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A reason for being a one man multinational and having a six point command posture… with a global micro business and international investments is that your feet can do your voting.

The sun always shines somewhere and if clouds appear on the horizon of where you are… you have the ability to walk to a better place.  Or drive or sail or fly.  You have the choice.  You may choose to move on or not… but unlike most people that decision is yours.

So we have often looked in this site at the power of our feet to create freedom.

This message looks at the power of our feet to create good health.

I have often wondered about shoes. Can you…

feet and health

spot the…

feet and health


It’s the shoes… or lack thereof!

Long ago a yatchak in the Andes had me walk bare foot on wet morning dew grass. Then this Amazon shaman Aldemar… told me the same thing.

They both told me that the earth energy was vital to good health and to always exercise the legs using this LLama Walk exercise with…


bare feet.

This was no problem for me as I love going bare foot and do most of the time at our farms in North Carolina and grove in Florida as well as when we are at our Ecuador Hacienda.

This has been a habit since childhood and the bottoms of my feet remain pretty thick.

This always leaves me feeling grounded.

Now I see why.

I recall when living in Hong Kong many years ago. I was water skiing in Repulse Bay and hit a bottle… broken but still floating… I think this is what it was.   Whatever this put a 13 stitch gash in the bottom of my foot.  The MD at the emergency room broke three needles in the process of stitching me up.

His comment was “damn the bottom of your feet are like an elephant’s”.

One of the health experts who helped me a lot once taught me that after a long flight… as soon as possible after the flight get off the shoes and walk on the earth .

I had also learned that animal protein transferred the earth energy… so leather soles work well.

The footwear of Ecuador’s indigenous people is an espadrille that has a bottom made of natural fibers.

feet and health

“However”,  I often wondered, what impact do rubber and syntehtic insulating soles do to us?

feet and health

Converse… the shoes that 50 million or so Americans grew up in. I still wear them… all synthetic bottoms and all. Should I?

Our friend, and one of the best Medical Doctors I know, Dr. Joe Spano (listed in the 100 Best Doctors in the US) recently sent me an article that helps answer this question.

This article first points out the tremendous health impact electro-pollution can have on our bodies, including our heart.  Then it goes on to show a solution to electro pollution.

Here is an excerpt from “Are your shoes harming your health?” A link to the entire article is below.

“Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work—just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up.”—Excerpted from Earthing.

Today, I want to follow up with a surprisingly powerful way to help overcome electro-pollution so it won’t negatively affect your health. The solution is Earthing, which simply means connecting to the natural electric energy present on the surface of the planet we live on.

The Earth’s gentle energy is a remarkable source of healing, yet modern society is largely disconnected from it since we no longer live in contact with the ground. For example, we wear shoes made from synthetic insulating materials that disconnect us from the Earth’s energy. This separation makes us more vulnerable to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, poor sleep, and more.

I first learned about Earthing years ago when I was approached at an electro-medicine conference by Clint Ober, a pioneer in the cable television installation business. He wanted to speak with me about his Earthing theory and how it related profoundly to health. Intrigued, I sat down and listened.

What he had to say was unlike anything I had ever heard before…

Clint had survived a near-fatal health crisis, and came out of that experience determined not only to maintain his own wellness—but to find a higher mission in life. Suddenly, all of his success and wealth meant nothing. He gave it all up, and started his search for a second life’s calling.

One day Clint was people watching when he noticed that most people walk around in plastic or rubber soled footwear that breaks our connection—or grounding—to the Earth. He wondered if this could have an effect on health. It occurred to him rather innocently that he and most everyone else around him were insulated from the electrical surface charge of the Earth.

His thoughts went back to his years in the cable business. Before cable, you may remember that television was commonly affected by “snow,” or disturbing lines from electromagnetic interference. In the cable industry, systems in every home are grounded and shielded to prevent outside signals and fields from interfering with the transmission carried through the cable.

He wondered if grounding could also protect people from environmental electrical charges—or “electro-pollution?” And could a lack of grounding negatively affect health? Those questions inspired a personal pursuit into the world of science that has resulted in a major discovery. The answers turned out to be a resounding yes!

That’s where Earthing comes in—it discharges harmful electro-pollution from your body.

One of the best ways to discharge electro-pollution from your body is by “grounding” yourself—just like a television cable or household electrical system. It’s as simple as removing your shoes and walking barefoot on dirt, sand, the grass, and even unpainted concrete. The more time you spend directly connected to the Earth electrically grounding yourself, the better. Try starting with a half hour, reading in your backyard with your bare feet touching the ground.

That direct connection to the Earth protects you against the relentless free- radical stress caused by toxic wired, and wireless, waves that can cause electro-pollution in your body. You’re also getting an infusion of “activated” electrons produced on the surface of the earth by solar radiation and lightning strikes. It’s hypothesized that this infusion of negatively charged electrons stops the destructive free radicals involved in inflammation.

You’ll actually feel the effects of Earthing, in your mood and mental state.

Shortly after your foot touches the earth, an immediate normalization takes place. If you are tense, you relax. If you are too relaxed, your muscle tension returns to normal. The effect is similar on your brain waves. As your entire autonomic nervous system becomes more balanced, you’ll notice improved bodily function, and markedly improved sleep.

Inside your home, sleeping grounded with special conductive sheets is one of the best methods I know of to help restore the body’s self-healing and regulating mechanisms. You will not only sleep more soundly, but during the hours you’re asleep the natural energy of the Earth significantly boosts your body’s ability to function properly. Plus many people with chronic pain get significant relief!

I garden and…

healthy feet

work in…

feet and health


feet and health

bare feet.

I wonder what a magnet  in the shoes would would do?   Merri and I wear magnets at the base of our neck on long flights to overcome the loss of earth energy.

Perhaps a tiny one in the shoes between the foot and sole would help when one is stuck wearing shoes with artificial soles.


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Are your shoes harming your health?