Ecuador Handbag Profits

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Here is an idea about Ecuador handbag profits because some people have a passion for handbags.


Leather handbags from Cotacachi Ecuador.

Handbags is just one type of export from Ecuador but opportunity for Ecuador handbags is growing.

Here is why: stated in a 2010 Handbag Retail Report:  Over the last few years, handbags market has witnessed a sea change which has resulted in the entire shift in its value chain with handbags production being shifted to low-cost countries like India, China and at the same time new channels of distribution emerging like online retailing. Also, change in the consumer preferences like growing demand for eco-friendly handbags has forced the companies to change and adapt their strategies according to the changing consumer preferences.

The key trends witnessed both in the US and EU handbag market is the growing demand for branded handbags from China and India as per capita income is rising in these markets fueled by high economic growth rates. Another trend witnessed is the growing importance of eco-fashion, resulting in the shift in consumer preferences. This has resulted in a shift in manufacturing process, as some handbags now being made from old wrappers, cartons and other waste materials.

Ecuador is the perfect place to create high end eco friendly handbags such as Chigras, the bags made from plant fiber.

Here is an Ecuador craftsman scrapping leaves of the Aguave plant to create…


fiber to make Shigra bags like this… green… hand made for the wearer.  Maybe $30 retail and they could look better than the Fendi!


At International Living’s recent Ultimate Event, I share ideas about Ecuador exports with 375 delegates.


We looked at ideas on exporting Ecuador roses.


I showed delegates really inexpensive Ecuador hand man suits.


This is a brand new hand made suit for just $275. (The Panama hat was $9 extra).

The key to success in an export business is passion and many delegates met our friend Steeny Harvey who was selling exports at the IL Event.  Her passion is a children’s  school and she told us that she raised $746 for the school.  Here is Steeny.


Here is a photo of our booth at IL’s Event and Bonnie Keogh who leads our Ecuador export tours.  Bonnie gained great success selling exports at Cultural Fairs in New England.


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Many people have a passion for handbags and fashion s here are some Ecuador handbags we viewed on our last…


Ecuador export tour.