New Jyske Portfolio

by | Mar 8, 2010 | Multi Currency Investing

Jyske Global Asset Management is offering a new portfolio.

Investing in the playground of currencies is like trying to choose the rising end of the teeter totter, when all the teeter totters are going down a slide.

Since the yen is up and the euro low, for the moment.  I am still betting on the dollar’s fall… especially since I can borrow dollars at 1.75% and invest in other currencies that earn 4.5% to 6%.


Recently Thomas Fischer Senior VP of JGAM and my account manger Anders Nielsen visited Merri and me at our home near Mt. Dora, Florida.

We reviewed my foreign exchange tactic which has been and remains to invest in a spread of European (non euro) and emerging currencies that pay a higher yield that the US dollar.   Plus we are  buying good value real estate.

I am currently not leveraged much (about 5% of my portfolio) but am looking at shifting my loan from dollar to yen.

My portfolio is aimed at fighting inflation and US and Ecuador real estate is a part of my armory.

I will review my portfolio and look at the latest ways to fight inflation and take advantage of foreign exchange loans at JGAM’s April-May Foreign Exchange  Seminar in Laguna Beach, California.

There are two important additions that have been added to this seminar.

See them here.