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The message below is sent as a public service to help save the birds. I am not involved nor do I benefit financially in any way from the sale of the environmental product mentioned below.

I grew up the son of a zoo keeper so I learned to know a lot of good and bad about animals and birds well.


An old Oregonian article showing me with my sister with one of the lions we raised.

I am one of the few people in the world who was able to help raise baby lions and tigers. That’s good.

I am also one of the few people whose father nearly died from aspergillosis contracted from penguins and whose family was quarantined due to suspicion of contact with Ebola virus in monkeys shipped from Germany (luckily the suspicion was wrong).

So I have come to really love wildlife from the wild turkeys in our North Carolina front yard to…


to the egrets that camp out at night along the Florida lakes to…


to the…


pelicans and…


frigates that grace the beach in front of our Ecuador beach penthouse.

So seeing those birds in the gulf covered in oil is just terrible.

Obviously this has disturbed many readers as well.

Some wisely asked if the Purely Green degreaser we write about so often might help.

They are spot on… one of the original reasons this degreaser was first formulated was to help with the oil spill from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spillthat  occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Purely Green is really great for cleaning birds because it is organic… bio degradable and contains no mutagenic chemicals.  1st EnviroSafety’s Purely Green Clean has Florida EPA approval as a Petroleum Clean Up solution. (“Oil remediation”).  The company has applied for Federal EPA approval for its use as a “deep water” oil dispersant.  Inasmuch as Purely Green Clean is (1) 100% bidegradable and (2) certified carcinogen free, they expect approval.

We have been sending readers who have asked about this to Ted Tidwell the manufacturer of Purely Green.  Recently he sent this note.  In response to the impending oil disaster,  some entrepreneurial visionaries are seeing opportunities to market Purely Green to land owners who are seeking remedies to protect and rescue their animals and birds.

1st EnviroSafety would like to offer free cleaner to rescue the birds and small animals.

However, our suppliers and staff require payment, so we are offering wholesale discounts to people who wish to join rescue volunteers.

The attached price list reflects our wholesale prices for our 100% pure concentrate.

One quart of this concentrate at $40 creates 64 gallons of solution that cleans birds and small animals. That makes the cost of the effective diluted solution at 63 cents a gallon.  A gallon of concentrate at $95 provides 256 gallons of cleaning solution at 37 cents a gallon.

If any of your readers wish to participate, they can order at 888-578-9600.


We will look at Purely Green business opportunities at our June 24 to 27 Quantum Wealth course.

How We Can Serve You

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I have personally purchased hundreds of bottles of Ted’s products over the years and paid full price.  I am not financially involved with the sale of this product in any way and do not receive any compensation whatsoever for writing this message or for the sale of Ted’s product.  Ted has given me eight bottles of Bio-Green Clean which I am testing myself on our orange groves in Florida.  Other than this my only motive in this messages is to see readers gain opportunity that also helps the environment.