The Power in Sound

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There is incredible power in sound.

In fact there is so much power in sound that the power of one sound… Om… is now being researched.


Photo from Guardian article linked below.

Excerpts from an article in England’s Guardian Newspaper entitled “Improbable research: The repetitive physics of Om” tells us more when it says:

Indian scientists wield sophisticated mathematics to dissect and analyse the traditional meditation chanting sound ‘Om’

Two Indian scientists are wielding sophisticated mathematics to dissect and analyse the traditional meditation chanting sound “Om”. The Om team has published six monographs in academic journals. These plumb certain acoustic subtleties of Om, which these researchers say is “the divine sound”.
Om has many variations. In a study published in the International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, the researchers explain: “It may be very fast, several cycles per second. Or it may be slower, several seconds for each cycling of [the] Om mantra. Or it might become extremely slow, with the mmmmmm sound continuing in the mind for much longer periods but still pulsing at that slow rate.

The important technical fact is that no matter what form of Om one chants at whatever speed, there is always a basic Omness to it.

Ajay Anil Gurjar and Siddharth A Ladhake published their first OM paper, Time-Frequency Analysis of Chanting Sanskrit Divine Sound “OM”, in 2008 in the International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security.

Ladhake is the principal at Sipna’s College of Engineering and Technology in Amravati, India. Gurjar is an assistant professor in that institution’s department of electronics and telecommunication. Both specialise in electronic signal processing.

They now sub-specialise in analysing the one very special signal.

In the introductory paper, Gurjar and Ladhake explain (in case there is someone unaware of the basics): “Om is a spiritual mantra, outstanding to fetch peace and calm. The entire psychological pressure and worldly thoughts are taken away by the chanting of Om mantra.”

No one has explained the biophysical processes that underlie this fetching of calm and taking away of thoughts. Gurjar and Ladhake’s time-frequency analysis is a tiny step along that hitherto little-taken branch of the path of enlightenment.

They apply a mathematical tool called wavelet transforms to a digital recording of a person chanting “Om”.

Merri and I experience the power of sound… every day…  we enjoy the benefits inherent in music and the sound Om.  This is why we developed our Super Thinking plus Spanish and Quantum Wealth courses… to use this power for greater health, wealth and fulfillment… 300% of life.

The power of music (frequencies in tune with the flow of nature) rests in the fact that music can create order out of chaos.

Yehudi Menuhin expressed the power of music in his book “Theme and Variations” this way: Music creates order out of chaos; for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity of the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.  Thus a confusion surrenders to order and noise to music, and as we through music attain that greater universal order which rests upon fundamental relationships of geometrical and mathematical proportion, direction is supplied to mere repetitious time, power to the multiplication of elements, and purpose to random association.   

Sound… as seemingly as simple as OM… can deliver almost unimaginable power.

Many ancient cultures understood that music embodies within its tones, elements of the celestial order that govern the universe.

As in music, so in life. Audible sound, including music manifests from the most fundamentals vibrations that weave the universal tapestry.

One thread that weaves through this blanket of reality is OM.   Long before Western scientists began investigating music and sound in a scientific way, many wise philosophies and sciences were divined from the primal sound… expanding though mathematical grace to the point where an infinite unbounded intelligence could be glimpsed… and even used via the human form.

The Chinese for example believed that the primal sound is present in all things as a divine frequency.  This one unifying vibration then divides into twelve sub frequencies that could be measured.   This realization created astrology… the study of the Cosmic Tone.

Astrology is based on the twelve tomes… each extending a frequency influence everywhere.   This important mathematical study remains in many aspects of modern life… the twelve months of the year… the twenty four hours a day for example.

Many  ancient beliefs about sound… chants… music… are being restated by studies in numerous fields… quantum physics… medical research (see the studies of neurosurgeon Dr. Karl Pribram) and computer sciences as shown above.

What can the power in music do for us?  First, the power in music can help us be healthier.

Merri and I just returned from extensive physical exams and based on heart, lung and various organ capacities we are both said to be nearly 15 years younger biologically than chronologically.

I do not get very caught up in numbers like this but do believe that Merri’s and my substantial energy, enthusiasm and happiness and the fact that we have not needed an MD… or medication for any type of sickness in over 30 years, has a great deal to do with the fact that  we use music extensively to integrate our mind with our body.

For example just listening to certain baroque music can reduce blood pressure and heart beat.

Second, the power in music can help us be wealthier. Again and again, at times when stock markets seem at their best, I have been able to provide readers with investment warnings because I study market frequencies while listening to musical frequencies.  Using music to integrate brain waves and induce more holistic thought about society, economics and markets helps see through the dangerous noise of daily movement to spot upcoming realities.  This ability to defy the common knowledge… outwit trends… and not be swayed by the herd… so we can spot value creates the energy to generate everlasting wealth.  

Third, the power in music can make us more intelligent. Actually a better way to describe this is to say that music helps our logic connect with and use the infinite wisdom that we are and already possess.

There is enormous power in sound and it is available to all of us… almost free. We can use sound and music for better health… increased wealth and fulfillment.   We hope that sounds good to you!


We are offering the power of sound in three ways we call the ABC of power learning:

#A: International Investing and Business plus Quantum Wealth seminar. The Quantum Wealth workshop in this seminar shows how to attain wealth continuously, effortlessly, in a fulfilling, enjoyable and positive way.  This workshop will help you stop worrying about money, bad governments, the falling dollar… inflation and all the future other horribles. Quantum Wealth reduces stress… improves health and helps income to flow from doing what you love.


Cotacachi is that it is known for…

ecuador music

music… as this sign at the entrance to its village square shows.


There are continual festivals in Cotacachi that celebrate with…


the power of music.

We have been incorporating the ideas of Quantum Health and Quantum Wealth into our courses and seminars for decades. The one day Quantum workshop solidifies this knowledge.

The foundation of Quantum Wealth is to integrate:

* Logic with intuition.  The benefit is increased prosperity from better adaptation to change.

* Desire with action.  The benefit is more enjoyment and fulfillment from life.

* Good health with everlasting wealth. The benefit is reduction of stress, more energy and feeling better.

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Yet there is more.  This process helps delegates hear, see and feel the authentic reality of the ideas we share.  We do not spout ivory tower, unattainable theory.  Our seminars share what we do… how we live… and how we have developed our lifestyle. Our mission is to help you see what we do, so you can blend our lessons into a lifestyle that is better… happier… richer…easier for you.

I have never heard of other seminars offering this… an integration of what we speak about with our actual “at home” lifestyle.

Here are the 21 main points we cover in our one day Quantum Wealth Workshop.

#1: Quantum mechanics & frequency how they all connect.

#2: Three aspects of being – air – fire – water… how to balance and integrate them.

#3: Three ways to integrate brain waves and be in the zone… 60 cycle sound… L- theanine and meditation.

#4: The Andean – Indian Connection. How Ayurved and Andean relate.  Three fundamentals of longevity. Eat right, work hard and sleep well. Nutrition, exercise and purpose.

#5: How dis-ease develops and is stopped.

#6: Nutritional goals: Improve digestion, avoid dis-ease here first.

#7: How to use cleansings. Melon, pineapple, apples-grapes, vareshna, chelating, cinnamon-sweet pepper tea, steam and mists.

#8: Teas. How and when to use cedron, chamomile, lemon verbena, peppermint.

#9: Relaxers. How to use chamomile, valerian, lettuce and milk, hot water, vata press.

#10: Fire reducers. How to use peppermint tea, aloe, cream massage, frozen grapes.

#11: Water reducers. How to use cinnamon tea, paprika, cloves, ginger, ginger-black salt and lemon juice.

#12: The power of ritual & routine. When to eat, think, exercise.

#13: How to spot imbalances. Moods, physical signs. pulse testing.

#14: Quantum leap. How energy, colors, organs, glands work together and change every seven years.

#15: Shamanic exercises-yoga, llama walk, lizard, sun salute, crab and mouth release, ring chew, etc.

#16: Deeper Digestion.

#17: How to use the senses, taste, six flavors.

#18: How to use color.

#19: How to use sound.

#2o: How to use essential oils.

#21: How to use music.

#B: How to gain Super Thinking abilities, increased intelligence and super thinking into our Super Thinking + Spanish Course for many years but now have added this to our international investing and business seminars to create quantum wealth. This course teaches how to listen to music for more energy, power, intellect better health and everlasting happiness and wealth.

Music helps integrate four categories of brainwaves, ranging from beta waves, the fastest of the four different brainwaves to alpha, theta and the final brainwave state, delta. Delta brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency.  Deep dreamless sleep takes you down to the lowest frequency.

Merri and I listen to 60 beat, ten cycle classical music as we work.  We allow these waves to interconnect freely so gain unimaginable energy and an intellect that goes beyond ourselves as the music relaxes, enhances and opens our intuition.

The right types of music moves the mind into Alpha and even deeper states of knowing.

Health benefits are gained as blood pressure can drop, heart rates slow and the mind becomes calmed… and you become smarter.  You tap into your higher intelligence and are more likely to have… and  enjoy… success.

Super Thinking plus Spanish looks at how to use super thinking to tap into deeper intelligence and what to do with this intelligence in business, investing and life so you improve the way you absorb, retain, recall information and think forever. To prove the point you learn Spanish in just four days.


#C: “NAAD YOGA – REALIZING THE NATURE OF REALITY THROUGH SOUND.”   This two day workshop on  Vedic music teaches how to make music
for more energy, power, intellect better health and everlasting wealth.

Following in the footsteps of Confucius who said:

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

“When music and courtesy are better understood and appreciated, there will be no war.”

We may not be able to end the outside wars.  We can use music to win our inner battles so we reduce stress… live ore happily and succeed regardless of external circumstance.

There you have it, three courses that can help you gain power, energy and a better life.

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We look forward to sharing these adventures in knowing with you.

We look forward to sharing these adventures in knowing with you.

Read the entire article  Improbable research: The repetitive physics of Om