Survival in Anarchy in Small Ways

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The article is part of a series on survival in anarchy in small ways with authenticity and cohesion.

Ted Tidwell now offers a “Quick Profits” kit for those who want to export his Biowash and Purely Green products. See how to use these products to beat inflation, gain freedom extra income and help the world below.

See this simple small green, environmentally great business idea for Ecuador, parts of Smalltown USA or anywhere. This ideas may help you gain income and freedom, by earning in more than one place, as you help the environment, in a low stress way.

small-business idea-PAPAYA-

You can profit from a groundswell change in the world’s socio-economic system that creates enormous opportunity for small businesses and small exporters.

Technology is ripping the guts out of old social economic paradigms… right now.

The old paradigm based on broadcast and bigger is better is on its way to the graveyard.  This gives us some great small businesses opportunities.

The internet is destroying the old boy’s network. A recent message “Internet Opportunity in Authenticity” looked at the demise of the New York Times.   Looked at it in another way… our small publishing company is more profitable than the New York Times.  Any small publisher that makes a profit is more profitable than the New York Times!

This is because the internet has shifted the world from broadcast to broadband.

This gives any of us an advantage who have to start small.

Starting your own small business greatly increases your chance of becoming a millionaire even when your business remains small. Dr. Thomas J Stanley, author of the book “The Millionaire Mind” interviewed 733 millionaires to find out the most important reasons behind their success. Those interviews showed that your odds of becoming a millionaire doubled if you had your own business. There were more than twice as many small business owner millionaires as in any other category. Corporate executives were 16% of the 733 millionaires. Lawyers, 9% and Medical Doctors 8%. Small business owners represented 32% of the millionaires.

Having your own business already gives you a head start!

Combine this with the fact that this is the era when Small is Big.

Chris Anderson describes this in his book “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More”.

The last marketing era was dominated by broadcast. This was a distribution system where it was most efficient to send one message to millions of people.

The internet has introduced the era of broadband where it is most efficient to send millions of messages to one person each. This plays exactly into the hands of the small self publishing business because it allows you to earn from many small niche products where no big corporation can afford to compete.

For example at one of my websites alone that focuses on international business, investing and living has over two dozen earning sources.

All of the sources are small, some as little as a few hundred dollars a month. Yet added up these little sales have created millions of extra income for Merri and me.

Another reason why it is vital to start small is this is nature’s way. Defy nature only with great trepidation. A business must start small, before it can grow large. Most businesses start with a learning curve. During the beginning and in the learning times, it is essential that businesses make mistakes when small. Once lessons have been learned, the business can use the business evolutionary cycle to grow.

We not only can but should start small.  My studies of truly successful people have showed that the real success of extraordinary investors and business people lay in their ordinariness. They profit even as they walk out onto a street and spot a new item in a store, or order some new type of meal in a restaurant. “Here is something people will want or here is a business that can grow,” they will say. They have success because they are in touch with that which is ordinary…and they start small and use a simple evolutionary cycle of business. Here’s what sets them apart:

They see something that gives them an idea.

The idea leads to enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm leads to an education.

The education leads to action.

The action creates a profit or loss and experience.

The experience leads to more ideas.

The cycle repeats, growing wiser and more fulfilled! This cycle can allow your business to grow as do all things in nature, one step at a time, slowly… continuously.

I want to introduce a new concept… the next step beyond broadband… I call it “Narrowband.”

Narrowband for the internet is to create and unite a small band of customers with common ideals, needs and interests.

Unite them with cohesion and authenticity.

Building a small narrow band business requires three steps:

#1: Attract a steady flow of interested readers.

#2: Use a set pattern of information to weed out readers who really do not have a common need, ideal or interest.

#3: Develop an intimate relationship with the readers that are not weeded out and do have a common need, ideal or interest.

For example in our small internet business, we use Pay Per Click to attract a regular flow of new readers.

Some really have an interest in what we share and how we share it.

For example this reader wrote:

Gary~  I purchased your Publishing book a year ago.  Awesome.  It helped me self publish a book I now use in my consulting.  I am an avid reader and once my home in Costa Rica sells, I will be joining you on one of your tours to see if Ecuador is the best place to go next.  I wanted to ask you, I LOVE your new email format!  Who are you using?

I answered that we build our site with WordPress… but the graphics at our site are not the keys to its working well.

The key is cohesion. Keeping our focus in tune with that of our readers… or vice versa attracting readers with a keen interest in what we say.

Another reader however sent me this note:

Dear Gary and Merri,  After reading your newsletters, Eileen and I realize that you are exactly what we are trying to avoid in our search for alternate living.

This response made me very pleased that our system was working so well and replied.

Excellent.  Having a clear understanding of  what you seek is the first important step to success.  Please unsubscribe your address.  Just click on the unsubscribe link of any message we send.  We wish you well in your search.  Gary

Our goal is not to have a bigger list of readers but more responsive, more focused list of readers… who we can really help… again and again.

Bigger lists are cumbersome to manage and harder to work with.  Small good lists create good the best, most profitable business.

With this in mind I know that many readers are looking for a way to gain income and freedom, earning in more than one place, as they help the environment, in a low stress way.

So the note below from Ted Tidwell, the manufacturer of Ted’s Stuff  “Truly Green” and “Biowash” will be of interest.

The attached photos are unusually large “Pesticide Free” papayas raised on Island Botanicals Farm.

small-business idea-PAPAYA-

They average between 5 and 6 pounds each. Papayas are priced by the pound. The fruit on this single tree is producing
over $160 income.

Mike, the owner, BioWashes all of his fruit trees and vegetables weekly with a light blend of BioWash. His Pesticide-Free vegetable farm and his profits are flourishing.

He earns a generous income selling vegetables to local restaurants and Farmers Markets. Demand is growing greater than his production capacity. His business is expanding rapidly.

He credits BioWash with his success.  Ted

This is why I have been recommending the business idea of using, distributing and/or exporting the organic bio solutions, Biowash and Purely Green to emerging countries for years.

Ted Tidwell has been a friend and reader for decades and he gave me a bottle of this organic, biodegradable degreaser called  “Purely Green Clean”.

That name was inspired by the Canadian Home Depot conclusion that this is the only cleaner that is purely green.

Ted’s Stuff aka Purely Green Clean creates a new import opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere that citrus or really any fruit/vegetables are grown.

Here is where the opportunity comes in. The product can help farmers in many countries in many ways.

Purely Green Clean proved more effective than the highly toxic Bayer chemicals.

You may have a business opportunity as special price discounts are available for citrus growers who wish to provide photos and written test results.

If this is of interest to you there is an excellent summation in a PDF file prepared entitled “Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural, Weapons.”

Get a free copy emailed to you by Ted Tidwell. His email address is below.

This product could be an excellent import to Ecuador or any country that grows citrus.

Over the years, Ted has discovered that this degreaser and some derivative formulas make excellent bio washes, fertilizers and even pesticides (though they cannot be sold as such in some countries).

These solutions are certified free of all carcinogens.

One of the world’s largest retailers did an intensive study of all “green” and “environmental” cleaning products and discovered that these cleaners of Ted’s are the only truly green ones.  Many other “safe” cleaning products contain ethylene oxide and dioxane, both known to cause cancer.

Truly Green may give you a way to start small at gaining extra income and freedom, as you earn in more than one place and help the environment, in a fun and low stress way.


You can get more details about distributing “Purely Green Clean” and a PDF file prepared entitled “Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural, Weapons.”from the manufacturer Ted Tidwell at

I have no financial interest in this product nor am I compensated in any way by the manufacturer of Purely Green.  I have been a user of  Purely Green Clean for more than a decade, love the stuff… what it does for the environment and I have used… and paid for thousands of dollars of this product.  Ted Tidwell does also give me some Purely Green from time to time to use in agricultural tests to write about.