Ecuador Shamanic Exercise

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Ecuador shamanic exercises can increase intelligence.


See why we take delegates on hikes into sacred valleys on our Ecuador shaman tours.

Keeping up with accelerating change is a key to reducing stress, having more wealth and enjoying life more.  We need to continually grow smarter and wiser.

A recent message Ecuador shamanic thought and the brain at this site showed how we naturally become smarter as we age if we remain busy and keep looking for new activities.

The search for expanded horizons also expands our ability to think!

Ecuador shamanic exercises can also strengthen our mental capabilities.

Research by neuroscientist Art Kramer, from the University of Illinois, has proven that our ability to grow and change — is improved as the brain ages if we stay fit.

In his studies on exercising the body, Kramer found that this exercises the brain as well and that memory can improve with treadmill workouts.

“Over a six-month to one-year period,” Kramer says, “three days a week, working up to an hour a day, people improved in various aspects of both short-term and long-term memory.”

Aging test subjects were given treadmill training. Then they had brain scans.   The subjects with the treadmill training had larger hippocampi, the brain area key for memory, then test subjects without the exercise.   Other brain regions too — central for decision-making, planning and multi-tasking — were also larger in the treadmill exercisers. “There are a number of regions,” says Kramer, “that on MRI scans tend to show not just stability but increases as a function of exercise in middle-age and older brains.”

The study suggests that both physical exercise and cognitive brain training working in combination are especially effective.

Kramer’s research shows that the combination of the two contributes to brain health.

One of the 58 year old scientists involved in the research for example does a New York Times crossword and numbers puzzle every morning, as well as a series of toning and stretching exercises and at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise each day.

Ecuador shamans have known this for centuries and teach their apprentices to do both physical and mental exercise.


One of the most important exercises taught to us by the Ecuador shamans is the Llama Walk to strengthen the legs to better absorb the earth energy (frequency).  Here I am on one of our hand bridges in the Blue Ridge doing the Llama Walk.


I no longer jog… but like walking and hiking… especially up and down hills. Here I am hiking up Mt. Cotacachi with our hound dog Ma.

This search for health, vitality and longevity is one of the reasons I really enjoy living out of the city in Ecuador, Florida and at our Blue Ridge Farm.

There is plenty  of space to roam, to walk and to explore.  Merri and I have long discussions on these walks that keep us filled with interest.

Are you getting older and sometimes forgetful?  Or are you young but feel under continual pressure and stress to adapt to change?  Be smarter. Beat the effects of aging and a faster world with exercises.


See a list of Ecuador gyms below.

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Western exercise is also available because Ecuador gyms are plentiful and inexpensive.

A reader recently sent this note:  Could you or a member of your staff provide responses to the following questions, which may be of interest to many of your readers:  1.  Is there a gym  or “fitness center,” or two located in Cuenca, Ecuador?  2.  If so, can anyone advise of average cost to join and monthly fees?  3.  Same questions with regard to Cotacachi?  A gym or “fitness center” or two (or more of them)  4. Average cost to join and monthly fees in Cotachachi?  Thanks very much for considering these questions.

Cotacachi has one gym I know of with fitness classes every morning.  This gym is primitive by US standards and costs $1.50 a day.

Cuenca has a Curves for ladies started by readers Bill & Leita Bush.    This is a US franchised operation and offers workouts and fitness classes for women only.

The Cuenca Curves is at #9 Remigio Crespo, Cuenca, Ecuador
Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional 2 Piso Cuenca, Ecuador
Telephone: (593) (7) 283 5322

There is also a Curves in Guayaquil at #16 Garzocentro, Guayaquil, Ecuador at
Av. Guillermo Pareja R. y Miguel Jijon (Altos de Fybeca)Garzota, Guayaquil ,Ecuador
Garzota, Guayaquil,
Telephone: (593-4) 2-245805

Gyms in Cuenca

Cam Gym offers up to date, clean equipment, showers, lockers

Nicolas Sojos L-2 y Gonzalo Cordero
Telephone: 7288-4118

The Olympic Sports Complex has  swimming.
12 de Abril near Unidad Nacional

The Cuenca Tennis & Golf Club has 9 hole golf course and tennis.

San Joaquin just outside of Cuenca off Autopista Cajas
Telephone: 289-4011 or 237-6506

Gyms in Quito

Extreme Motion
Aerobics, gymnastics
Bélgica E9-282 y Av. 6 de Diciembre
Telephone: 254-3222

Gimnasio Fuerza y Figura
Aerobics, sauna, steam bath
Av. Mariscal Sucre 2023 y Caranqui, Esq.

Janine’s Gym
Aerobics, dance exercise machines, weights
Plaza C.C. Cumbayá
Telephone: 289-3624

K. Nela Gym
Aerobics, dance, classes
Gaspar de Villaroel E11-14 y 6 de Diciembre,
Telephone: 226-2359