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Here is a way to gain more useful information and access real wisdom that can help make your life better.


Our emails go out to over 21,000 readers every day.  The numbers grow every day and as of today as the list data from our mail sending system shows, we sent 21,313 emails.

This gives all of us… you the reader… and me the writer,  an opportunity to enjoy the wisdom of the masses so we can develop extra income earning power.

I’ll explain how we can tap into greater power for everlasting health and wealth in a moment.

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Now back to wisdom access… for health and wealth.

Our goal at this site, and and our numerous other websites is to provide useful global information that Merri and I… with the help of the friends we have gained in our 42 years of living, working and investing globally.

So when we receive notes like this one from a reader… we are delighted.

Gary,  my wife and I moved to Manta last year after attending your Spanish class in Cotachachi and the two tours (Imbabura province and Coastal). We bought a house in the Manta Beach ( a gated community outside of Manta), we really love it here in Ecuador. We received our cedulas in May so we can live in Ecuador year round.

The reason I am writing is to tell you we fixed the Quinoa chocolate pancakes this morning and they were delicious.

Thanks for the newsletter that contains so many good tips and topics of interest for us living in Ecuador.

The next time we get up to Cotachachi, we will stop in and see you.  Ray.

I was delighted to read this and Merri who created the quinoa pancake recipe was delighted to know that Ray and his wife loved the pancakes.

The point is we have this massive amount of data being sent to us (such as Ray’s experience in getting his cedula – the Ecuadorian residential document) and we would like to expand what we can share with you.

Wisdom of the masses.

The wisdom we gain by sharing is explained in the book, “The Wisdom of Crowds, Why the Many are Smarter than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies and Societies and Nations” by James Surowiecki.

The book begins by telling how at the annual West of England Fat Stock and Poultry Exhibition in the fall of 1906, a British scientist became interested in a weight judging competition. 800 people, smart, dumb, old, young in all types of professions guessed the weight of two dressed oxen. The correct answer was 1,197 pounds. The scientist’s research found that the collective estimate was incredibly close, 1,198 pounds.

The book suggests that there is an uncanny and generally unconscious collective intelligence at work. The book shows how clouds of birds seem to move in one mind but actually are each acting on their own following four simple rules:

#1) Stay as close to the center as possible.

#2) Stay two body lengths away from your neighbor.

#3) Do not bump into another bird.

#4): If a predator dives at you get out of the way.

The book suggests that rather than crowds being mindless mobs that the many are weirdly smart and effective even if part of the group are average or below in intelligence or experience.

A key point that the article makes is that there is incredible effectiveness in a diversity of individual intelligences and this is why we are sharing ideas about problems and opportunities here.  We enhance our problem solving ability to more than the 20th power!

So let’s hear it. Expand on your ideas. Send your questions, concerns, obstacles… road blocks… problems…whatever and let’s work together to help each other succeed.

If I get enough from you… I’ll make Saturday… sharing day and publish questions and ideas and answers from readers.

This might help us all enjoy the wisdom of ALL.


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