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There may be a tunnel at the end of the light.

Mankind’s growing understanding of the body, mind, universal consciousness has helped Merri and me expand the effectiveness of our Quantum Wealth seminars.

Three points made at our Quantum Wealth course last week were:

#1: There are Always Things you Cannot See.  This is the nature of existence.

#2: Do Not Invest More than You Can Afford to Lose!  Because of point number one.

#3: Belief in the Idea is Vital… in part because of our connection to the universe.  There are always things we do not know… but belief has enormous power at incredibly deep levels of investing and the universe.

These facts always keep me looking for new ideas in which to believe and upgrades in the human productivity has always been one area that keeps me focused.

So a a recent BBC article entitled “Quantum trick for pressure-sensitive mobile devices” by Jason Palmer captured my attention.

The article describes mace shaped balls that are placed in the touch screen and use quantum mechanics to make the phone work in an interesting way.

Here is an excerpt from that article that explains:  These mace-shaped particles use quantum physics to control current  Hand-held devices could soon have pressure-sensitive touch-screens and keys, thanks to a UK firm’s material that exploits a quantum physics trick.

The technology allows, for example, scrolling down a long list or webpage faster as more pressure is applied.

Besides control for scrolling, the pressure-sensitivity could lead to a “third dimension” in touchscreens.

For instance, instead of many “2-D” pages of applications, they could be grouped by type on a single page – using the press of a finger to dive into each type and select the desired app.

Quantum mace

The composite works by using spiky conducting nanoparticles, similar to tiny medieval maces, dispersed evenly in a polymer.

None of these spiky balls actually touch, but the closer they get to each other, the more likely they are to undergo a quantum physics phenomenon known as tunnelling.

Tunnelling is one of several effects in quantum mechanics that defies explanation in terms of the “classical” physics that preceded it.

Simply put, quantum mechanics says that there is a tiny probability that a particle shot at a wall will pass through it in an effect known as tunnelling.

Similarly, the material that surrounds the spiky balls acts like a wall to electric current. But as the balls draw closer together, when squashed or deformed by a finger’s pressure, the probability of a charge tunnelling through increases.  The net result is that pressing harder on the material leads to a smooth increase in the current through it.

However, the QTC approach is particularly suited to making thin devices. Pressure-sensitive QTC switches can be made 70 micrometres thick – about the thickness of a human hair.

QTC is better than switches based on so-called “conducting polymers”, because they conduct no electricity until they are pressed, leading to better overall efficiency.

“Electronics are being given the ability to sense something that we take for granted, which is how much we’re touching and applying force,” he told BBC News.

Further applications that Peratech is involved with include robotics. While much work has gone into giving robots sensitivity to pressure and touch in their fingers, Mr Taysom said there can now be a push to create robots whose whole surface – rather like humans themselves – is pressure-sensitive.

I cannot imagine all the ways this quantum tech will be used… as I could never have envisions how the internet would change the world a decade ago.  I would love to read your thoughts about this.  Please share… but if if not… watch this technology for opportunity.


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