Funky Micro Business in Harmony

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Here is a funky micro business that’s in harmony with the world.


These are world famous Haight Guitars.

Today being able to serve and earn is of growing importance so we created the Funky Micro Business Hall of Fame to show how many different ways you can succeed in your own business.  The hall shows ways from as odd as blowing bubbles to making animal shaped rubber bands.

See the Funky Micro business Idea Hall of Fame here. Please share your funky ideas.

Here is a new addition to our Funky Micro Business Hall of Fame… helping others make guitars.

Merri and I always seem to end up living in places that are famous for music.

Up here in the Blue Ridge, Blue Grass music is very excellent (been around for centuries!) and many local musicians have become well known… such as these who are in the Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame.

Dolly Pardon comes from the Blue Ridge and is well known so I do not even have to mention or give her background and what she does.

You may also know of Earl Scruggs.

Earl Eugene Scruggs, was born in Shelby, North Carolina and is a legendary musician noted for perfecting and popularizing a 3-finger banjo style that has become a defining characteristic of bluegrass music.  The creative contribution and musical integrity he has made with his unique Scruggs-Style banjo has carved him a place in history.

If you like Blue Grass, you also know Doc Watson.

Doc Watson

Doc Watson was born Arthel L. Watson in Deep Gap, NC just a few miles from our farm and is a legendary performer who blends his traditional Appalachian musical roots with bluegrass, country, gospel and blues to create a unique style and expansive repertoire.  He is a powerful singer and tremendously influential picker who virtually invented the art of playing mountain fiddle tunes on the flattop guitar.

Plus if you know guitars, you know the great luthier Wayne Henderson.

Luthiers are those who make or repair stringed musical instruments.

Wayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson was born in Rugby, Virginia.  He is well known for his handmade, legendary acoustic guitars, his fine musicianship, and musical festival named in his honor to support musical scholarships for local youths.  Eric Clapton waited for ten years for a Henderson Guitar and inspired a book by Allen St. John entitled “Clapton’s Guitar:  Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect Instrument”.  Today, Henderson Guitars are in high demand and respected for their volume, tone and resonance.

Norm Haight is another well known and respected luthier.  Merri and I were tickled to have him sitting on the couch in our center talking to us as he picked on one of his wonderful Haight guitars.


Photo of Norm Haight taken by by MBohrer

Luthiers are guitar makers… but Norm’s micro business has gone a step further… he built a workshop at his home and offers day courses for students to join him…. learning how to build guitars and to build their own Haight guitar for less than buying one in a store.

Here is Norm’s workshop.


The Haights were thinking of expanding and were looking at our farm (we provide our cabins and seminar hall for seminars) as a place where they could accommodate even more students at a time.

Learn more about Haight Guitars and his guitar school at

So if you have a skill… maybe you too can expand and build on it.  Teach others your skill and earn more with your own micro business.

See funky business explained… avoiding the old order.


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