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Read the excerpt below about managed multi currency accounts to see a very interesting multi currency investment fact.

This excerpt is from the update of my report “Borrow Low-Deposit High” and it highlights an important facet of global investing that can help you increase your safety and profit at the same time.

Here are the facts.


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First… here is the excerpt.

Managed Accounts

Jyske Global Investment Management (JGAM) manages MultiCurrency Sandwiches for US investors… choosing the amount of leverage and which investments should be in the portfolios.

Thomas Fischer Senior VP at JGAM recently sent me this note (March 2010).

“Hi Gary, We increased the leverage for all our leveraged portfolios last month. 1x leverage was increased from 0.70 to 0.85 and 2x leverage from 1.40 to 1.70”

Here are examples of their portfolio (early 2010).

Portfolios under $200,000 are invested in mutual funds to provide adequate diversification.

High Risk Portfolio (for portfolios above USD 200,000)

Asset Type                       Model                                     %

Fixed Income:

USD                      4,875% E.I.B. 15.02.2036              4.81%

EUR                      4.373% Europcar Group 15.05.13    5.34%

BRL                     12.500% Brazil rep. of 05.01.16       2.18%

MXN                     MXN – No.1 Account                        5.16%

CAD                     CAD – No.1 Account                         2.03%

Subtotal                                                                  19.53%


USD                    Gazprom-ADR (E/C)                          3.96%

USD                    Petroleo Brasileiro SA ADR                 2.86%

USD                    Teva Pharmaceutical ADR                  2.80%

EUR                    Electricite De France                          2.45%

EUR                    Siemens AG                                      3.14%

EUR                    Bayer AG                                          3.65%

EUR                    Adidas AG                                         3.55%

EUR                    Telefonica S.A.                                  3.44%

GBP                    G4S Plc                                             4.01%

GBP                    Diageo plc                                         3.44%

CHF                    Novartis AG Reg.                                3.50%

DKK                    Novo Nordisk B                                  4.09%

DKK                    Carlsberg B                                        5.67%

DKK                    NKT Holding                                       3.62%

DKK                    Neurosearch A/S                                 0.52%

SEK                    ABB Ltd                                              3.50%

HKD                   China Mobile                                        2.09%

EUR                    Trygvesta                                           4.37%

USD                   iShares Msci Latin America                   4.27%

GBP                   IShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25              2.42%

DKK                   Jyske Invest IT Equities                       3.02%

USD                   Shares S-P Gl Clean Energy                 3.72%

Subtotal                                                                     73.47%


US Dollar                                                                      5.14%

Subtotal                                                                       5.14%


USD ETFS Metal Secs Physical Gold                                1.87%

Total: 100.00%

The medium and low risk portfolios have almost all similar investments but in a different asset class mix.

Here is a summary of the asset class mix for the high risk portfolio.

Fixed Income          19.53%
Equities                    73.47%
Alternatives:             1.87%
Cash:                          5.14%

Compare this to the medium and low risk portfolio summaries.

Medium Risk (for portfolios above USD 200,000)

Fixed Income        47.37%
Subtotal                 43.48%
Alternatives:            5.91%
Cash:                       3.24%

Low Risk (for portfolios over $200,000_

Fixed Income:       74.95%
Subtotal                  17.90%
Alternatives:            4.88%
Cash:                          2.27%

The portfolios performed very well since the beginning of  2009.  Look at the portfolio stats above again.

The performance shows very interesting fact.

The low risk portfolio with leverage is the best performing portfolio, up 33.4% in just over three months!  In 2009 the low risk with leverage was the best performing portfolio as well.   This approach lowered risk… lowered volatility and increased profit.

My report “Borrow Low-Deposit High” covers this fact and what investors can do to profit from it in detail. 

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P.S. Sadly at a time when American investors need more multi currency investments and a better global view, overseas banks are increasingly restricted from helping US investors.  Anti tax evasion, money laundering and anti terrorism regulations have created so many regulations on banks that increasing numbers of overseas banks have stopped accepting US investors.

Yet at this crucial time when the US dollar has great fundamental weakness, US banks have little experience in helping its clients invest in other currencies.

This is why Jyske Bank’s upcoming April 2010 Forex Seminar in California may be helpful to you.  I’ll be reviewing “Borrow Low Deposit High” tactic in detail.


I really enjoy speaking at these courses and learn a lot myself from the other speakers.  Here I am at the question and asnwer session at Jyske’s course last year.

Fortunately for me and readers,  Jyske Bank in April 2008 set up Jyske Global Asset management as an Asset Management Company servicing US clients.

They conduct one seminar a year in the US.  Here are delegates at last year’s seminar.


talking among themselves during the coffee breaks and at meals.


One benefit of these seminars is meeting with other delegates.  Plus you get a  chance to talk with very knowledgeable overseas bankers.  Here I am at the seminar with my Jyske account executive, Anders Nielsen.  An American and a Dane…great combination!


In April 2010 JGAM will conduct its US  Foreign Exchange seminar in Laguna Beach, California.

I’ll speak extensively and focus on this multi currency sandwich.  Click here for the seminar Program

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