New Ecuador Opportunities

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Here are three new Ecuador opportunities.

The first is environmental as shown in this excerpt from an article:

Ecuadoran President Confirms Deal to Leave Oil Under Yasuni Park

QUITO, Ecuador, April 26, 2010 (ENS) – President Raphael Correa now has approved an agreement to leave Ecuador’s largest oil reserves, amounting to some 900 million barrels, underground in Yasuni National Park in exchange for more than $3 billion.

Under the unprecedented agreement, known as the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, the government of Ecuador will refrain from exploiting the Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini oil field within the Amazon rainforest park, which scientists have determined to be the most biodiverse area in all of South America.

The agreement between Ecuador and the United Nations Development Programme creating a trust fund to receive donations to the Yasuni-ITT Initiative was nearly signed in December at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, but at the last minute, President Correa instructed his negotiators to hold back until several sticking points were resolved.

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador (Photo courtesy Office of the President)

See a link to the entire article below.

The second opportunity comes in the form of a new shop in Cotacachi named Wakya. See Wakya here.

The third opportunity is beginning this September.

As of August 1st, Jean Marie Butterlin (whom we have been working with for some years) has acquired our Ecuador tour business.


Delegates at our Cotacachi Super Thinking plus Spanish Course.

Jean Marie has added some new tours and expanded the length of others, so see the new schedule below.

Jean Marie Butterlin, was born in France and after graduating in 1977 from the engineering college ICAM in Lille (France) moved to United States where he developed a homeopathic and dietary supplement business in Houston TX, with an aim at exporting the US made products  into Europe, with emphasis towards Belgium and France.


Jean Marie Butterlin.

After living part time on both sides of the Atlantic he moved back  in 2002 to Europe where he has a prosperous business in the natural health field i.e. phytotherapy, mineral supplements, specialty cosmetics, as well as Quantum medical technology, internet publishing for the anti-aging market.

This quest for anti-aging remedies, products and techniques has lead him to discover Ecuador with its valleys of longevity, where he is researching and developing new approaches to live longer and better and bringing the new products and techniques to more and more people in the United States and Europe.

Jean Marie moved with his family to Cotacachi last year.

International club members will still attend all 2010 tours free.


Delegates at a shamanic minga tour.

See the updated Ecuador tour schedule below.  * Indicates new added or expanded tour.


Delegates on a Coastal real estate tour.

Sept.   2-6   Ecuador Export Tour

Sept.   8-9  Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Sept. 11-12  Coastal Real Estate Tour

Sept. 14-15-16 Cuenca Real Estate Tour

* Sept 20-25th Women’s Event


Delegates on an Imabura real estate tour.

Oct.  7-10  Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business North Carolina

Oct.   11-12  Travel to Quito and Andean Tour

Oct.  13-14  Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Oct.  16-17  Coastal Real Estate Tour

Oct.  19-20  Quito Real Estate Tour

Oct. 22-23-24  * Cuenca Real Estate Tour (Expanded from two days to three).

Oct 26-27   * Mindo Exploration of Life in a Cloud Forest ($249 $299

Oct 26-27  * Quito-Otavalo Christmas Shopping ($249 $299)

Nov.    4-7   Super Thinking + Spanish Course Florida

Nov.    8-9   Travel to Quito and Andean Tour

Nov. 10-11    Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Nov. 13-14    Coastal Real Estate Tour

Nov. 16-17    Quito Real Estate

Nov. 19-20-21  * Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Nov. 23-24 * Mindo Exploration of Life in a Cloud Forest
Dec.   2-3   *Quito-Otavalo Christmas Shopping ($249 $299)
Dec 2-3  * Mindo Exploration of Life in a Cloud Forest

Dec. 4-5    Ecuador Shamanic Minga

Dec.   6-7    Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Dec.  9-10   Coastal Real Estate Tour

Dec. 12-13    Quito Real Estate Tour

Dec. 15-16-17  Cuenca Real Estate Tour


You enjoy discounts by attending multiple seminars and tours.

Here are our multi tour adventure discounts.

Two Pack… 2 seminar courses & tours $998 Couple  $1,349 Save $149 on couple

Three Pack… 3 seminar courses & tours   $1399 Couple  $1,899 Save $98 single or $348 on a couple or more

Four Pack… 4 seminar courses & tours   $1,699 Couple $2,299 Save $98 single or $697 on a couple or more

Five Pack… 5 seminar courses & tours  $1,999 Couple $2,699 Save $496 single or $1,046 on a couple or more

Six Pack… 6 seminars courses & tours  $2,199 Couple $3,099 Save $795 single or $1,395 on a couple or more

You can apply multi tour discounts in reverse.  Enroll in multi tours.  Learn about Ecuador in June, July, August or September and then include the October Quantum Wealth course in your multi tour pack.

Oct.  7 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business North Carolina

Read Ecuadoran President Confirms Deal to Leave Oil Under Yasuni Park