less than a year (and why it then fell dramatically). We’ll see why water shares are destined to grow. We’ll look at Vestas (windmills) shares also up from $50 to $106. Plus we’ll update our Green Portfolio. Good sector #4: How to Cash in on Smalltown USA.

We’ll look at properties for sale in Ashe County, North Carolina and Central Florida. These areas have two unique features. First, they offer great real estate value. Second, they are great places to visit and live…Smalltown USA!

Many readers combine a trip to our Florida or Blue Ridge courses with a chance to look around and inspect some property for sale.  Learn how demographics and population push (plus the water) and new Florida investments that have come to this area are likely to make this a hot spot in the decade ahead.  In Florida they often visit Orlando about an hour away… plus look at the great lake front properties available at really low prices.

10:30pm: Good investing sector #5: real estate in Ecuador. We have gained much more than just profit and international business and international investing opportunity in our international real estate searches. We have gained incredible luxury, heart- warming sweetness, breath-taking beauty, much better health and pleasant surprises at every turn. Having lived, worked and played in Ecuador now for over a decade, we’ll focus heavily there.

For example we’ll see how to own condos like this for as little as $59,500.


These condos have excellent view are near the village center, have a small park nearby and this view.


This session reviews a list of current Ecuador property for sale.

2pm: Global Investing Q&A plus How to use the latest tax savings and offshore legal structures to gain the ultimate asset protection. Learn how to gain more than cash-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self-sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…by combining very small amounts of money with your time and energy in an international business.

3:30pm The Ultimate Asset… Your Own International Micro Internet Business. How to use the internet in your micro business.

Saturday, October  9, 2010.

9am:  How to monetize your micro business. Learn eleven ways to develop income. One section in this session shows how I turned a $950 direct mailing into $118,500 in three weeks. I added $9,875 a month to my income! This information is worth the cost of the course alone.

10:30am: How to write and use publishing, seminars and how to use international internet opportunities to create your own global business from your home. You can run your global business from an office or at home! The internet makes this more possible than ever before.

11:30m: How to have an International and Ecuador Import-Export Business anywhere. We’ll especially zero in on Ecuador export business opportunities in carved wood, ceramics from Cuenca, carpets from Guano, silver and gold jewelry from Chordeleg, paintings and art, textiles from Otavalo, leathers from Cotacatchi and flowers from the Andes . For example you’ll learn how factories make bread dough jewelry that can be fashioned into high school and college mascots and purchased for pennies apiece (to be sold for dollars abroad). You see how the only native American owned mill produces coats, shirts, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves in school colors of your choice (at really low prices). These can be sold for ten times their cost.

One session in the courses focuses on how to profit from an import export business… especially in Ecuador.


Bonnie Keough will be available at the seminar.  Bonnie conducts export tours and will be on hand in North Carolina to display Ecuador export products and speak about how to export from Ecuador.  She brings extensive knowledge about Ecuadorian products and sales back in the USA…plus never ceases to amaze us with her outstanding array and excellent prices of goods from Ecuador.

Plus we’ll have Micro business case studies. What we are doing now. How readers have started small and grown on the internet! Imagine this. Merri and I have a tiny international business. Just two of us run this operation from a remote farm in the Blue Ridge, a small village in Ecuador and the Florida countryside. Yet our website is ranked as one of the top 16,000 sites in the USA.  One case study at the course will review how our daughter has turned the Love-Recognition and Care markets into a huge success teaching her love of the performing arts dancing…. singing and drama.

2pm. Quantum Wealth. Multi-Dimensional Micro Business for Fulfillment & Wealth.  The Sound of Wealth & Health. Quantum Mechanics & Frequency and how they affect markets and connect business and investing with health & wealth.

10:30am The Importance of Balance. Integrating brain waves and being in the zone… 60 cycle sound, meditation and beyond. The importance of being wise and how to have a global view.

2:00 Quantum Science in Health and Wealth. Bob Shane.

3:00 Balancing with the ancient, Tibetan Yoga Tsa Lung/Trul Khor  as received from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Alejandro Raoul.

6:30pm   Wine & Cheese Reception at the New River Winery hosted by Jyske Global Asset Management.

Sunday, October 10, 2010.

9am: The Andean – Indian Connection. Three fundamentals of longevity.  How this helps improve business & investing. Three Foundations of Quantum Wealth.

10:00. Balancing with the ancient, Tibetan Yoga Tsa Lung/Trul Khor  as received from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Alejandro Raoul.

1pm: End of course. Delegates who have time are invited to our farm for afternoon tea.


Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retirees, couples wanting to get into international business together, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second sources of income through international investments and international business.

If you have or want to make international investments or have your own full or part time international business, you should contact us and make a reservation.


Oct.  7-10   West Jefferson North Carolina

Enroll here. $749 Reserve here –  $999  Reserve for two

We invite you to join us in North Carolina for the leaf change and this weekend of learning and sharing.


Oct.  7-10   West Jefferson North Carolina

Enroll here. $749 Reserve here –  $999  Reserve for two

This is an era of great opportunity and the first weekend in October is always…


a time of…


great beauty during…


the leaf change.

Here is what one delegates have said about this seminar: “Warm greetings for you and Merri! I’ll be on that list of Millionaire women very soon, thanks to your wonderful guidance and tips. Thank you SO MUCH for the good work that you both do!!!”

Another shared this: “I love to travel, but since I’m not independently wealthy, I also need to make money. I made one of my dreams come true. I went to Ecuador . I attended Gary & Merri Scott’s import/export seminar, we visited artists, markets and villages. It was a treat to see the great variety of handmade items and meet the friendly artists. I started to see the possibilities. I filled my suitcases in no time. Most of those things were sold to coworkers and friends and covered the costs of my trip. Yeah!”

“I returned to Ecuador in October. I spent two weeks attending Spanish classes in Quito and the next two weeks shopping. Once home, I sold my goods at an international bazaar and again paid for my trip expenses.

“Do I plan to continue? You bet! I have ideas for other places to sell my goods and some great material for travel articles. I am learning more each trip and gaining experience and confidence and most importantly, I love doing it!”

“Attending your workshop was the catalyst that gave me the courage to take the plunge. Thank you for enriching my life.”

Oct.  7-10   West Jefferson North Carolina

Enroll here. $749 Reserve here –  $999  Reserve for two

Course fees do not include air fare, food or accommodations.