Quantum Wealth and Inertia

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Inertia does not exist in quantum physics. Knowing this can help bring everlasting wealth and better health.

Merri and I added the quantum aspect to our International Business and Investing Course. We even changed the course name to Quantum Wealth because… of inertia and… because probably like you… we often work too hard… travel too much and… get so caught up in our daily activities that we do not take the time we should to look after our health and consciousness.

This is a vital part of wealth because good health and consciousness are essential ingredients in prosperity.

We need clear thinking… foresight… vitality to see what we should do and to persistently act in successful ways.

We need strong emotional drive and physical energy to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world… yet we must also beware of inertia in our material ambitions getting out of control!

We have been warned about the risks of  material inertia throughout the millennia. Several Chinese commentators beginning as early as the 12th century wrote about inertia. The translations go something like: “First man drinks wine. Second wine drinks wine. Third wine drinks man.”

Perhaps the most famous quote in this matter is from  Hokeky Sho, a Buddhist Sanskrit text “At the third cup, wine drinks the man.”

There is also a similar Japanese proverb about rice wine in the 1800s that inspired a poem by Edward Sill:

“At the punch bowl’s brink,
Let the thirsty think,
What they say in Japan:
First the man takes a drink,
Then the drink takes a drink,
Then the drink takes the man.”

The root of all these warnings is not just about wine or alcohol. These strings of wisdom are warnings about the pitfalls in inertia and the Law of Diminishing Returns.

Ancient texts of great wisdom show us how to combat negative material inertia.   The Bible shows other examples.

“Pray without ceasing.” -I Thessalonians 5:17
“Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws.” – Psalm 119:164

I say non Christian because so many religious publications provide this wisdom as well as yogic, shamanic and meditative scripts.

The fact that this idea was in the Hokeky Sho, a Sanskrit text shows it is in the Vedic ideals.

Muslims pray three to five times a day to remember God.  (Shia pray 3 times a day, Sunni 5 times).

Jews pray three times a day.

Various Christian faiths have Seven Hours of Prayer and with up to eight times a day to pray;  Lauds- 2.00am, Matins at  dawn, Prime,  Trece, Sext and
None about every three hours after and sunrise and Vespers at sunset, Compline at bed time and the Midnight Prayer.

A common thread in this wisdom is: stay in touch with the infinite non material quantum aspect of our existence.  Inertia does not exist in the quantum state and by connecting with this part of ourselves… we can avoid getting carried away by the material portion of our daily lives.  These wise messages tell us to balance our material lives with our spiritual lives.

However if you are like we are… this can be easier said than done.  We are continually bombarded with material stuff… news… ads… responsibilities… demands and material desires.

Business,  jobs, friends, children and daily activities do not always cooperate to fit nicely into such a schedule… so inertia takes over.  An emergency throws us off schedule so we work late.  This leads us to eat badly. This ruins our sleep. We wake late. Have to rush. Make mistakes. Have to fix. This makes us further behind and the faster we go the further behind we get!

Merri and I work at maintaining a good balance but when we let our daily work activities overwhelm us, we compensate in numerous ways to take good care of our health.

This seems to have worked.

I have only needed to see an MD three times in the past 25 or so years… once when my hand argued with a plate glass window… another time my knee challenged a chain saw. Both times the body lost the argument.   The third time… believe it or not a moth flew and became imbedded deep in my ear.  Yikes… it’s amazing how a tiny moth can bring a grown man down!    When you need trauma treatment, MDs are the best.

Merri once dislocated her elbow. That surgeon really helped.

Otherwise we try to focus on a balanced life style… nutrition… exercise and spiritual balance… no pills… no pharma… no procedures.

To find this balance between attaining good health and wealth at deeper levels we direct our activities in three ways… the first via quantum science.

Bob Shane helps us in this direction.  He is a space scientist who has been involved at the quantum scientific level of the aerospace industry for his entire career.   His studies in quantum physics helped him apply space science to understanding the deepest levels of balance in health.  Besides being the first person we turn to when we have health questions, he and his wife have been our very best friends for almost two decades.  He has helped Merri and me with our health enumerable times over all these years.

Bob is one of my main sources for modern health balancing information using quantum science so we invited him to be at our June 24 to 27 Quantum Wealth course in North Carolina to share modern Western science via frequency and the interrelationships between scaler and vector energy.

One way to look at health is in terms of frequency.  From a materialistic point of view good health is balance in the nature of our body.  This nature springs from a random (called stocastic) mixing of our material substratum.   Inertia comes when frequencies become incestuous (refined) create destructive harmonic resonance. Resonance greatly amplifies the inherent natural destructive or constructive nature of anything.

A well known example is of soldiers marching in unison on a bridge. Their steps can amplify a natural oscillation of the bridge to such a degree that it collapses.  Their unified motion removes too much randomness.

Quantum scientific health modalities work on frequencies at increasingly subtler levels… right down to our quantum state.

This is why I want to let you know that Bob will be available to demonstrate the most scientific and modern methods of physical balancing at the Quantum level on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 24 to 27, 2010.

More on what Bob can do in a moment first here are two others who will at the course because our courses reflect what we do and Merri and I meditate every day.

This is why we invited Ann Russel Roberts a professor at Elon University  who has taught esoteric yoga from Tibet privately to noted performing artists including Jon Bon Jovi. Her teaching extended to NYC  businesses including CBS, IBM, McGraw Hill and Columbia Artists.  Ann specializes in teaching the ancient, rare Tibetan Yoga Tsa Lung/Trul Khor  as received from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Alejandro Raoul.

Ann danced, choreographed and taught professionally in New York  for 20 years.

Before forming her professional dance company Edge Dance Theatre, Ltd. she danced with other companies including Gus Solomons, the international Butoh Group X,  Robert  Yohn of Eric Hawkins Co. and in Japan with Sachio Ito.  Edge Dance Theatre, Ltd.  with international Dance Magazine reporting, “her  fine new ‘Legend’…authority and conviction in alluring choreography” won choreographic grants including the International Dance Festival in NYC and the Harkness Ballet Foundations of Dance Award.  Edge’s other NYC venues include DTW’s Bessie Schonberg Theater, the Cunningham Studio, Westbeth Theater, the Grammercy Arts Theater, the International Center and the Laban/Bartineff Institute.

Trained in Yogas, Gyrotonics and Pilates, Ms. Roberts specializes in teaching the ancient, rare Tibetan Yoga Tsa Lung/Trul Khor  as received from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Alejandro Raoul.  After training for 3 years at Ligmincha, the international Bon Tibetan center in Va., she received  special permission to teach this rare yoga. She established two yoga courses based on Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan Yogas at Elon University in the Performing Arts Department  where she now teaches. Her master teachers of Hatha and Kundalini  Yoga were Dharma Mittra and Yogi Bhajan respectively.

She has also received training in traditional Native American Arts and Ceremonies with Adanowa Aninvya, Tsa La Gi (Cherokee) High Medicine Priest and will be available to answer questions about meditation and yoga and its impact on thinking.. health and wealth.

Third, Jean Marie Butterlin will speak about Ecuador and natural health supplements… and how they present organic micro business opportunities.

Jean Marie Butterlin, who conducts our Ecuador shamanic tours, from our recent tour showed the connection between natural supplements, health and wealth.


Jean Marie was born in France and after graduating in 1977 from the engineering college ICAM in Lille (France) moved to United States where he developed a homeopathic and dietary supplement business in Houston TX, with an aim at exporting the US made products  into Europe, with emphasis towards Belgium and France.

After living part time on both sides of the Atlantic he moved back  in 2002 to Europe where he has a prosperous business in the natural health field i.e. phytotherapy, mineral supplements, specialty cosmetics, as well as Quantum medical technology, internet publishing for the anti-aging market.

This quest for anti-aging remedies, products and techniques has lead him to discover Ecuador where he has moved so he can research and develop new approaches to longer and better lives and bring new products and techniques to more and more people in the United States and Europe.

In case you can’t make this course,  come to our Quantum Wealth in October!  Thursday, through Sunday, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th in the glorious leaf change of the High Country of the Blue Ridge…we are now taking pre enrollments for this course as Bob, Ann, Jean Marie will all be there! 


How We Can Serve You

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Here is what Bob Shane will bring to our North Carolina course.

Bob has been a friend and client for well over two decades and has helped Merri and me with our health many, many times over these years. He has been our most trusted and best friend.

Here we are with Bob and some other friends at a…

20070215b    Ecuador Water  Problem

thermal springs in Ecuador

20070215c   Ecuador Water  Problem

Bob will be available to provide three special biofeedback sessions at the Quantum level with three instruments:

1.    ESTeck: a French instrument that provides biofeedback information about body systems like circulation, digestion, neurological, hormonal, spinal, etc. The ESTEck combines information from Heart Rate Variability, oxygen saturation of the blood and the interstitial fluids to give insights into physical stresses.

2.    Core Inergetix: a German device that provides reactivity data of the body’s subtle fields with over one hundred thousand informational patterns. These resonances suggest insights into  patterns in the energy field, from any part of a person’s life, that need to be balanced.   Disturbing blockages that hinder the manifestation of one’s goals and purpose need to be reduced. Patterns of positive potential that have not been fully developed need to be enhanced.

3.    BioModulator: a biofeedback device developed from the original Russian SCENAR technology which is used to restore the normal bioelectrical balance of the tissue for muscle re-education, normal muscle tone, and pain control.

Let’s start with the BioModulator or  SCENAR type device (an acronym for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) which is an evoked response neuro stimulator combined with a dual biofeedback mode. This instrument allows simultaneous  detection and  balancing of abnormal signals evoked from nerves.

This works at the deepest levels of our physiology. Traditional medicine perceives the body as a complex system of chemical reactions
and thus alters pathology via chemicals (pharmaceuticals).

Scenar works at a deeper level built on the belief that the body is  composed of many separate quantum information fields. The Scenar alters the bioelectrical nature of the tissue via electronic information fields.

The Scenar reads these various fields, matches them against norms and then balances the fields that indicate they are ready to be balanced.

Here are the fundamentals. All health balancing works at one of five levels, organ, tissue, molecular, atomic and quantum. If you break a
leg or someone shoots you in the kidney, the M.D. will work on that physical problem quickly. They’ll set and mobilize the leg or replace
the blasted kidney.

However the root of health problems are subtler. Some issues can be resolved through better nutrition which alters all the tissue in the
body (perhaps changing it from being too acidic to alkaline, etc.). Sometimes the problem is deeper and molecular intervention needs to be
involved. (Many pharmaceuticals work at this level.) Sometimes even deeper imbalances require atomic alterations.

But the deepest aspects of healing are at the most basic levels of quantum existence and creation. This is where Scenar works.

The Scenar may seem far out, but it was invented in Russia as an  energetic medical device for Russian astronauts in space who did not have access to doctors. Though Scenar was called the “Star Trek Device” by the European press and as way out as it seems, it is FDA  registered.  Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, writing in Virtual Medicine (London: Thorsons 1999), reports beneficial effects in many body systems. The writing also showed that the device greatly reduces recovery times. At the 2000 Olympics in Australia, the Scenar was called Russia’s “secret weapon,” allowing athletes to compete after sustaining serious injuries.

You can join us at our June course and meet with Bob Shane, Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday. Here’s an email address so you can schedule a meeting since reservations with Bob are strictly limited. shanebob@msn.com

You can read an entire explanation of how Scenar works at – see https://www.garyascott.com/health/644/

The Scenar session is worth coming to the seminar alone but there are two additional remarkable techniques so next let’s look at the ESTeck.

The ESTeck is a French instrument that looks more at the physical systems of the body than the energetic systems.  Several noninvasive and pain free measurement technologies are used with low and medium frequency signals applied through several electrodes to detect the electrical flow in the interstitial fluids (fluids surrounding all cells, between the cell membrane and the capillary walls). The interstitial fluids are used because unlike the blood they do not have buffers that maintain that prevent change to a very narrow.  The interstitial fluids change quickly with cellular metabolism giving much insight into cellular function.  By combining the mathematics of electrical flow in fluids with charged ions and the partial pressure of gasses in fluids estimates of electrolytes, neutransmitters, hormones , acid-base balance can be made.

A second technology is used to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  This technique analyses the variations in timing of the heart beat.  These measurements are combined with a third technology measuring the saturation of the blood with oxygen.

Combining the calculations from all three technologies allows estimation of the stress levels many body systems such as circulation, digestive, neurological, spinal, respiratory, etc.

The third instrument is the Core Inergetix: The Core is a German device that is totally focused on the non-physical aspects of health and spiritual well being.  The purpose is to find aberrations in the holographic blueprint that precedes manifestation in the physical realm.  The intention is to provide information to the subconscious so the blueprint might be corrected and a physical issue prevented.

For cases where physical problems already exist then this technology can provide a support function to the regular care of a Medical Professional.  The Core does not work on the physical body but tests the subconscious or subtle energy field resonance with over one hundred thousand information patterns to find which ones may be interfering with the medical treatment plan of the doctor.

By utilizing stress reduction, relaxation and biofeedback techniques with these informational patterns the disrupting data may be reduced and thereby help the medical treatment to be more effective and efficient.

This session alone is again worth the cost of this course. Believe me, I have experienced Bob’s work for more than two decades and he is good.

Those who wish to do so can schedule individual biofeedback sessions at the June course.

How We Can Serve You

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