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After a multi currency economic review… Quantum Wealth in the Blue Ridge for better health & everlasting wealth.

Last Monday’s message entitled  Monday Morning Economic Warning began:  Let me share what may be a big economic warning about a pattern that has developed… and could impact us immediately… as in right now!  This is why  have rushed this out Monday morning before the stock market gets going today.  I just hope the warning is not too late.

The chart below of the Dow from shows that…

Chart forDow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

last Monday’s warning was not in vain.

The news looked even worse than the chart.   The News at Yahoo headline said: US STOCKS SNAPSHOT-S&P futures breach market plunge low. Fri May 21, 2010 7:44am EDT NEW YORK, May 21 (Reuters) – S&P 500 index June futures contracts SPc1 fell on Friday below 1,060, the lowest level hit during the still unexplained market plunge on May 6, which some analysts see as technical support level. Failing to bounce from support levels can trigger further selling.

The market rallied Friday away from the support level… yet last week’s volatility plus all the other weak fundamentals we have been writing about create the question:  Are we heading for a double dip recession and another stock market disaster?

Watching fundamentals and value over the years have really helped me and our long term readers have a good feel for what economically is ahead.  See why here.

The upcoming  market collapse that the a 15 year market frequency analysis predicts will be a problem for any… however problems create opportunity…  if you are looking ahead.

For example, at the end of last week’s market collapse on May 20, 2010 one of our long term readers sent this note:

“Hi Gary, In case you were wondering, I *did* buy a batch of options against the DOW about a month ago as I mentioned I might be doing.  Today I cashed them out at the close for a massive chunk of cash.

The options don’t expire until tomorrow’s close, but I never trust expiration day for options (prices often go violently against you).  DOW
currently looks grossly oversold, so I’m guessing there might be a rebound for a few days.  But then the outlook looks even worse, but by
then I’ll be ready with more options!  Time to buy a new car (maybe).  cheers”

This reader, by the way is not so much a student of the stock market, but is  a keen fan of biology and quantum science.

This is why our seminars are Quantum Wealth + International Business & Investing seminar.

We look at ideas way beyond the short term chaotic shifts in stocks and currencies.

We research history… science…. and human nature as well as economics.

Our seminars reverse priorities and look beyond the balance sheet.   First we focus on how to have better health… then more fulfillment and fun… then finally… increased income and wealth.

You also can learn more about Ecuador at our seminars… even when they are in North Carolina.

For example this June Merri and I are joined with the magnificent seven speakers.

Our Quantum Health sessions will be enhanced by…. Bob Shane.  Bob is a space scientist who has been involved at the quantum scientific level of the  aerospace industry for his entire career.   His studies in quantum physics helped him apply space science to understanding the deepest levels of balance in health.  Besides being the first person we turn to when we have health questions or concerns, he and his wife have been our very good friends for almost two decades.  He has helped Merri and me with our health enumerable times  over these years.

Bob will be available in June to demonstrate the most scientific and modern methods of physical balancing at the quantum level.  He will bring three special instruments for balancing at the Quantum level. The Scenar, ESTeck and Core Inergetix:.

Learn more about Bob at Ecuador shamans use quantum science.

Jean Marie Butterlin will travel from Cotacachi, Ecuador to speak.

Jean Marie with the shaman Don Esteban. Jean Marie… a Parisian  after living in Houston and exporting French products to the USA, moved to Span and built a business exporting natural health products and quantum balancing instruments throughout Europe.  He moved to Cotacachi,Ecuador and has developed a natural health business there…  plus he conducts our shamanic minga and Super Learning courses.

Floridalva Zambrano. Flori has been looking after our purchase of apartments and condominiums on the Ecuador coast for the past 18 months, both for our personal purchases as well as numerous subscribers to our ezines.

We have found her care, legal advice and assistance outstanding and have received many compliments about her really prompt and accurate service.

Her attention to detail is such that some US title insurance companies will issue title insurance on Ecuador property that have been conveyed through her firm.  This fact and our experience in working with Floridalva give us great confidence in her ability and her willingness to help make sure that the process of buying real estate in Ecuador is easy and safe.

Flori,is fully bilingual (English-Spanish), and has knowledge of German.  She spent several years in the United States as a university student so is well acquainted with the North American as well as Ecuadorian culture.

Bonnie Keough.


Bonnie Keough.  Bonnie conducts our export tours and will be on hand in North Carolina to display Ecuador export products and speke about how to export from Ecuador.  She brings extensive knowledge about Ecuadorian products and sales back in the USA…plus never ceases to amaze us with her outstanding array and excellent prices of goods from Ecuador.

Peter Laub, Jyske Global Asset Management. Peter along with the president of JGAM is in charge of investor asset allocation strategy. See the curreny JGAM allocations below.

Peter Laub visiting with delegates.

David Cross… our webmaster will help me unveil the secrets of gaining fun and freedom with a profitable, global micro, internet business.

ecuador assistances

David Cross with his wife (and our daughter) Dr. Cinda Scott.

Jeff and Lin Neil, Ashe county real estate brokers, will also be on hand to speak to those who have an interest in Smalltown Blue Ridge real estate.

Join Merri and me with these seven valuable sources of information.

The seminar updates the world’s economy and looks at where and how to prosper from helping solves some of the world’s great problems.

We’ll look at simple ideas such as how to earn extra income from the flower business with Ecuador



and lilies to how to have the freedom to travel wherever you desire as you export handmade Ecuador suits

Here is the latest Ecuador suit I had made ($250)


Here is another in blue. This was lighter material and cost only $135 hand made from scratch.


The seminar begins in West Jefferson, North Carolina  (about two hours from Charlotte and Greensboro airports) Thursday June 24  with “Quantum Wealth” a one day workshop conducted before our regular International Investing & Business Made EZ seminar schedule.

The International Investing & Business schedule starts Friday June 25 when I join Peter Laub of Jyske Global Asset Management, our webmaster and the other speakers mentioned above to review where to invest through the rest of 2010.

On Sunday, all delegates are invited out to our house for afternoon tea and casual informal discussions


Here is a group chatting with Thomas Fischer  from Copenhagen at a previous North Carolina seminar.

International Business & Investing shares  how we create income through service and how and where to invest globally… plus this course shares our most valuable contacts and sources of knowledge.

Inflation makes it increasingly hard for almost everyone to keep up with the faster and faster pace of the rat race that captures most of the world…especially in economic downturns we have experienced for the past two years.

International investments and international business unlock the restrictions of the rat race.

Economic stress grows…debt…rising cost of insurance, increased liability…inflation lurk everywhere. More crowded…more change…more push.  The falling dollar and economic hard times are shredding purchasing power.

This leave us few choices.

We can join the rat race or…find enjoyable ways to invest and earn.

The international investing sessions start on Friday and look first at multi currency investing.  Multi currency portfolios are usually slow moving, safe, conservative investments but they can be really profitable as well.

How safe?

The portfolios we create and review at our courses are composed of mutual funds and shares and are developed with the help of one of the world’s safest banks. The mutual funds and shares are held at that bank at all times.

Suppose we get specific.

That safe bank is Jyske Bank…well established with a history of over 100 years. Jyske is Denmark ’s second largest bank, with 450,000 clients in Denmark and over 30,000 abroad.

Jyske Bank has over 23 billion euros in assets and also happens to be one of the leading currency traders in the world. The Danes have always been big currency traders because as a small naval country surrounded by England , Sweden , Finland , Russia , Germany , Norway and other countries…they have always had to deal in many currencies.

This historically gained expertise means that unlike most banks (that trade only eight hours a day) Jyske maintains a 24 hour global currency and commodity dealer service. Many other large banks use Jyske to handle their off hour currency positions. This means that Jyske is huge when it comes to multi currency activity. In fact their turnover reaches $50 billion dollars a day.

That’s safe.

Each course reviews global economics and updates ways to adapt and prosper in current conditions.

This portion of the course reviews what I am doing as multi currency investor myself.  For example during the 2008 downturn the recent Global Portfolio Currency Breakdown of my own personal portfolio looked like this.

Ecuador Real Estate 12.0%
Real Estate  31.0%
Euro 10.5%
Emerging market Currencies 10.0%
Danish kroner 9.9%
US$ 8.2%
British pound 6.0%
Swedish kroner 4.0%
NZ$ 3.7%
Australian $ 1.0%
Canadian $ 1.0%

By late 2009 that portfolio had shifted to

US $ Real Estate 50%
Non US Equities   3%
Emerging Bonds 11%
Bonds                   26%
Ecuador Real Estate  (for sale) 15%
US$ Short             -5%

my liquid portfolio was diversified in these currencies:

US$  -5.0%
CAD  7.0%
NZD  7.0%
AUD   7.0%
$ Bloc   16.0%

GBP   8.0%
DKK  10.0%
SEK   4.0%
EURO 39.0%
Euro bloc 61.0%

TRY 6.0%
HUF 7.0%
BRL 6.0%
EMCS 6.0%
Emg Curr  25.0%

Now I have made another big shift in my portfolio.  We’ll review my updated portfolio and why I have made changes.

Most teachers do not actually share their own personal portfolios…  Just as Merri and I share our home and lifestyle, we share how we invest and explain why our portfolio is designed for our circumstances at any one time.

This provides you with two benefits. First, sharing why we adjust our investments helps you understand how to adjust yours.

Second, and most important, we invest real time. The data shared in our courses is about global investments you can make in the here and now. What you learn is not dated theory, but up to the minute fact! Many delegates come to course after course to update their portfolios.

We share our most valuable sources of information as well.

For example, Peter Laub of Jyske’s Global Asset Management group looks after hundreds of millions in asset allocations.

Here is the current JGAM Asset Allocation Strategy  as of 19 May 2010.

JGAM feels that the risk-off scenario is back  in the sentiment of global investors for three reasons; negative growth perspectives for Europe, political influence on the European Central Bank (ECB) and uncertainty on the future of the eurozone, or at least on some members of the eurozone. Taken all together they expect the euro to continue to suffer from the ongoing uncertainty of the eurozone project so this risk-off scenario could prevail for some time (i.e. months).

Here is JGAM’s May 19, 2010 Asset Allocation Mix.

Foreign exchange: JGAM is keeping a relatively high US dollar exposure in their Managed Asset Allocation Portfolios and have even increased it in selected low risk and medium risk portfolios.   The relative growth outlook between the US and Europe plus uncertainty on the future ECB policy and sustainability of the eurozone are causing a downward pressure on the euro.
Fixed income: JGAM is remaining underweight with fixed income.   They continue to favor corporate bonds and emerging market bonds because of attractive yield spreads versus government bonds.  They are keeping the maturity low as long bond yields are likely to rise from present historical low levels.   They also reduced euro exposure in selected low risk and medium risk portfolios.

Equities: They are keeping an overweight position in equities and favor US consumption sensitive equities and European export sensitive equities.

Alternatives: JGAM holds a neutral position in gold as a hedge in the present risk-off scenario caused by the euro crisis.

Cash: They hold a neutral position in cash.

Loan mix: In the leveraged portfolios JGAM changed the funding mix from 50% CHF and 50% JPY to 25% CHF, 25% EUR and 50% JPY to  hedge the euro exposure on the asset side of the portfolios.

Peter Laub will update this strategy at our June seminar.  Here are a few of the other international investing and business subjects we review at this course.

#1: How 100 years of global economics can enhance your international investments and international business now. Learn how history reveals currency distortions that create international investment opportunities to borrow low and deposit high. For example right now you can borrow Japanese yen at below 3%, Swiss francs below 4% to invest in international investments, international business, international real estate or other international currencies that pay 5%, 6%, 7% and even more. In one case we’ll show why it is smart to borrow Swiss francs at 3.75% and invest in international Brazilian bonds that pay up to 10% or more!

Subjects in the international investments sessions include a review of global stock markets, international currencies and international interest rates and how they are shifting versus the greenback.

Another session looks at where to find the best value international investments globally right now, plus how to spot the hottest international investment trends before they become hot.

We also cover how to cash in on currency shifts by making international investments through the Multi-Currency Sandwich (Borrow Low-Deposit High) tactic. This is a perfect time for such international investments using diversification of currencies and taking advantage of the currency distortions that now plague investors around the world.

Currency experts from Jyske Bank (Jyske is one of the largest forex traders in the world. The 7/24 trading hall trades 50 billion dollars a day) will provide data at that course on this subject.

We’ll study international investment portfolios that offer the advantage of diversification, in several cases into nine currencies and nine different investments of which more than half have strong A to AAA ratings. We will review any changes made in the international investments portfolios we track and update what and how currencies and interest rates may move in the months ahead.

#2: We’ll look at international investments in emerging stock markets and emerging bond markets as well. 2007 was the seventh consecutive calendar year in which international investments in emerging markets outperformed developed markets. In 2007 the MSCI overall Emerging Markets benchmark was up 23.8 % in US dollars compared to the MSCI World Total Return Index being down 0.08 % in US dollars.   See why 2008 fared worse for emerging markets and how this creates more potential value.

In 2008 emerging markets fell faster and further than major markets… but once again in 2009 they led the global investment pack.  Peter and I will be on hand to answer questions.

This June’s International invest sessions look at which blend of emerging and major markets may work best in 2010 on into 2011.

How profitable? Though Jyske Global Asset Managers have been extremely conservative this year, their managed portfolios by last month had risen between 12.2% and 34.4% this year, depending of the risk profile and the size of arrangement.

Those with more emerging markets in 2009 made even more.  The emerging markets index (in US dollars) was up 58.99% compared to 23.05% for the major market index. Over three years the index on emerging markets was up 37.88% versus 17.27% for the world index. The emerging market index was up 35.63% compared to the world’s index rise of 18.43% over five years.

Then emerging markets recorded their highest ever quarterly returns in the second quarter 2009, and posted strong gains for the third quarter, up 37.4% in three months, which ranked as the ninth best in equity market history.

You’ll learn why in 2009 we were investing in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).These 4 countries now generate approximately 27% of the world´s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  The average annual GDP growth of a BRIC nation was greater than 7% before the recession, as compared to approximately 2% for a G-7 nation.  In the first three quarters of 2009, the growth rate for the Chinese economy beat expectations with an outstanding 8.9%.   We’ll look at a special BRIC trading idea in our 2010 seminars.

#3: One session will especially focus on international investments in alternate energy and water. For example we’ll see why Hyflux (water cleaning membranes mainly in China ) rose from $1.50 to $5 in less than a year (and why it then fell dramatically). We’ll see why water shares are destined to grow. We’ll look at Vestas (windmills) shares also up from $50 to $106. Plus we’ll update our Green Portfolio. These shares are especially interesting now as they were especially depressed in the global meltdown.

This course goes far beyond just international investments in stocks, bonds and currencies. Other sessions cover:

#3: How to cash in on distortions in international real estate from Ecuador to Lithuania! We have gained much more than just profit and international business and international investing opportunity in our international real estate searches. We have gained incredible luxury, heart- warming sweetness, breath-taking beauty, much better health and pleasant surprises at every turn. Having lived, worked and played in Ecuador now for over a decade and a half, we’ll focus heavily there, but Ecuador real estate opportunity is just one small part.

For example we’ll see how to own Ecuador and Smalltown USA real estate for pleasure and profit.

The third session of the course looks at how have an international business for fun and profit.

Merri and our webmaster, David Cross join me in the third part of the seminar to look at how to have a small international internet business.

This portion of the seminar is highly practical and usable because it focuses on how to start really small…with minimal investments of time and capital.

Plus we show how to stay small (yet highly profitable) if desired. International business sessions include:

#1: How to have an International and Ecuador Import-Export Business anywhere.

We’ll especially zero in on Ecuador export business opportunities in carved wood, ceramics from Cuenca, carpets from Guano, silver and gold jewelry from Chordeleg, paintings and art, textiles from Otavalo, leathers from Cotacatchi and flowers from the Andes . For example you’ll learn how factories make bread dough jewelry that can be fashioned into high school and college mascots and purchased for pennies apiece (to be sold for dollars abroad). You see how the only native American owned mill produces coats, shirts, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves in school colors of your choice (at really low prices). These can be sold for ten times their cost.

Here is what one delegate to our course wrote: “Warm greetings for you and Merri! I’ll be on that list of Millionaire women very soon, thanks to your wonderful guidance and tips. Thank you SO MUCH for the good work that you both do!!!”

Bonnie Keough, who conducts our Ecuador export tours, will be on had with export samples.

Here are some of the products that Bonnie imports herself including…


organic chocolate.


Textiles and…


knitted jackets are good sellers plus…


low cost jewelry out of vegetable ivory…


beads have good markups.


Handbags of leather and…


Another delegates on one of Bonnie’s Ecuador export tours shared this: “I love to travel, but since I’m not independently wealthy, I also need to make money. I made one of my dreams come true. I went to Ecuador .  I attended Gary & Merri Scott’s import/export seminar, we visited artists, markets and villages. It was a treat to see the great variety of handmade items and meet the friendly artists. I started to see the possibilities. I filled my suitcases in no time. Most of those things were sold to coworkers and friends and covered the costs of my trip. Yeah!”

“I returned to Ecuador in October. I spent two weeks attending Spanish classes in Quito and the next two weeks shopping. Once home, I sold my goods at an international bazaar and again paid for my trip expenses.

“Do I plan to continue? You bet! I have ideas for other places to sell my goods and some great material for travel articles. I am learning more each trip and gaining experience and confidence and most importantly, I love doing it! Attending your workshop was the catalyst that gave me the courage to take the plunge. Thank you for enriching my life.”

We will also look at export and Smalltown USA opportunities with Bio Wash and Purely Green as we share amazing experiences that farmers are having with this organic, biodegradable product and  review how we use this on our farm and our orange grove plus see potential benefits of exporting this wonder product abroad.

#5: How to write and use publishing, seminars and how to use international internet opportunities to create your own global business from your home. You can run your global business from an office or at home! The internet makes this more possible than ever before.

In the course we use case studies of what we are doing now to show how to start small and grow on the internet!

Imagine this. Merri and I have a tiny international business. Just two of us run this operation from a remote farm in the Blue Ridge, a small village in Ecuador and the Florida countryside. Yet our website has been ranking among the top 20,000 sites in the USA.

By starting small and building with stepping stones and harmonious foci we now almost own several profit generating phrases at Google.

At the course, we look at how we use the Seven Ps (Person, Problem and Promise, Product) to zero in on key phrases. Then we use the Fifth P Promise to develop new customers. The Sixth P the Prospecting Path and Seventh P the Presentation we use at the internet.

This knowledge has really helped previous course delegates. Here is what one previous delegate just shared:

“Gary , I have been working on my website, site and I figure it is time for another update. It is really hard to believe it, but my site just keeps growing and growing and I am now averaging 2000 visitors per day!

“What I find to be most amazing is that in just a few short months my site is #1 out of over a million sites and sometimes even millions of sites! As you always say the internet is the ‘Great Equalizer’ anybody given the right tools can compete on the internet.“

You will learn how to use the same system to expand (or start) your business globally!

#6: How to Cash in on Smalltown USA.

We’ll look at properties for sale in the Blue Ridge. These areas have two unique features. First, they offer great real estate value. Second, they are great places to visit and live and do business.

Many readers combine a trip to our Blue Ridge courses with a chance to look around and inspect some property for sale.  Learn how demographics and population push (plus the water) and new Florida investments that have come to this area are likely to make this a hot spot in the decade ahead.  In Florida they often visit Orlando about an hour away… plus look at the great lake front properties available at really low prices.

Jeff Neil  will introduce you Ashe County real estate at the seminar.

#7: How to use the latest tax savings and offshore legal structures to gain the ultimate asset protection. Learn how to gain more than cash-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self-sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…by combining very small amounts of money with your time and energy in an international business.

Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retirees, couples wanting to get into international business together, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second sources of income through international investments and international business.

Plus more.

We have invited more speakers than we have had in a decade to share this learning experience with you… at this seminar course… for ideas on health… green and quantum investing… asset protection and global business.

Totally flexible split sessions. You can attend just part 1  June 24-27 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina

or any of the real estate tours below or all.

June 28-29    Travel to Ecuador & onto the Ecuador Coast

June 30-Jul 1 Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-4 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour

July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

July 11 end of tour.

Simply choose how many seminars and tours you’ll be on and enjoy the multi tour savings below.

Two Pack… 2 seminar courses & tours $998 Couple  $1,349 Save $149 on couple

Three Pack… 3 seminar courses & tours   $1399 Couple  $1,899 Save $98 single or $348 on a couple or more

Four Pack… 4 seminar courses & tours   $1,699 Couple $2,299 Save $98 single or $697 on a couple or more

Five Pack… 5 seminar courses & tours  $1,999 Couple $2,699 Save $496 single or $1,046 on a couple or more

This can be a summer treat… in the cool mountains as summer heats up…  because we have booked all four days of this course to be conducted in the West Jefferson Hampton Inn and have arranged discounted room rates for you.

This is a brand new hotel… nestled in the mountains

ecuador-wine and cheese

West Jefferson Hampton Inn.

ecuador-wine and cheese

with really great views.

West Jefferson, North Carolina, is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in an area  long known as the “Lost Province.”


This is why we chose to live in this area… the epitome of Smalltown USA… isolated but just  25 minutes north of Boone.

Photo floating to the left

At an elevation of 3,200 feet, surrounded by Fraser Fir and pine forests, our climate offers relief from the hot summers, with temperatures ranging from the high 70’s to the low 80’s; and winters are surprisingly mild, in the mid 40’s to 50 degrees.

We may be best known for our arts district which is located in the middle of a beautiful historic downtown. It is the site of 15 murals that create a walking tour through the hometown of West Jefferson. The murals are designed and painted by of local artists and others in the state reflecting the area’s history and unique mountain character.

The downtown streets of West Jefferson are brimming with diverse locally owned shops and art galleries. Shoppers will be able to find something unique and special for everyone on their list.

Ashe County Farmers Market

Located within walking distance of all the shops is the Ashe County Farmers Market. Located on the Backstreet in downtown, the market is open twice-weekly during the summer months and again during the holiday season. Only handmade and homegrown products are sold at the Farmers Market.

The Ashe County Cheese Store is always a big attraction. Established in 1930, this cheese company is the oldest cheese plant in the Carolina’s and offers visitors a chance to watch cheese being made, as well as select their favorite cheeses from the onsite gift shop. It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Carolina. You can visit year round from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

New River - West Jefferson, Ashe County North Carolina

Nearby West Jefferson is the New River, one of the area’s natural wonders. The New River is the second oldest river in the world and was designated an American Heritage River by President Bill Clinton in 1998. Because of shallow, gentle waters, the New River is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, fly fishing and tubing.

West Jefferson is also a very short drive to the exquisite, luminous life-size Blue Ridge Frescoes created by world-famous fresco artist Benjamin F. Long IV. Of the nine frescoes located on the Blue Ridge Trail, four frescoes are right here! Mary Great with Child, John the Baptist, and Mystery of Faith, are located in St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, West Jefferson NC and The Last Supper, is in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Glendale Springs.

Plus we are just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Many delegates usually drive the parkway on their way to this seminar we traditionally have at the beginning of summer.


When you enroll, we’ll send details on how to book a room for the seminar at an exceptionally low rate.

There are three ways to attend our June/July seminars and tours.

Option #1: Come for the four day quantum wealth… international investing and business seminar.

Quantum Wealth North Carolina – International Investing & Internet Business West Jefferson, North Carolina ($749) Couple $999

Option #2: Enjoy low Ecuador airfares and a North Carolina Ecuador split session. Come for the four day for quantum wealth… international investing and business. Then travel with us June 28 to Ecuador for one or up to four real estate tours.

June 24-27 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina

June 28-29    Travel to Ecuador & onto the Ecuador Coast

June 30-Jul 1 Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-4 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour

July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

July 11 end of tour.

Option #3. Skip the North Carolina seminar and meet our staff direct in Ecuador to start one, two, three or all of the real estate tours .

Simply choose how many seminars and tours you’ll be on and enjoy the multi tour savings below.

Two Pack… 2 seminar courses & tours $998 Couple  $1,349 Save $149 on couple

Three Pack… 3 seminar courses & tours   $1399 Couple  $1,899 Save $98 single or $348 on a couple or more

Four Pack… 4 seminar courses & tours   $1,699 Couple $2,299 Save $98 single or $697 on a couple or more

Five Pack… 5 seminar courses & tours  $1,999 Couple $2,699 Save $496 single or $1,046 on a couple or more

If you plan to attend six or more seminars and tours in 2010 save with an International Club membership.  See how to save here.

International investments and business can help your money grow and stop losing its purchasing power.

Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retirees, couples wanting to get into international business together, agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second sources of income through international investments and international business. Plus everyone wishes to improve their lifestyle… have better health and more ease in receiving income.

If you have or want to make international investments or have your own full or part time international business, you should contact us and make a reservation.

Your friend,

Gary Scott

P.S. One section in the West Jefferson  seminar shows how I turn a $950 direct mailing into $118,500 in three weeks. I added $9,875 a month to my income! This information is worth the cost of the course alone.

When these seminars begin… there is always a hint of excitement.   Peter Laub has flown in from Denmark. Our webmaster, David Cross, has arrived from Oregon, Bob Shane is in from Seattle.  John Marie Butterlin and Floridalva Zambrano have flown north from Ecuador… Bonnie is here with her export goods  and delegates have come from all over the world.

We’ll look at some of the international investments we view (including Ecuador opportunity) but let’s also allow some of the delegates to tell you how they felt about this seminar.

One delegate wrote:

Hi Gary, Merri and David,  Thanks for a great weekend.  As a new club member, I’m looking forward to the next time that we can spend some time together and to reading “Ecuador Living”.  Sincerely,

When our North Carolina international investing and business seminars begin, I rise at dawn on the farm and then…


we drive into West Jefferson where we conduct the seminar.

We are casual at our international investment seminars but serious.


Many delegates make international investing and business… even lifestyle decisions based on the economic updates we share, so I and our other speakers, have spent enormous time getting prepared.

The seminar began with a historical review that leads us to seven places to invest now.

#1: Multi Currency Sandwich

#2# Value markets,

#3: Emerging markets

#4: Wellness.

#5: The environment.

#6: Real Estate in the US and Ecuador.

#7: Authenticity & cohesion.

Plus we’ll  see why many of us need our own business.

The first historical fundamental we cover is a way to predict where markets might go next.  We see for example that the Dow has moved in approximate 15-17 year up and down cycles for over 100 years.

We view how the Dow appears to be in the 10th year of a 15 to 17 year down cycle that began in 1999.  We compare the last two years of this cycle, with the equivalent period in the 1968 to 1982 bear cycle and check out the synchronicity.

We saw an amazing 93% correlation at our last seminar.  That led us to some of the accurate market warning we have made.

We use charts like the one below from Moore Research compares the Dow from 1976 through 1978 to the Dow of the last 18 months. The Blue line is what happened in the equivalent period in the 1970s to now.


Here is what another delegate wrote about this seminar:

Hello Merri & Gary,  Now that I am back home and settled into the normal routine, it’s time to drop you a line to say how much my brother Rick and I enjoyed attending the conference last weekend.   Experiencing the beauty of Ashe County and the pleasant disposition of the people who live there contributed to the picture of the place that you paint via the letters and photos sent out to your readers.  Not only was the information presented there of great value, but Rick and I found that all of the other participants we met are great people indeed, just as you’ve mentioned.  Your ability to attract like-minded souls is a service in itself, and one that provides lessons we can all strive to emulate going forward.

Thank you again for providing the opportunity of meeting you both in person; I will begin to make use of the information to enhance my own life and look forward to seeing you both again some day.  Best wishes.

Then we look at the multi currency sandwich and how you can currently borrow US dollars at less than 3% to invest the loan in higher yielding shares and bonds.  Swiss franc and yen loans are even less.

We’ll  see how the British pound and euro are now  potentially undervalued currencies versus the US dollar (if they still are by June).

We look at how Jyske Global Asset management’s Low Risk Portfolio with a 100% loan. It rose 11.4% since 2009 or at 23% per annum pace.

We review undervalued  bonds like an 18% six month profit with 4.75% ISS Capital 2010 bond (or growth at 36% per annum pace).

We reviewed a  7.25% Bombardier 2016 bond. that offered a longer duration and higher spread of 3.5%.

Then we tie this all togtehr and see how to use the low cost loans to invest in high value stocks and bonds.

Here is what another delegate shared about the seminar:

Merri, My wife  and I would like to thank you and Gary for a wonderful course. We thoroughly enjoyed all the information presented by Gary, Thomas and David. And we thank you for your hospitality with having us to your lovely “piece of paradise” in Lansing. The lunch was delicious and your presentation of import/export items was quite interesting.  We look forward to visiting Ecuador in September of 2010. And we look forward to visiting and staying at your hotel in Cotacatchi.

We’ll  update our review of the best and worst value major equity markets around the world and see what the best valued major markets are for the months ahead.  Last seminar the best value were Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore and the UK.

Here is what another delegate had to say about this seminar.

Hi Gary & Merri,  I thoroughly enjoyed the time you so graciously allowed me to attend at your seminar and am not surprised, in the least, that you are getting rave reviews.  You and Merri make such a wonderful team offering these seminars with professionalism and charm, and here in Ashe County, with a unique local flavor.  We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with many of your delegates.  As it was last year as well, many of the people you attract with your seminars are well traveled, interesting and very personable.  Thank you for your friendship and generosity,

In another session we looked at the importance of investing in the environment. We saw three ways to gain from sustainability changes ahead.

#1: Adaptation.  Investing in solutions to health problems is an example. Poor food produced in our central food system creates blood sugar problems, so Novo Norsk a Danish company that is the largest producer of insulin makes sense.

#2: Mitigation.  Cleaning up the mess humanity offers profit especially with water. Hyflux, a Singapore company, and Kurita Water, a Japanese firm, both have potential in this field.

#3: Structural Change.   Vestas Wind Turbines is a Danish company and is the largest maker of wind turbines to produce energy.

Here is what anther delegates sent to Merri and me about this seminar:

As a retiree who saw her retirement sustain considerable loss due to the economy, I found the information you presented during the three days to be extremely helpful and showed a plausible way for me to have some recovery.  Besides all of the relevant information, your emphasis on honesty and the importance of not to be deceptive was reassuring.  The bottom line is, that what gave real value to the information we were receiving and what made us feel comfortable was, that we felt you, Thomas and David were all people of good character.  Something that is very important to us.  Thank you, Gary and Merri, for providing a wonderful Seminar. Sincere regards.

On Saturday evening we drive to Lansing and look at how small businesses can grow in Smalltown USA.   We’ll visited the New River Winery for a wine tasting. The winery is housed in another old WPA building which originally was the Lansing school.


Here is Haskell McGuire one of New River founders showing us the winery.


New River’s flagship wines are Bohemia Red and Bohemia White. These were followed by the introduction of signature wines, Back Porch Blueberry.  New River now has several new wines in production including:  Pinot Blanc, Viogner, Hellbender Red, Lansing School White, Big Laurel Blush, and Seyval.

The winery started small and is growing by leaps and bounds. Vineyards and wineries are one of the fastest growing business sectors in North Carolina.

Here is an unedited quote from another delegate:

Dear Gary and Merri:  We so enjoyed attending the IBEZ Seminar this past weekend in Jefferson, NC.  We loved the high country area, the nice people we met and particularly enjoyed the visit and tour of the New River Winery.  We were lucky to sit at a table with four utterly charming southern women, one of whom was Haskell’s wife.  We had a long drive home on Sunday and were sad that we had to leave and not be able to join you and our group for lunch at your farm and sad that we missed Merri’s cooking.  We hope someday in the future we may have the opportunity to visit your property as we heard it is quite beautiful.

Then we begin the international business sessions of the course.

David Cross begins by teaching how to use the internet in business.

We start by looking at a Time Magazine quote which says:

Throw away your briefcase: you’re not going to office. You can kiss benefits goodbye. Your new boss won’t look much like your old one. There’s no longer a ladder, and you may never get to retire, but there’s a world of opportunity if you figure out a new path.

On Sunday we finish the seminar and then those who have time visit our farm. Delegates are invited up to the house for afternoon tea.


We’ll have a review of Ecuador export products.


Like this these baby alpaca sweaters.


Another delegate wrote:

Hi Gary, Just a quick note to tell you again how much I enjoyed the seminar and seeing your lovely farm.  I spoke to you briefly about deciding that I wanted the web course instead of mult-currency.  Thank you for sending me that instead of the multi-currency.  It may be two weeks, but I am starting to work on that site.  I know from life experience that it is always better to focus on what you want to create instead of what you don’t want. So thank you for the buzz of creativity that you, David, and others from the  group inspired.  I am also interested in featuring the dulcamaras product on my site, along with testimonials.  You mentioned a contact for that product.  I would appreciate that information also. Smiles.

Here is some Ecuador art we showed at the last seminar that evolved from drum making.


Delegates came up with many marketing and…


business ideas.


plus we had fun.


This is a great time to be in the cool mountains with this view…


from the house!

As the guests leave… in the dusk… there is always a moment of sadness.  New friends made.  Interesting ideas shared and now we are moving apart.


Yet we’ll be back together again next seminar.

This delegate expressed it well when she wrote:

Thank you again for a truly life changing and life enhancing weekend. And we also wish your loved ones a speedy recovery and good health. Best regards.

We hope you will join us for our International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina this June or in Ecuador in Jnue and July like this delegate who wrote:

Hi Gary,  It was wonderful to meet you and Merri at the IBEZ Conference this past weekend!  You both are so warm and caring and have a genuine desire to help the people of Ecuador and others to build a successful business.

The classes were very insightful and jam packed with information and suggestions on how to start your very own web based business. You and David, your webmaster, presented the information in an easy to understand format that even computer dummies like me could understand.

The multi currency investing portion of the class presented by you and Thomas Fischer from Jyske Global Asset Management were very interesting and educational.  It opened our eyes to new avenues of investing that we didn’t have a clue about before.

We also very much enjoyed the Import and Export portion of the class.  The items from Ecuador that you and Merri shared with us were very beautiful.  I especially loved the bird art and would be very interested in importing some of these to sell.  I am also interested in jewelry, leather goods, and the shawls like Fran was wearing in class (they were enhanced with the leather collar and leather applique).  I think that custom made leather goods that are stamped, as you and Merri suggested, have good income potentials. We would like to thank you and Merri for opening up your beautiful home to the class on Sunday afternoon and feeding us such a delicious lunch.  This was the perfect ending to three days of fun and sharing of ideals and suggestions on how to make money from investing in property and multi currency to building a successful web site business and Importing/Exporting from Ecuador for profit.  Thank you and Merri so much for everything.  We look forward to attending additional conferences.  Take care and hope to see you again soon.


Join Merri me and Peter Laub of JGAM and our webmaster David Cross in North Carolina this June 24 to 27 2010.

Learn more about global investing, how to have an international business and early retirement in Ecuador at the course.

June 24-27 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina

June 28-29    Travel to Ecuador & onto the Ecuador Coast

June 30-Jul 1 Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-4 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour

July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

July 11 end of tour.

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Another delegate wrote:

Hi Gary, Just looked at your website for the first time and couldn’t hardly stop reading all the fantastic topics and the wealth of information you provide.  One of the best website’s I’ve experienced.  Don’t know why I haven’t looked at it sooner but am very happy I finally got to it.  I read as many articles as I could in one sitting with limited time this morning and am anxious to get back to read more.  Your life experiences and expertise is fascinating.  It’s amazing how close your philosophy about life, work, investing, family, etc. parallels my own.  I suppose international living, broad experiences with other cultures, diverse business experiences, etc., culminate in a certain way we view the world.  Anyway, thanks for sharing so much excellent philosophy and expertise.

See how to live free and well with seven international business secrets and 11 global income experiences that can set you free.