A Yen for Innovation

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Recent messages have looked at the idea of borrowing Japanese yen to invest in Euro and or Chinese yuan or other currencies that pay a higher return than the yen loan.

There is a link below about important Ecuador tax information and the IRS, but first… see a Borrow Low breakthrough.


I hung this Japanese art in our bedroom to continually remind me that there is always a currency wave breaking somewhere. See why there may be a currency tsunami in China and Japan now.

The recent messages about borrowing Japanese yen to invest in Euro and or Chinese yuan focus on the importance of long term planning when you make investments of this type, but sometimes we  get a break… or are lucky…. as now may be the case.  An except from yesterday’s New York Times article “China Seems Set to Loosen Hold on Its Currency” by Keith Bradsher explains why:   HONG KONG — The Chinese government is preparing to announce in the coming days that it will allow its currency to strengthen slightly and vary more from day to day, people with knowledge of the emerging consensus in Beijing said on Thursday. The move would help ease tension with the Obama administration about the United States’ huge trade deficit with China.

The move is being made for domestic policy reasons in China, primarily as an inflation-fighting tool, people with knowledge of the emerging consensus in Beijing said on Thursday. While any announcement could still be delayed, China’s central bank appears to have prevailed with its arguments within the Chinese leadership for a stronger but more flexible currency, these people said.

A stronger renminbi could prove to be a mixed blessing for the United States. If China cuts back sharply on purchases of Treasuries, then the Obama administration could find it harder to finance American budget deficits.

But with the Chinese economy booming, a small move in the renminbi may still leave the central bank struggling with trade surpluses and a tide of speculative investment into China. That could force it to continue buying Treasuries with the extra dollars.

In 2005, China allowed the renminbi to jump 2 percent overnight against the dollar and then trade in a wider daily range, with a trend toward further strengthening against the dollar. For its coming policy shift, China may follow a similar pattern, but officials may emphasize much more in public remarks that the value of the renminbi can fall as well as rise on any given day. That would help discourage a flood of speculative money into China from investors betting on rapid further appreciation in the currency, said people with knowledge of the emerging consensus in Beijing.“Whether to let the yuan slowly appreciate or let it rise to a tolerable range after careful calculation, I think it is better to have that quick, prompt appreciation,” he said, according to news service reports.  Mr. Xia later added that, “At a certain point, when necessary, it is better to have a quick, prompt appreciation in a bid to fend off speculative capital.”

A quick prompt appreciation versus the US dollar is likely to lead to two currency events.

First the yuan (renminbi) will also rise versus the Japanese yen.

Second the yuan appreciation will create a positive spin for the US dollar because it  suggest this will help American exports… so the US dollar may rtise versus the yen.

In both cases… if they come to fruition… anyone with borrowed yen invested in yuan or US dollars will enjoy a quick forex profit.

However do not forget… the borrow low deposit high strategy can dramatically increase profits… but leverage also increases risk.  This is why the warning… never speculate more than you can afford to lose… is so important.

Yen loans of the past have created considerable added opportunity when the yen was in a position of strength as it is now.

However we must also maintain respect for the industriousness of the Japanese.  Like Americans… they are innovative people. Innovation can create increased productivity which can help strengthen a currency and create pleasant surprises in Japan.

Pleasant surprises in the Japanese economy can be bad news for yen borrowers!

This excerpt from a recent Economist article “Patents are a virtue which countries file for most international patents?” shows wy the eyn loan should be entered with caution.

THE number of applications for international patents fell by 4.5% in 2009 compared with the year before to 159,000 as companies in Western countries cut back on R&D spending during the recession. Yet applications from east Asian economies, including Japan and South Korea, increased slightly, while those from China soared by 30%. Since 2005 applications from China have grown by 210% as the country has developed a home-grown high-tech sector. But, reflecting America’s economic power and corporate dynamism, the United States is still the country from which the most filings orginate, and it has a huge lead. However, the number of American applications has fallen substantially from a peak of 54,000 in 2007.


This chart form the article shows ow innovative the Japanese are.

Another article at Japaneconomynews.com “Economist Intelligence Unit: Japan the Most Innovative Country in the World”
by Ken Worsley says:  In a study released this week, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked 82 economies based on their levels of innovation from 2002 to 2006 and predicted how the rankings might change from this year to 2011. Japan came out on top of the rankings, followed by Switzerland and the United States.  Japan was credited as having an ‘innovate-or-die’ approach that helped it reach the top of the list, despite ranking low in the index measuring environmental factors conducive to innovation.

The message for governments is that there is no substitute for good education, nor for policies that encourage investment in IT and communications infrastructure. For companies, the process of renewal should, if anything, be accelerated. The proportion of total sales from new products and services needs to increase. The top three nations are not expected to change their positions before 2011.

Despite Japan’s innovation, a yen loan to invest in other currencies still makes sense. The yen currently looks like a perfect currency to borrow… overvalued and with a low interest rate.

Plus there are two other short terms pushes (beyond0 the appreciating Chinese yuan  that may help borrowers make a quick profit right now.

First the euro has been undervalued because of panic over Greek debt, but the market is now becoming confident that the euro will not become unglued.

Second there has been plenty of bad Japanese news at Toyota. This could help create yen nerves in the minds of investors.

Investors previously worried about Europe may switch their concerns to Japan.  The result… a stampede out of the yen into the euro and… a sudden extra profit for those who have borrowed yen and invested in euro.

This has already happened!

However these little short term benefits are not the reason to make this multi currency sandwich.

The multi currency sandwich is a long term investment based on positive carry. the purpose of the sandwich is extra income.  Forex profit s an extra bonus one hopes for. Forex loss is the main risk.  The low lending rate on the yen and god returns elsewhere are the main reason for this en euro sandwich now.

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