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A reader recently sent me this global lifestyle question.

Gary,  I am interested in the Cotacachi Condo building.  If it is still available, the rental income looks attractive. Does it have a long rental history, and do you currently have a manager for the building? Sounds like you don’t like being a landlord, may I ask why?

I’m a fluent Spanish speaker (lived in Madrid 3 years) and thinking of investing in South America soon, living there eventually. Your newsletters have been a real inspiration and I’m now working with Jyske Bank.


Here is the building with a central location and this…



See a Ecuador coastal duplex where you can enjoy an Ecuador beach lifestyle and an income here.

My reply to the reader’s question above may help you learn how to have a fulfilling global lifestyle.

I receive numerous questions about where I live and why and have written about this often.

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