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Here is a story about exporting Ecuadorian art that has never been told in its entirely.

This story, about people and ideas,  can bring you extra income… especially if you love art and fine crafts.


The people and…


the ideas.

See below pictures of an Ecuadorian workshop that have never been shown before.

The story begins long ago when Diana Carrasco, one of Ecuador’s best known artists and designers who lives in Cotacachi, studied philosophy and literature at Cuenca University.   She designs and creates unique Ecuadorian art and has artisans who produce her creations in a previously secret way.

Her passion even at university was handicrafts and art.   This interest broadened when she studied in the US before becoming the Director of Tourism for Southern Ecuador which required travel to places like Cuzco and Mexico. Then she became Sub Director of Ecuador’s National Tourism.

That post led her on many travels, Europe, Israel and Latin America during a time she was doing a post-graduate degree in tourism projects involved with handicrafts.

Diana realized that Ecuadorian artisans were extremely talented  but often lacked imagination so she organized an Ecuador competition and exhibition of design in handicrafts.


Wooden carving of virgin designed by Diana Carasco and made by her dedicated craftsmen in her own workshop at San Antonio de Ibarra.

Later she traveled to Seville for EXPO 92 representing Ecuador where due to lack of funding, Ecuador exhibited the worst of Ecuador’s craft.

Disillusioned she resigned her government post on returning with the belief  that if Ecuadorian craftspeople could be guided, their work would be much better. At that time the mentality was to produce a lot of craft of inferior quality to make a living.

She started her own workshop… recruited the finest artisans and began to create incredible wood carvings covered in gold leaf like this horse and…


incredible gold and bejeweled wooden Faberge eggs!  These eggs are incredibly precious, but because they are made out of wood, they are not fragile.


She guided her workers in her workshop as they openly admit “we can copy but we can’t create”.

Diana insists on and follows 4 rules: –

Proportion; size of arms and legs are equal in proportion, flowers painted to the correct size.

Harmony; colors combine.

Elegance; her art brings elegance to people’s homes.

Fantasy; the creativity used brings fantasy to worldly subjects.


Attention to detail illustrated here and…



Diana’s creativity comes from her own life, nature, Ecuadorian folklore and her own travels. She started with just religious symbols – she saw plain ornaments in crafts villages and thought – why not paint them with gold?   Her wooden hand carved statues are then covered in gold leaf which is then revealed by etching the underlying design from the overlying oil paint.

Recently Merri was invited by Diana to visit her special workshop with a few friends.  This was the first time the public had been allowed inside… and photos to be taken… ever.

None of us have ever known before its location or the people who create for Diana!

Dina’s work begins with these…


blocks of wood and…


and inspiration.  The ideal and…










their apprentices.

leads to…


the raw underlying statue.  Then the…




go to…


work applying plaster… gold leaf and paint.

The final chapter of…

Ecuadorian-art tags



story is incredibly beautiful.


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If you love art and fine crafts and want to earn income in Ecuador, you can visit Diana’s workshop on our upcoming Ecuador export tour.

What was the reason that Merri was invited to this heretofore secret workshop?  Diana is beginning to retire from her work.  She is now wanting her faithful workers, designers, painters and woodcarvers to continue to thrive by opening this workshop to our readers and friends!  Although we regret that Diana won’t be as active as she has, we are thrilled to offer this beauty and uniqueness of her special long trained creators.

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