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Here is a funky micro business idea… health shoes that can really increase your comfort, health and happiness… plus this is enough of a micro business idea that it goes into our hall of funky micro business ideas.

Our website supports the idea that micro businesses should be profitable, good for owners, employees, customers and society now and in the future… green… humanitarian… fair trade…  at least.

We believe in self fulfillment…  and that  business should be fun and can be unusual… funky… even off the wall.

So we have created our Hall of Funky business ideas… to inspire… share and show the incredible number of ways that you can have a micro business.

Years ago Merri and I Met Bob & Laurie Baker who had a funky micro business idea… distribute a shoe that is so designed and comfortable that it can actually improve your health!

They are called “Walk the Walk” clogs, shoes and boots and we have had many raves about them from readers..

These are handmade shoes …one of the few shoes left that are made in the US (hand made by Armenians in California) and they are specially designed to mold to your feet.  Years ago we were originally given to Merri and me a pair and found that “Walk the Walk” shoes are the lightest, most comfortable and usable I have ever worn.  We always have dust or mud at the farm so wear one pair of shoes inside and another outside. This is always a hassle taking shoes off and putting them back on. The Walk the Walks slide on and off easily. Yet they mold to your feet, fit perfectly and are so comfortable that you can hardly tell you have them on.


My Walk the Walk clogs I wear at our farm.

They were originally made for professionals…surgeons etc., anyone who has to be on their feet all day long. The shoes have round shock absorbers on the bottom which soften the harshness out of walking.

Laurie explained that the heel strike shock created by most shoes actually causes many health problems…lower back aches, problems with hips, knees, ankles and feet. This shoe was designed to neutralize this heel strike shock and acts as a natural alternative healing from your feet up!

Laurie says that those wearing the Walk the Walk shoes report a host of structural problems relieved…little by little. Suddenly many find that pain disappearing and they forget they were ever suffering! The Walk the Walks support the spine and mold themselves to your feet in about a week! Merri and I loved it when Laurie explained her blessing “May you forget why you came to these shoes!”

Because these shoes are a light weight, high density polyurethane, they are also a whiz to clean. Just use soap and water and a paper towel. One other thing I like is that there is no decorations, symbols or logos on the shoe….just good ol’ plain shoes.

You can see full details here and I highly recommend them.

Really addictive!

In addition to the shoes that Laurie gave us we ordered the short boots and more of the clogs! I ordered a pair for my 87 year old mother who suffers from fibromyalgia and various aches and pains (Laurie says that many with fibromyalgia report great improvement).

I have taken my Walk the Walks to Ecuador and wear them while conducting my courses.

By the way I am not selling these shoes nor do I have any financial or other interest in them.

I have only two interests here.

First, we love to see those who have created a micro business that does something positive for others.

Second, when I find something that is wonderful for Merri and me, we want to share this knowledge with you.

You can get full details about size, fitting etc. from Bob & Laurie Barker at theshoeguys or call 828-863-4550.

Until next message, may we walk the talk and walk in our “walk the walks” in everything we do!

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