Exporting Small Business Ideas

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Exporting Small Business Ideas is a great way to earn income and gain freedom wherever you desire.

Exporting goes way beyond things.  The best exporters cross borders looking for ways to move ideas.


Our website sells tens of thousands of Ecuador roses from these…


huge Ecuador greenhouses.  However, it is the idea behind the roses that is also exported… the bigger… longer lasting… delivered direct to the home and the…


employment of thousands of people through fair trade.

Exporting and importing are two of the driving forces that have helped develop the modern world as we know it… and those who export ideas are among the highest paid people in the world.

Take my start in international business as one example.  Though you’ll see an example below that may be a million times better.

My global adventure began in 1966 when I became an insurance salesman for Prudential Insurance Company and learned American sales technology. In the late 1960s this knowledge became a big American export.  America, the big winner of WWII saw its middle class explode with baby boomers, from the mid 1940s.

The same emergence in Europe, England and Japan took 20 years longer due to the rebuilding required after the war.

This meant that from the mid 1960s, a middle class rich enough to buy mutual funds was emerging globally.    This market had not experienced Fuller Brush Men… Encyclopedia sales people… door to door salesmen… car and insurance sales people who had perfect the art of sales.

This created an entire… huge industry of offshore mutual fund companies… all developed by Americans with sales experience.


Our shamanic Minga tours exports ideas on different ways to maintain natural health.  Here is the Shamana of Zuleta teaching a tour about herbs for balancing and healing teas.


Of course many of our readers have learn to bring exports stuff… things from Ecuador.  The markets are loaded with wonderful… low cost….


high quality crafts… textiles, art… jewelry and such like the goods above photoed in Otavalo market.

However you can also benefit from bringing ideas to Ecuador.

Take for example food stalls like this banana vender in Otavalo.

Ecuador exports

A lot of American food has exported really well (sadly) such as Coke… McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

Yet there is room for more… smaller specific ideas.   There is an exportable food idea in the excerpt from a Time article “Gourmet On the Go: Good Food Goes Trucking” by Joel Stein.

Every movement needs a creation myth, and the gourmet-food-truck movement has a really good one. In 1996, Roy Choi, a law-school dropout and a general disappointment to his Korean-immigrant parents, was watching the Food Network one afternoon, eating Cheetos while coming down from some serious drugs, when suddenly Emeril Lagasse started talking directly to him. “He came out of the TV,” Choi recalls, “and said, ‘Smell this. Touch this. Taste this. Do something.'”


Picture of Choi and his gourmet-food-truck from Time article.

Choi, now 40, was in no position to argue with an out-of-body Emeril experience, so he got off his couch in Los Angeles and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.  He worked his way up to chef de cuisine at Los Angeles’ Beverly Hilton and got fired as chef at Rocksugar, the Cheesecake Factory’s attempt at Asian street food, before he found his calling in a kitchen on wheels. (See pictures of food truck meals.)
Gourmet food trucks are democratizing the local-and slow-food trends that started with restaurateur Alice Waters in Berkeley, Calif., and were spread by the Food Network. Although the goal of these trucks is to be quick, convenient and cheap, they are decidedly anti–fast food. They’re about dispensing Alice Waters food in a McDonald’s manner.

“Why is this $2 taco affecting people on this level?” Choi asks, standing next to one of his four trucks. “You have these famous chefs and farmers’ markets with fresh vegetables, and you have fast food–and nothing in between,” he says. “If I introduced you to 100 people in my life, 90 of them will never have eaten real Parmesan cheese.”

How profitable could exporting an idea about food be?

The Times article says: Kogi made $2 million in revenue in its first year, on checks averaging $13 per person. It has given rise to a number of copycat Korean-taco trucks and inspired the Baja Fresh chain to add short-rib tacos to its menu.

Here is a bigger better example of the kinds of profit that can come from importing and exporting ideas.

When I first moved to London, England in 1970, another American had moved there, Peter Morton.   Peter was only 22, but his family were highly successful in the restaurant business.    He had a simple idea… “English hamburgers are terrible… American hamburgers are good”.  He decided to get into the family industry and borrowed $25,000 from his dad to open the Great American Disaster in London.

Peter Morton’s simple idea in 1970 was to import the idea of an American hamburger to England.

Initially, he thought he was just opening a good place for visiting Americans to get a hamburger. What he wound up doing was introducing the various joys of American food to England and Europe. He beat McDonald’s.

He had such success that within a year, he started another London restaurant. You have heard of it… the first Hard Rock Cafe.

In 1995 a British company acquired the cafes owned by Morton for $410 million, but he  retained the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

In 2006, Morton sold the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel for $770 million.

That’s over a billion reasons, along with the evolution for humanity… the fun… self fulfillment and the adventure is why importing and exporting ideas can help increase your income, freedom and success.


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On the subject of exports and Ecuador roses… here are some of the roses I sent to Merri, some pink and…


some red.  See…


details about…


50 Long Stem Ecuador Roses for Mother’s Day here.

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