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Yesterday’s message Quantum Shifts reviewed how humanity’s growing understanding of the body, mind and universal consciousness has helped Merri and me expand the effectiveness of our investing.

Merri and I are in Ecuador.  Here are delegates on our Imbabura real estate tour.  Learn more about this Ecuador house (in the $90s) and why delegates needed to see it below.


First remember three points made at our Quantum Wealth course last week and yesterday’s message:

#1: There are Always Things you Cannot See.  This is the nature of existence.

#2: Do Not Invest More than You Can Afford to Lose!  Because of point number one.

#3:  Look for belief in fundamental ideas.  Each of us in connected to the universe and our belief is an important part of our investing process.  There are always things we do not know… but belief has enormous power at incredibly deep levels of investing and the universe.

These facts always keep me looking for new ideas in which to believe and upgrades in the human productivity has always been one area that keeps me focused.

In an earlier article Magnificent Seven we saw how these shifts create new opportunities for investment and internet business in seven areas.

Truth & Cohesion


Currency Distortions

Value Markets

Emerging Markets

Water and Alternate Energy

Truth & Cohesion


Smalltown USA Real Estate

I believe that there is opportunity in these seven ideas.

My belief in the profitability of investing in truth & cohesion was enhanced by an Time’s article entitled “Dead Tree Alert All the News That’s Fit to Mint”  by James Poniewozik.

Here are excerpts: My column in this week’s print TIME is about the New York Times’ plan to begin charging (some people, something) to read it on the Web starting next year. Seemingly by design, it doesn’t look like the plan would raise too much money at first. It’s more important symbolically: the country’s most authoritative (and argued-about) newspaper is more or less declaring that, if old media don’t figure out a way to get paid  online, it’s game over. What would the blogosphere do without the New York Times to kick around?

There are a few things you can count on: the sun will rise in the east, winter will turn to spring, and the New York Times will come out every day. Of the three, the disappearance of the Times might be the most shocking to a reader’s sense of a rational universe.

But that’s exactly the scenario that was implied — and, Times bosses hope, staved off — by the recent announcement that next year the paper will begin charging for online access. The Times is possibly the most authoritative paper in the world and the most influential online, with 17 million monthly readers. It’s done well in most media — except the print medium that’s green and is issued by the U.S. Mint.

The Times is in the same fix as most other old-media outlets, including this magazine. Online ads don’t bring in enough to support the massive news operation that attracts those 17 million people. Last year, the Times won five Pulitzer Prizes — and borrowed $250 million from a Mexican billionaire to keep the lights on.

No Big Media institution is indispensable: not the Times, not the evening news, not TIME magazine. People don’t owe us their money; we owe it to them to be worth paying for.  If we go, people will find other sources to trust; in some cases, they already have.

One of those is The Daily Show, which commands Times-like faith among its fans. Last year, it did a segment on the Times’s woes, in which Jason Jones mocked the paper’s dead-tree format and landline phones. “Look at me,” he laughed, picking one up. “I’m a reporter from the ’80s, makin’ sure everything’s factual.”

It was searing, but bittersweet too. The Daily Show, for all its jokes, cares deeply about facts. If the Times’s pay wall doesn’t work — if nothing works — something else will replace today’s media. Something great, I hope. But I wonder if the new media would be a little bereft without a Times to react to, rebel against and define themselves against, like a dog that finally caught the car. Or in this case, the rolled-up newspaper.

When the media that we trusted are gone, who can we trust?

Fortunes are in the correct answer to that question… both for those who provide trustworthy data and for those who invest in truth and cohesion.

This is why we have doubled our Ecuador real estate tours in 2010.  Many Americans and Canadians have lost their trust in the truth of the North American establishment.  They are looking for a smaller place to be where it might be easier to spot the truth. Ecuador is one such spot… but how can you develop trust here.

Our belief is you need to look and see for yourself from someone who has nothing to gain… hence real estate tours from someone who is not earning real estate commissions.

Our staff are cntinually looking for property to show on our tours and Bonnie Keogh sent me this note about a new project near Cotacachi Ecuador.

Hi Gary,  Don’t know if Merri got a chance to tell you about the new houses going up in Cotacachi.  They are being built by Miguel Mora who built the condos on the Pan Am in Otavalo that we’ve been taking the tours to (all sold out except one).  Very smart guy, he’s been building for 12 years in this area and his architect has about 20+ years experience.

They bought a beautiful piece of land near Hostal Paradisimo in Cotacachi and will be starting the infrastructure in February.  He is very anxious to work with us and will give delegates a discount.

He’s very aware that you will not recommend anything that you do not feel is of the highest value and quality.

He speaks perfect english, as does his architect Patricio, and is very proud of his houses.  Peg and I had a meeting with him yesterday and then he wanted to show us a project he did in Otavalo more than 8 years ago.  The houses are on the grounds of a centuries old monastery, they built the new homes to blend with the old and did an excellent job.  The grounds reminded me a La Mirage, wonderful garden like feel.  Lots of room and privacy.  The houses showed no wear and tear, no moisture problems and were very inviting and comfortable.  One feature that is great, a rooftop terrace to enjoy the views and also a rooftop tower!  Folks have been asking for this and this land has the best views ever, both Imbabura and Cotacachi.

They are very open to modifying designs to accommodate folks wishes, bigger, smaller ,etc.

Building costs will be about $65-$70 sq. ft. with land, depending on lot size.  There will city water, private water for irrigation, private sewer, a swimming pool and hot tub for the community.  Also, full time caretaker and gardener.

His standard fixtures are very good, but upgrades are available at slightly higher costs.  They also take into consideration the seismic activity of the area and build their houses accordingly.

No building is earthquake proof, but their buildings will withstand limited movement and in the event of a major quake, will give their occupants plenty of time to get out.

I think this development is a winner and will sell out quickly.  It will have an incredible view, high quality construction, great facilities and beautiful gardens.  Bonnie.

These are the types of properties we look for so we can help you gain trust in Ecuador.

Here is another picture of house built by this developer.


See another house picture below.


Join Merri and me or Ecuador Living’s staff in Ecuador in March 2010.

March 11-14     Super Thinking + Spanish Course, Mt. Dora, Fl.

March 15    Travel to Quito

March 16 Travel Quito Cotacachi

March 17-18  North Andes, Imbabura & Cotacachi Real Estate Tour

March 19-20    Cotacachi Shamanic Tour

March 21  Travel Cotacachi to Manta

March 22-23   Manta & Mid Coast Real Estate Tour

March 24 Travel Manta to Cuenca

March 25-26 Cuenca Real Estate Tour

March 27  Travel Cuenca to Salinas

Mar. 28-29   Salinas & South Coast Real Estate Tour


The Ecuador airfare war makes it cheaper to get to Ecuador than ever before… and there is still time to enjoy great Ecuador tour savings.

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Dead Tree Alert All the News That’s Fit to Mint


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